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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Harry the Seeker - Quidditch Cup

Harry the Seeker
Card Type: Character/Wizard/Gryffindor/Unique
Ability: Once during each of your turns, when you use an Action to play a Q lesson, you may draw a card.

Card No: 11
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 2.16 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Since this Harry's ability only triggers when a Quidditch lesson is played, you'll need to be playing a deck that is predominantly yellow. Note that this ability can't be used more than once per turn, so if you start with him and several such lessons in hand, you must choose between developing slowly to get maximum drawing power, or going faster and getting minimal help from your starter. Most decks have a lesson "plateau". That is, a level of lessons in play where their deck plays comfortably. Once this level is reached, having Harry the Seeker out will be of limited use, since you don't want to waste precious actions laying down lessons you don't need, even if they do give you a free draw. Thus he is not so great early and not so great late. In short, he's not so great, period. If you desire to play Quidditch and get card drawing, better choices would be Pulling Up or Loop the Loops. Although some would think of trying this card in a Spiral Dive deck, the best variants of that use the Diagon Alley/Draco's Trick combo, as building up cards in hand slowly leaves you open to getting yourself whacked by Griphook.

Rating: 1.5


In Quidditch/Charms deck, this is a pretty good starter. Why you ask? Easy, once per turn, if you play a Q lesson, you gain a card in your hand! So, you replace the Q lesson, for free! But, since he doesn't provide any lessons, you start off he may not be worth it. But, Snuffles has built decks around him, so it's not impossible. And, with cards like Wand Shop, Borrowed Wand and Comet Two Sixty, these decks can catch up in lessons, then take the lead with Foul!, Ouch! Stream of Flames and Cobbing. ;)

Rating: 3.5


Harry in all of his many forms always does one thing and one thing only help you draw cards. While I am a huge fan of drawing cards Harry the Seeker is one of the worst ways to do it. In all reality there really aren't enough cards to make a deck of one lesson type that is able to good on a regular basis so to have him as a starter would mean you would have to play two lesson types and that makes the card drawing iffy. Not the mention you have to lay a lesson to draw a card so he doesn't really help you later on in the game. Overall if you are doing a mono format he is quite good to play and he might be ok as a backup character but who plays Quidditch lessons when you can play Madam Hooch.

Rating: 1.5


This is another in a long line of Harry Potter cards that gives you drawing power for ease in decking yourself I mean helping yourself. While if you were playing Quidditch this card might be useful, I just don't see why you would definitely want to incorporate a deck around this. Now if you got a draw for playing a quidditch spell, well then you'd be in business. You wouldn't have to run out of cards for your infiite spell playing, but alas, that card has yet to be made, but once it is, look out.

Rating: 2.25


If you play a deck that has all Quidditch for lessons then this guy is the King! But we all know that if you did that, your starter would have been more likely someone with a lesson type attached. (Because one lesson type decks in this game are rare.) It takes 2 actions to get him into play not being a starter. That is probably a wasted turn. So although he is the youngest Quidditch player in a century, he is probably not the best choice in HP TCG.

Rating: 2


This guy is not as impressive as the other Harry Potter characters, but that is not to say he is completely useless. He can get you drawing fast and conceivably make it so that there are no Quidditch lessons in your deck. A
lot of people don't like this card very much. And if we are talking about competitive play i would have to agree with them. But Harry Potter shouldnt always be about competition. It should also be about having fun with your friends and making interesting decks. So i say.... don't count this guy out. He might just surprise you in the end.

Rating: 2.2

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