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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Photo Album - Adventures at Hogwarts

Photo Album
Power Needed: 5 Charms
Card Type: Item
Ability: Before each of your turns, draw a card.
Card No: 68
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.99 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Most cards in the game require one action to play. Since you get one draw and two actions a turn, it's normal for a player to have their hand size shrink over time, until they are forced to use some of those precious actions to draw more cards, and thus more options. Photo Album gives you an important alternative. For the miserly price of just 5 lessons in play, you can put forth this item and be drawing two cards at the start of every turn. Without being burdened by the worry of drawing card resources, you can then concentrate your actions on playing out threats for your opponent to deal with. An early Photo Album can often mean doom for your foe as your card advantage slowly translates into board advantage, and ultimately into victory. Do not underestimate this card. It's not all peaches and cream, of course. This card requires you to make that extra draw every turn, even if you don't want it. That's equivalent to incurring an extra point of damage a turn more than your opponent. This risk is only worthwhile to compensate for the usual card drawdown. Once one Album is out, it rarely makes sense to play another, as you will lack enough actions to play out the resources you are drawing. So I would limit the number of these in a deck, unless you are playing some sort of odd Spiral Dive deck.

Rating: 4.5


Does this cards ability sound familiar? It should. Delivery Owl does the same thing, at a lower price. But, this card is an item, so its harder to get out. In Quick-Hit Creature decks, this card is a blessing. You can get your creatures from your deck MUCH quicker! And, who says two free draws a turn is bad? You get your own Harry Potter for your beginning draw! Since this takes one action to play, as long as its in play for one turn, you've made a good use of the action you played this for. But, it also kills your deck it scares some people off. =/

Rating: 3.5


The Photo Album is a double edge sword I think. Lets first look at the benefit, how many actions do you get each turn 2, how many cards do you draw at the beginning of your turn 1. So unless you use actions to draw, you're going to run out of cards. Thats where this nifty little baby comes in. You would now get two draws at the beginning of your turn, which as we all know, could come in very very handy. Now for the bad news. While this card is in play, you have to use it. So even if you don't want to draw two cards, you're going to have to draw two cards. Now what's so bad about that, well if you don't get the cards you need you're still going to be drawing, and in essence you're going to deck yourself. I honestly think you playing the Photo Album is great, but what if your opponent then plays Candy Cart? That means each turn you'll be drawing 5 cards, and discarding 3 of those, in essence thats 5 damage, and if you solve right away, thats 15 total damage! Wow I like that much damage. The morale of the story is that, Photo Album = Draws = Good, however beware of too much of a good thing.

Rating: 3.75


Whoohoo! A Delivery Owl that isn't Unique. You could have up to four of these babies in play and be drawing like 5 cards a turn. If used in a deck where getting extra cards is good, this is great. Otherwise, it just speeds up your doom. Maybe if used with Prof Quirrel, you could get them back if you wanted to stop it. Or even use Switching Spell to kill one off once you think you're done with it and want a different item.

Rating: 4


This card is just like the Delivery Owl only a lot better in my oppinion. First of all, let's discuss the drawbacks. hmmmmm..... well.... it might kill you. But look at the advantages. You get a free action of drawing every turn. No matter what kind of deck you are playing, this thing will come in handy. Extra damage, extra critters, extra denial, extra lessons, extra items, extra adventures..... Photo Album is pretty cheap at 5 and gives yer deck a serious boost. You would probably only want to stick with one in play though. Too much card drawing and you might find yourself hurting. Basically i think that any deck that is playin that can get to five charms should consider this card. It might even be worth siding out 2 of your weaker cards for.

Rating: 4.2



Sometimes, this card can be good, sometimes, it can kill you. If you have a deck that needs a lot of drawing (like a Spiral Dive Deck, but I don't suggest you play that deck), then this COULD possibly be an okay card. But if you're drawing two cards a turn or more (the item isn't unique, you could possibly be drawing five cards a turn by playing four of these and a Great Hall), it could kill you. If the game is really close, then this item could be the deciding factor.

Rating: 2.1 (Guest Reviewer's ratings are not added into the average.)

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