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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Molly Weasley - Chamber of Secrets

Molly Weasley
Card Type: Character - Witch Unique
Ability: You may use an Action to search your deck. You may take a Character card for a Weasley character from your deck, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Card No: 37
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 1.40 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Molly's search ability is similar in scope to that of The Fat Lady, although her being a witch allows you the added advantage of her being a starter. In that case, you can fetch Ron Weasley right away, so that the other Weasleys which follow take one less action to get out as before. So let's say that we've put Ron out. Then what? We could get Arthur Weasley for item damage or perhaps Fred and George, to whack people with adventures. Of course, since Fred&George is simply an allied character, our opponent will have the opportunity to discard him. If that card, or any other Weasley, is crucial to the design of our deck, we'd likely have to include several copies of it to compensate for this, which reduces the benefit of having Molly search for us. Also notice that we can't play with two forms of the same character. If Ron the Brave is out, then Ron, The Youngest Brother must stay in our hand. This sharply limits our options, as there is but a limited number of Weasleys, even though the family is a large one. This would all be tolerable, if the few Weasleys at our disposal can be formed into a cohesive deck, of some sort. I've looked for such a deck, and have failed to see it.

Rating: 1


Kind of a different version of the Fat Lady. Only if this is possible the Fat Lady is better. I mean It has more cards to search for. The Weasley’s are great cards individually but as a team they don’t do much. Entrancing Enchantments is a much better card than this one. Play that instead.

Rating: 1


Well this character is very similiar to The Fat Lady, and the amount of cards you can get aren't that much different. Basically this card should be in character decks, and it shouldn't even necessarily be there. You need to have alot of Weasley for this be useful and you can't really play that many Weasleys at one time. I suggest you find other ways of pulling the characters you want.

Rating: 1


I think she's not as bad as people may think. Sure she only gets Weasleys, but Weasleys are pretty average. I think she might be better when theres a spell/effect that does damage based on the number of Characters in your hand or in play. The Fat Lady would be probably better in theory, but Molly can be a starter, wereas TFL can't.

Rating: 2


Well if you want to have a lot of red haired characters out on the board, this is the witch to go with. If you search for Ron first from the base set, you can play the rest of his family for one action a piece. Molly would definitely fit into the theme deck area as her ability is somewhat limited and requires an action to use. After you got all the Weasleys out, you would have a rather impresive set up. You could possibly play characters and adventures for one action each, draw 5 or so cards each turn, use an action to make an item do damage. However getting this combo out is going to take time and your opponent will more than likely be doing more valuable and damaging things with his or her turns. If you worked it right with the adventures that you play you might be able to stall long enough to make this into an effective deck, but it would require a lot of strategy to play well. All in all, Molly tends to go into the fun card category and receives a rating of...

Rating: 2



Hmmm, the mother of all weasleys... O' yes back to her card. Well using an action to search your deck for a Weasley character card is somewhat limited, If it was to put into play maybe there's some future for this card. Though you may fetch out cards like Percy Weasley which help you gun your opponent down for 1 damage or maybe perhaps the more useful Arthur Weasley or The Weasley Twins. But other than that, fetching little Ginny Weasley is almost suicidle if you play a character deck and Ron weasley won't do that good either. Other than that Molly Weasley isn't a fantastic card to play but it is a very complex card to use and if not impossible. This is not reccomended for most decks though.

Rating: 1.9 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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