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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Unusual Pets - Base Set

Unusual Pets
Card Type: Adventure
Requirement: Play this card only if your opponent has any Creatures in play.
Effect: Before each of your turns, your opponent takes 4 damage.
To Solve: Your opponent chooses 2 of his or her Creatures in play and discards them.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw a card.
Card No: 70
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 2.17 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Four damage is a lot for one card to give out. If your opponent's deck is built around a few very large creatures, then you can drop this down the first time he plays a creature, and then keep snuffing his dudes so he can't ever get to solve it. If your opponent has small creatures, it shouldn't be hard for them to find two to sacrifice themselves for the cause. But then, that's two less creatures that you have to worry about. So what's the bad news? Well, even if they do have small creatures, they get the reward of a draw which evens out the total number of actions between you. Perhaps they will draw into a Halloween Feast, and recover quickly? But far worse a concern is if your opponent is not even playing creatures at all. In that case, this is a dead card in your hand. In the early days, everyone had some creatures in their decks. That's just not a guaranteed thing anymore.

Rating: 2


This card, in base set, was good. Nowadays, McGonagall kills it. ;/ Also, your opponent HAS to have creatures, and not a lot of people run creatures nowadays. Also, your opponents creatures probably will be doing more than 4 damage a turn. =/ But, if your opponent does solve, -2 creatures is always good, so that's the only good part about this card.

Rating: 2


One of the few great punisher cards if they decide to play creature cards four damage or sacrafice your creatures. On the other hand they have to play creatures still it is one of the better cards that only have one target.

Rating: 2


The 'ol school adventure. I still remember when Snuffles, Crusader and Madeye played this card on me everyday when it was just the 'ol base set. It's an annoying card when you're playing CoMC and you would have to sacrifice your Creatures to avoid the 4 damage which is kinda hefty on you. But with McGonnagal out there with almost every CoMC deck, you would have to waste double turns and add to the fact that they need creatures in play before you could execute this move. But I do say its a good addition to an Adventure deck or adventure/character deck although there is sticking up for neville also combo with The Weasley Twins to have 2 extra damage. So bottom line should we or should we not? I would reccomend no with the current game situation where small creatures can be sacrificed to solve this adventure combo with Halloween feast, good adventure card wasted.

Pros: Pressure your opponents to solve the adventure, Hi damage per turn ratio.

Cons: Easy to solve the adventure, Anti adventure cards like Dobby's Disappearance / diffindo etc to get rid of the card.

Rating: 1.4


The nice thing about this card is that it does damage every turn, the bad thing is you don't get to choose which creatures your opponent discards. Thats why playing this card when your opponent only has one creature in play is a tough break. Add in some of your creatures and they are going to be cringing to solve this as soon as possible in which case you have some nice creature defense. All in all there aren't too many weaknesses to this card, except that it costs two actions to play, but other then that, it usually works well for the person playing it.

Rating: 3.7


Oh, the days of Base only... those were quite fun. :) I definatly remember this guy seeing alot of play especially since it was only an uncommon, but ever since QC McGonagall pretty much scares off all past, present, and future Adventures. ;x The cool thing to do was play it when they only had one creature in play, cause they'd have to play another and discard both to be able to solve. Or after you play it, kill off their only creature and have a greater chance of causing major pain. ;x The riskay part about it is against non-creature decks it is just dead weight. =o

Rating: 2


OK, here is how you play well with this card. Play it and get rid of all yer opponent's critters! Or just leave one. I recommend Action getting cards in sequence with this thing such as Sickle or Platform 9 & 3/4. Not that your opponent is all that likely to solve, mind. 4 damage vs. 2 critters. That is pretty much what they are looking at. If they are playing the bigger critters, they will keep them around and take the 4. If they are playing smaller type ones, they will be apt to solve. Of course, you could always do Sticking up for Neville and let them debate over damage vs. hand. This thing works fairly well against critter decks, but I prefer In the Stands and Riding the Centaur as the creature play gets more limited.

Rating: 2.1

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