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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Switching Spell - Adventures at Hogwarts

Switching Spell
Power Needed: 4 Transfiguration
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Choose an Item in play (yours or your opponent's) and discard it. Then search your deck. You may take an Item card from your deck, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Card No: 73
Rarity: Common
Set: Adventures at Hogwarts
Average Rating: 3.6875 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Items are much more common than they used to be, so there is a very good chance that you'll be able to pick off an opposing item of your choice and then add insult to injury by grabbing the next item you'll need from your own deck. For only a 4 lesson casting cost, this is such a good value that it almost feels like stealing. The worth of this card drops considerably if you have to zap your own item to do the deck search. I suppose you could use this to trade in your early Comet 260 for a later Nimbus 2000 broom in your Hooch deck. Assuming you're not looking to combo with Eel Eyes, you can also painlessly discard any Beetle Eyes you've already played. Most likely, you'd have to get rid of a minor item such as a book, if your opponent is not being nice and presenting you with his own targets. Despite the risk inherent in this card, the upside potential is strong and it is usually well worth including.

Rating: 4


The Switching Spell to me could be looked at in two ways, its either a Lapifors for Items, or it ranks somewhere between Smash! and Lost Notes. So lets look at the benefit of both those strategies. Today most people are playing with at least one item in their deck or maybe more. The ability to get rid of their lesson advancement items can be vital to the success of your deck. This card allows you to get rid of their advancement by helping advance yours. In essence being able to go into your deck and pick out a card can be a very damaging thing, especially if you're playing with Draco Malfoy Slytherin and you're going into your deck for a Bulgeye Potion or Moonseed Poison. But at the end of the day, most denial is good denial.

Rating: 3.15


Great for picking off your opponent's favorite items... especially if they're providing power, or have an effect that they havn't used yet. Then you get to look for the item that you need. And if it comes down to it, you could always discard one of your own items to get the item you really need out of your deck.

Rating: 4


Almost everyone is playing with some sort of item these days. Borrowed Wand is still in almost every creature deck. Draco Sly is a powerful Starter. Imagine your opponent just got his Bulgeye Potion out but can not use it yet..... You switch it for your whatever you want.... Effectively this card is a combination of a Squiggle Quill and an Almost But Not Quite Nearly Headless Nick. Tutoring is always great especially if you have some items in your deck. I would say in general that if you play with more than one item in your deck, this is a good card. Still, there are those decks that don't use any items. I think these are getting rarer and rarer nowadays though. Power advancement equals speed and everyone likes speed. I wouldnt stock your deck with these, but 2 or 3 couldn't hoit!

Rating: 3.6

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