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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Locked In - Chamber of Secrets

Locked In
Card Type: Adventure
Effect: Your opponent gets 1 fewer Action on each of his or her turns (even the turn this Adventure is solved). (If this would mean your opponent has fewer than 1 Action, he or she still gets 1 Action.)
To Solve: Your opponent chooses 4 cards in his or her hand and discards them.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw 2 cards.
Card No: 72
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Chamber of Secrets
Average Rating: 3.38 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


I love getting more actions than my opponent. If you get this down right away, you will enjoy twice as many actions per turn at the outset. Your opponent doesn't have to get rid of it right away. Maybe they actually like losing. But if they prefer winning, this card is going to have a huge bullseye on it the moment it gets played. It takes an action to draw this and two to put it onto the table. Your opponent has to discard four cards to solve, each of which is worth an action, but they get to draw twice as a reward, which is two actions in their favor. Since they are required to lose an action the turn this is solved, overall, the total number of actions for this card is dead even. If you have Fred+George out, you have an advantage of one action, and will gain an edge of one more action every turn this card remains in play. If you can keep the number of cards in their hand below four, they can't solve this adventure in the usual way, since the four card discard to solve must happen all at once. With one less action per turn, it will take longer for them to draw enough cards to solve this adventure. So with some accompanying discard cards, you can keep them locked in. To sum up, this card shows a great deal of promise as the centerpiece for a deck.

Rating: 4


This card isn’t good at all. The ability is excellent but Hagrid Needs Help is just so much better. It is just way to easy to solve this adventure at any point in the game. Plus drawing back half of the cards you dumped to solve is good for the solver not you. It would be manageable if you could "lock" the game by keeping their hand size down but you can do quite a bit of damage with one action so that possibility out. Play HNH it is waaaaaaaaayyyyy better.

Rating: 1.2


Well this card definitely has a little potential. It will easily be pointed out that this card isn't as strong as Hagrid Needs Help, but thats ok. This card will work well in hand denial decks and will work well in any situation where you want to deny actions. So lets say you can clean house, and your opponent has no cards in his hand, slap this card down. Now your opponent gets only one action a turn. To draw two cards, well if you got two garden gnomes in play that means your opponent is in all essence toast, cause he'll never be able to break free of that cycle. Pretty nifty huh.

Rating: 3.5


An uncommon Hagrid Needs Help! Not quite as strong a punch as it's rare counterpart, but considererably good. HNH could be solved by anyone first chance they got. Locked-In requires that they have atleast 4 cards to discard, so if you play hand denial, you could keep them down on actions for a good while. =) And when they do solve it, they draw only 2 cards, which would make them still 2 cards shorter than they had before when you played it. ;')

Rating: 4.5


Another action denial adventure and i think i like this one better than Hagrid Needs Help. Sure it doesn't do the 8 damage like Hagrid does, but if you can keep your opponent's hand in check, they may never be able to solve it. Even if you can only keep this up for a couple turns, that still means 2 more actions in your favor... My advice with adventures like Hagrid Needs Help and Locked In is to capitalize on the adventures you have gained. Otherwise, Hagrid is 2 actions for 8 damage (11 if you count the reward they may or may not take). Most decks can do better than that nowadays. This could couple well with those funny looking Garden Gnomes as your opponent would only be able to draw once each turn if they want to solve. Of course the better lock card is Letters From No One where they have to use the actions to draw. I like this card and i think it has possibilities.

Rating: 3.7

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