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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Fred & George Weasley - Quidditch Cup

Fred & George Weasley
Card Type: Character/Wizards/Gryffindor/Unique
Ability: You may use 1 Action (instead of 2) to put an Adventure card from your hand into play, even if you already have one in play. If you already had one in play, discard the old one. (Nobody gets the reward.)
Card No: 5
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.14 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


These two guys let you do something that no one else can - play an adventure when you already have one out. You may not be excited by that prospect yet, but you'll start to come around when your opponent has skipped three actions to solve your Through the Arch. His hope is that next turn he will skip his first action to make the Arch go away, and then hit you with a major spell for his second action. With Fred and George out, and a second Arch in hand, you are well prepared to send such expectations crashing down to earth. Now, suppose you wanted to use adventures to stop spells or creatures. You could add In the Stands and the Arch to your deck. But which one should you play if you draw both early? Often, you won't know which card best hurts your opponent's deck. You'll have to guess and run the risk of being wrong, or delay, giving your opponent a window of opportunity with which to hurt you. With Fred & George on the table, you can make that guess, knowing that you can always change your mind later. You're not committed up front to the adventures you've played. The other benefit of the twins is that you get to play adventures at half their normal action cost. To gain full value, you need to be playing adventures at a rapid rate, which is a difficult task, given that you are only allowed to have one out at a time. Adventures that have nasty effects, like Meeting Fluffy, will tend to get solved right away, allowing you to play another adventure on the next turn. With Fred and George saving you an action, you could even use End of Year Feast to fill up your hand with adventures, if you're lacking in those cards at the moment. You might also want to give this card consideration if you plan on solving your own adventures with Draco's Trick, to get the reward for yourself. This card seems to make the most sense as a starter. I've tried using it as an allied character in a Ron Weasly deck with mixed results. This card's worth is dependent on the nature of the adventures in the game. As long as they keep printing a variety of strong ones, this card should continue to trend upwards in game playability.

Rating: 3.5


These little trouble makers are amazing in the right deck...say, the lessonless Ron Weasley deck. They are the second out of 3 pieces in this deck, Ron, then Fred and George, then Crabbe and Goyle! Adventures for one action? Well, that makes up for not providing any lessons! You can catch up in lessons while your opponent loses 11 cards from there deck with Hagrid Needs Help! Then what? You plop down something that requires them to discard
there hand like Sticking Up for Neville ;)

Rating: 4


These fun tricksters are MY favorite character of all time they are fun fun fun. It has happened to me the dreaded 1st turn Hagrid Needs Help they lay it for one action and a lesson with the another action. Thinking your safe you take eight damage and then draw three free cards and lay a lesson. Next turn they lay a "hose" adventure that prevents you from laying all the nice cards that you just drew or even worse another Hagrid Needs Help. The possibilities for these guys are near endless for these guys and they get better and better each expansion. Adventures are probably the most game altering card. They can do damage but they can control the whole board in your favor by denying your opponent the ability to lay creatures or spells. Overall these guys are really really good especially with End of Year Feast.

Rating: 4.7


The twins provide many memorable moments. They are a feared pair since they allow you to play an adventure while still having another action to play another card. Now most ppl say that you should play w/ three colors max, but when you use Fred and George, Adventures become your third color. You should put about 12-16 Adventures in your deck to get good use out of them,and then make sure that the rest of your deck, should consist of muchodamage. In conjuction with the right adventures and right damage strategy,you could easily bring your opponent to frustration and defeat in no time.

Rating: 3.75


Gred and Feorge are on the loose again. I wish they'd keep the correct sweater on to prevent confusion. Sure they let you play an adventure with only one action, but their real power is the ability to replace active adventures. There is nothing more aggravating than watching an adventure that you are solving being replaced by another one and getting no reward in the process. So, don't take that kind of hassle, use the twins for yourself and feel the power from the Mischief Side. ;o)

Rating: 4.5


Fred & George Weasley are just plain fun to play. In fact, almost all of the Weasley characters are. Some of the new adventures are just plain scary and if you combo these guys up with some fun characters, you have another option for the lessonless deck. Man.... they seem to be everywhere lol. You can conceivably keep your opponent solving adventures the entire game. The only problem with these guys is you have to be choosey about which adventures you put in. I love the ability to replace adventures with these guys. If yer opponent gets close to solving yer adventure, just slap down another one and watch them squirm!

Rating: 4.4

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