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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Madam Pomfrey - Adventures at Hogwarts

Madam Pomfrey
Card Type: Character/Witch/Unique/Healing
Ability: Once per game, you may shuffle up to 12 non-Healing cards from your discard pile into your deck.
Card No: 16
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Base Quidditch Cup Diagon Alley Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 4.50 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


The Adventures at Hogwarts set featured two significant healing cards that didn't require a commitment to Potions. The Stone needs 15 lessons to get out, but this card doesn't require any at all. Madam Pomfrey is also a very efficient healer. A 12 card heal with one action to draw and two to play translates into 4 points of healing per action, a ratio better than any green card in the game. Her only drawback is that she's unique, so she'll sit in your hand if your opponent gets out their Pomfrey first. I've seen some players use her as a starter, as she is a witch. I advise against this, as you will be better off with a starter that improves your deck's development. She does make a nice inclusion as an allied character, however.

Rating: 4


Madam Pomfrey is one third of a trio of supporting characters that make sense to but in a deck. The other two are Filch and Griphook. These three can be blessings in disguise, Filch for Adventures, Griphook for Hand killing and Pomfrey will pull you from the clutches of defeat. She can be played anytime and 12 Lesson heal is nothing to sneeze at. I know what you're thinking, oh wow, 12 for 2 actions is basically two bruisewort balms, but you know what? Where else can you get that kind of healing without playing potions. The only other place is Slytherin Match, which normally means you get 15 for 2, because you played catch the snitch and you need to have 7 power. Well my friend, Pomfrey is the essential healer for any non potion deck.

Rating: 4.7


Yes, every school has a school nurse, but this nurse is the POMB! She makes every deck a healing deck without touching those potions. Now she does take 2 actions, but I'll take 12 hand picked cards for 2 actions in any game. Plus, you can recycle her with Good Night Sleep if you have the 10 power needed. Let me clue you in right now. There are three characters that you should be thinking about having in almost every deck you make. One of each is usually enough, because for most decks each card you add means you have to eliminate others. The Magic Three is Argus Filch, Griphook, and Madam Pomfrey. This makes you deck safe and well rounded for almost any deck type you can play. I hope you can use this info.

Rating: 5


Wow have i seen some cool combos with this card. Everyone seems obsessed
with this 12 card heal! I always thought Good Night's Sleep was a groovy
card, but never really knew which character to go about using it on. Now we
have the answer. This is your prime candidate for nap time. Vanishing ref
is another option and i've seen a crazy deck with forbidden corridor where
you just keep sacking characters. Madam Pomfrey is one popular gal. If
only these crazy students would stop dueling in the hallways she could get
some rest. Of course you don't have to recycle her. She offers healing to
a lot of decks that normally didn't have any options such as creature decks
and the like. A couple of her in any deck might not be a bad idea. ok now
i'm sleepy :) time to go get a Good Night's Sleep.

Rating: 4.3



She is the best healer I have ever seen. She gets you twelve cards back in your library for two actions. That is the best no having to discard lessons and no having to play potions. With Ron Weasley to help her along she is one action to make her even better. People will think twice about playing their little annoying denial cards like Picking on Neville and Cobbing when you have a used Pomfrey in play. She is like a Bulgeye Potion but instead of damage you get cards back. I really hate it when I think I'm winning and someone lays a Pomfrey down and gets back all of the cards the need. She brought a much needed aspect to the game healing for any lesson type sure she can only be used once per time she appears on the board and sure there can only be one in play but the ability to get twelve of the cards you need more then overcomes these slight downfalls. I love this card she is in all of my non potions spell decks and even some of my creature decks when it comes to healing there is none better.

Rating: 4.7 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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