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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Hagrid, Keeper of Keys - Diagon Alley

Hagrid, Keeper of Keys
Card Type: Character - Unique
Ability: You may use an action to search your deck. You may take a location card from your deck, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Card No: 14
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 1.29 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Hagrid is not a wizard or witch, so you can't use him as a starter. He's a card that costs two actions to play. Once he is out, you still need to use an action to search for a location and another to play that location. If we add an action for drawing Hagrid, that means that we had to use five locations to get out that first location. Obviously, we are far less vulnerable to our opponent getting rid of our location by playing their own, since we can just use Hagrid again to get another. Of course, there's nothing stopping them from discarding Hagrid himself. Oops! If you're not frightened off of this card by the huge number of actions needed to get a location in play the first time, then consider this: since you can't start him, you're going to need to search for Hagrid himself. Why don't you just cut out the middle-man with the wide middle and just put in cards that search for locations more directly, like Alohomorra? You'd really be a lot better off.

Rating: 1


Horrible. Just horrible. Alohomora works for locations OR adventures, so it's MUCH better. And, this guy can't even be your starter. =\ Don't use it. If you do, I'll laugh at you the rest of the game, ;P.

Rating: 1.5


Pointless you can usually only play one location effectively and being able to get it for an action would be better used if you played alohomora or Gringott’s Vault Key. It is bad don’t play it He can’t even be a starter so that makes him even worse. Overall Bah Humbug.

Rating: 1


Hagrid keeper of keys at hogwarts school of magic. Sounds impressive right? NOT. All this card does is just to use an "Action" to get a location from your deck out. Right sound familiar? *hint*: Hagrid's umbrella. Anyways back to the tactical point of view. If you are desperate in looking for a specific location he's the man for you. But the thing is. You might be thinking of using him as a start up to get an early wand shop, think again. He is a "Character" not a "Wizard" as he didn't qualify from Hogwarts. So bottom line? Do we like him, in my opinion No.

Pros: Helps you search for a location only, Nice decoration in your card binder.

Cons: Difficult to play, Actions wasted on playing him, Not very useful power.

Rating: 1.1


The facts of the matter is this card just isn't that good. Usually a deck is built around one location, usually your starter will provide some good stuff for you. Yes this card might help you find the location you need but thats two actions to play this card when you could just include an alohamora to help you find it. You know this card isn't any good, I know this card isn't any good, lets just not use it at anytime. Alright glad we're at an understanding.

Rating: 1


Not a starter, so if you use it you risk it being PON'd or such. In a heavy location deck, it seems like a good idea, because its like having infinate Alohomorra to get your locations, asap. The biggest complaints, aside from him being vernerable non-starter, is he's likly to cost you two actions to play unless you've already got The Leaky Cauldron, Ron, or the new Lockhart's Hair-Care Potion out. So perhaps he could do well in some sort of Potions deck.. ;)

Rating: 2


Man.... Haggy still isn't a Wizard, so no starting with him. So you have to play him as back up. AND you need to play a deck with locations, otherwise he's a mite mute. Maybe with Leaky Cauldron he could work... hmm... no... not really... uhm... well there are cards to search for locations, but they are mostly in Charms. So once again, if you want to be sure your location sticks around and yer not playing charms, i guess this is the best guy to go with. Could definilly be useful against a denial deck to get rid of that dratted Forbidden Corridor and you can use him as many turns as you like. Overall, i think yer wasting actions on this guy unless you have a way to play him with one action via Lochhart's Hair Care or Leaky Cauldron or good ol' Ron.

Rating: 1.4

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