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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

In the Stands - Quidditch Cup

In the Stands
Card Type: Adventure
Effect: Your opponent can't play creature cards.
To Solve: Your opponent chooses 4 Creature cards in his or her hand and discard them.
Opponent's Reward: Your opponent may draw a card.
Card No: 38
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.00 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


There was a time, right after the Quidditch Cup set was released, that this card was being used constantly. With creature decks being so dominant, this was on the short list of effective ways of stopping oncoming hordes. When combined with Out of the Woods, or the old Draco Malfoy, you could easily stuff decks that were heavily reliant on creatures. In response, such decks added transfiguration for cards like Diffindo, Picking on Neville, and the esteemed Professor Minerva McGonagall. Or they added charms to gain access to Halloween Feast to recover quickly from the solving of this adventure. With its powerful effect and meager reward, this is still a very strong card, although its heyday now appears to be behind it.

Rating: 4


Against creatures, this card is amazing. If they're running a Flitwick deck,
it'll take them a long time to recover. But, one Halloween Feast gets the
creatures back, so that evens things out a bit...As always, since its an
adventure, PoN, Scribblifors and McGonagall counter this card very well.
But, if you use Hedwig or heal it, then your opponent's in trouble!

Rating: 4.5


This card has a very limited usage, however whether you play versus creatures or not this card is a viable add in. If you can lay it down in the first few turns it could take them quite awhile to get any creatures out. Creatures are the bane of most decks these days so In the Stands offers a nice alternative to beefing your deck with anti creature spells. I've seen this card combined with Mice to Snuffbox, and Out of the Woods quite effectively. On the downside however if they already have creatures out then it won't save you. That said this card is a must in every adventure deck and is a viable option for decks with creature problems.

Rating: 4.1


This used to be the traditional anti-creature adventure. Your opponent couldn't play creatures, but once they got rid of this, it was hunting season. Now the new card is Riding the Centaur. Gives you excellent creature protection and your opponent discards 4 cards from play to solve. Not too shabby. But I'm here to tell you, If you play w/ spells, why not put 3 of each of these in your deck, marble gargoyle, who cares, you're protected from creatures long enough for you to kill your opponent or get rid of that creature. I really think this adventure works well in a slow moving PCD/Obliviate Deck cause while your opponent can't get you w/ early creatures, you can hopefully build up to your arsenal faster.

Rating: 3.5


Let's put our hands together to the first real creature discouraging adventure. Then lets say hello to the Halloween Feast card. Once that feast came out this card was not much of a threat anymore. But now that we have 4 sets to choose from, anything goes. Not everyone is playing the same kind of deck anymore. This adventure actually got better again for the second time. If you fill your deck up with a bunch of these and Riding the Centaur cards, your creature infestation should be in pretty good control. These two bad boys seem to be the odds on favorite with most spell decks.

Rating: 4.5


This adventure is pretty harsh on creature decks, but thankfully Halloween Feast pretty much solves this adventure. It's gonna take a while for your opponent to get 4 creatures into his or her hand unless of course they have Halloween Feast or Prof. Quirrel around. Of course it would pretty silly to return creatures to your hand so you could play them :) This card can double nicely with some hand denial like Draco Malfoy and Out of the Woods. If creatures are your biggest threat, this is definitely a decent adventure. It doesn't stop the ones already in play, but it does keep them from playing more. It's harder to solve than Riding the Centaur, so in some respects it is better. However, this might not affect the game too much if your opponent already has a bunch of creatures out.

Rating: 3.4



Certainly the best anti-creature adventure in the game, based on its effect and the hoops your opponent will have to jump through to solve it sacrificially. However, there's so many versatile spell cards out now that can remove creatures and other cards in play that it's a question of whether one should use an adventure to deal with creatures. In a Charms or Transfiguration deck, the answer is no; just use PON or Freeze. But in Potions and Quidditch decks, notoriously weak for dealing with creatures, stack a couple of these.

Rating: 3 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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