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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Purple Firecrackers - Adventures at Hogwarts

Purple Firecrackers
Power Needed: 6 Charms
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Your opponent chooses 3 cards in his or her hand and discards them. (If he or she has fewer than 3 cards in his or her hand, he or she discards all of them.)
Card No: 44
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 4.07 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


It takes an action to draw and play this card. If you can catch your opponent with at least three cards in hand, then you will effectively gain an action from the use of this card. Once your opponent has been hit by one of these, they will naturally tend to rush to play out their cards, to avoid having them "wasted" by this potent discard attack. This will in turn make them more vulnerable to board clearing cards, such as Table Trouble or Transfiguration Exam. Combination decks that try to hold their combo pieces in hand until all are assembled will find this card to be the bane of their existence. At only a six lesson cost, the benefit of this card, materially and psychologically, is so great that you should consider filling out most deck charms deck designs with one or two of these cards.

Rating: 4


This card rules. Shadowfeld taught me that. =/ 3 cards from your opponents hand? Thats one half of a Titillando! Play two of these in one turn, and your opponent is going to be annoyed! This is in most Stall decks, since for 6C, it is VERY reachable. But, your opponent gets to choose which cards, so if they have a large hand, you may be helping them. But, if there hand is small, go for it! Combine this with some of the other Hand Discard cards, and you have yourself an annoyed opponent! ;)

Rating: 4.5


Purple Firecrackers fits right in there with your Denial Decks. Why do you ask my friend, well the answer is simple, This card lets you rid 3 cards from your opponents hand for only 6 power. It goes well with Ouch, or Bludger Bop or being played right before you play Candy Cart. The strategies are endless. When most people think denial they think about getting rid of cards in play, but there is also another art known as Hand Denial. Force your opponent to discard the important cards in their hand, and you don't have to worry about discarding the cards they have in play.

Rating: 4.15


w00t indeed! You've got Illegibus which is like Draco's ability, then Confundus which is like this but only 2 cards. I've always prefured Confundus but now this. If I'm playing hand-disruption, I really don't care "which" cards get discarded, as long as the all do eventually. They'll probably throw away their least valuable cards, so if you see them chunk something good, you know there's either something better in their hand, or that's the last card they had. ;')

Rating: 4


Hand Denial is annoying but often not effective. It is always hard to guage how many cards will be in your opponent's hand. This is one of those cards that i would suggest having 2 or 3 of in your deck but not the full four unless you are going for total hand destruction in which case you will need other support cards. At the right time this can really mess with your opponent's game play. This card would be really mean in conjuction with Letters from No One or any adventure that needs your opponent to solve by discarding cards.

Rating: 3.7



=D! I love this card! One of my favorite styles to play is denial, and this card is denial and it's Charms powered and not Transfiguration! This card work great in Quidditch/Charms decks that prevent actions, discard cards from hand/play, and things like that. 3 cards from the hand could be the deciding factor in a game, or it could cause your opponent to make a really hard decision. This could also work good in speed-creature decks. :)

Rating: 3.3 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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