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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Hagrid's House - Adventures at Hogwarts

Hagrid's House
Power Needed: 3 CoMC
Card Type: Location - Unique
Ability: When you play this card, discard any other location from play (yours or your opponent's). Whenever a CoMC Lesson (your's or your opponent's) is discarded from play, put it into its owner's hand.
Card No: 12
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.19 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card combos well with a starter of Hermione. There are many offensively minded creatures in the game that have a compensating drawback of requiring a lesson loss. This eases that problem. It doesn't eliminate it entirely, however, as you still need to take the action to get lessons back in play, which cuts down on your available actions you have to play out threats. Also note that if you draw many of your self-discard creatures, but have not yet found your Hagrid's House, you are left in the uneviable position of putting down your creatures and severely impeding your development or spending your actions to try to draw into this location, thus losing some of the offensive minded quality of such a deck. If you add more of these locations, or cards to search for them, then you further dilute the deck's offensive punch. Since your opponent can get rid of this by simply playing their own location, you also have to be concerned with the fragility of this card. I feel the best way to use Hagrid's House is to create a creature deck where only the mid to high end critters, say from the Unicorn up to Black Dragon, have a lesson loss effect. Your low end stuff can be put down without concern of development troubles, and that gives you the time to draw into this card, which serves your really big nasties. In that kind of deck, this card can be quite effective.

Rating: 4


This card, in Neville/Creature decks, rules. Your opponent is using Trans? They just bounce your CoMC back to your hand! Also, the big monsters like Welsh Green Dragon, Hebridean Black Dragon and Fluffy just return the comc lessons to your hand. ;D This is the perfect location for non-plant/owl creature decks, and I've seen decks abuse it. :)

Rating: 4


This card is only worth if you are playing Hermione Granger because otherwise the cards just sit in your hand requiring you to use precious actions to replay. Even with Hermione it is still not worth playing unless most of your creatures require a discard. On the whole better to play more lessons in your deck then this card.

Rating: 1.4


Hmm.. At first when this card came out, it seemed as if it was a saviour to all CMC decks which relied on big bad boys of the creature world like fluffy, Welsh Green Dragon , Baby Dragon , Hebridean Black Dragon.. etc *the list goes on.* But then came cards like Womping Willow and Norweigian Ridgeback to cancel out this card. So what does this leave us to? Well, it leaves us to just the conclusion that this card is not really needed anymore in current meta games. Although you may find some uses for it to play some of the discard lesson creatures, there are creatures out there which do not need lesson discarding. So here is the bottom line.

Pros: Helps to get of rid of your opponents location cards, Helps you to get back your CMC lessons you discarded when you play creatures which require discarding lesson cards.

Cons: Not needed for big damage creature cards with the arrival of Chamber of Secrets expansion, Many other creature cards out there which fit in the deck better.

Rating: 2.2


This is the kind of card that decks are built around. I'm going to have to say its one of the strongest Locations behind Wand Shop and it can fit in just about any creature deck where you're worried about discarding lessons. The only bad thing about this card is that it could help your opponent but your opponent might not be planning a deck around it. This card can let you get those heavy hitting creatures out time and time again. So play around with it.

Rating: 4


15 different cards out there force you to discard CoMC lessons in order to do something (usually to play a creature). Since it's mostly just creatures, a creature deck with these discard requiring creatures is a perfect location for this Location. =) Those hefty discard requirements were usually there to "even out" a card from being "too great," but with this it virtually removes that handicap to let you unleash the full power of your beasts more easily. The original Hermoine is good with it since the lessons go back to your hand. Another killer combo idea would be with Dumbledore's Watch. When DW makes everything get discarded, you choose the order in which they are discarded, so you can discard all your CoMC lessons first, which return to your hand, then discard the House and everything else. =) A devistating thought.

Rating: 4.5


A house? I thought it was more of a shack??? ever wonder where Hagrid went to the bathroom? I think Rolling forgot about that lil detail lol... At any rate.... this thing is cool, yo! It only costs three and any comc lessons that wuld be discarded come back ter yer hand. Keep in mind, even if yer opponent plays Lost Notes on yer lesson, it still comes back. A lot of people like this with Hermione as she can play lessons quickly. But back in the Base Set days, i had a killer deck built all around quick COMC eating creatures. Now that critter denail is pretty high, its not nearly as effective, but it got a little boost. But let's face it, it's still an action to replace that lost lesson and there are many creature choices nowadays. Way back when when Baby Dragon was good and Forest Troll was decent, we now have Black Bats and Quintapeds, Cunning Foxes and our lovely Owls. Critters have gotten faster over all and the choices are plentiful. Any critter with power 3 or less is a target for most Charms denial and any critter is a target for those blasted Transfiguration players. But if you want to come on strong and early, this is still a valid choice. Stock your deck with 4 of these and lots of early critters that eat lessons. It's a pretty narrow minded deck, but still fun to play and can be done effectively. Overall however, I think you are safer sticking with the creatures that don't eat lessons. I mean, what if your location gets discarded!? uh oh!

Rating: 2.2

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