Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Smash! - Quidditch Cup

Power Needed: 2 Quidditch
Card Type: Spell
Effect: Choose 1 of your opponent's Items in play and discard it.
Card No: 70
Rarity: Common
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 1.33 (based on 3 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Hulk no like item! Hulk smash! I've always wanted to say that in a game. Alas, it won't happen any time soon, because this card never makes it into any of my decks. Why? Because it is too narrow. Many decks don't play with any items at all, making this a dead card in your hand. Many decks that rely heavily on items are also using Christmas Feast, to get that item back you just destroyed and up to three others as well. Do you think you can keep up? If so, feel free to give it a go. Just don't tell anyone that I gave you advice. I have a reputation to uphold, after all.

Rating: 1


To destroy one item in play isn't that great. The item can't do you that much harm, usually no more than 13 damage and by then you've gotten enough creatures in play so that your opponent doesn't have a chance. Besides there's better denial cards too. There's Picking on Neville, Caught! and Diffindo. Those cards can destroy any type of cards too. But if you do have this card in your deck DO NOT have a through the arch. :) Destroying an item can sometimes save your hide, you can destroy a cauldron or wand so your opponent can't play their big card. Or you could destroy their big card like Bulgeye Potion.

Rating: 2


Quick and painless Item removal. Maybe back in the days of QC, this didn't see too much light-of-day, but now there is a vast variety of items to break to pieces. It's only got one specific purpose, and generally, it would be better if this effect was more like a side effect of some damage dealing card. I mean, comon, if you smash something, someone is bound to get hurt right? They might step on the broken pieces and cut their toe, causing 1 damage... or at least that sounds logical. Obviously not to Wizards though.

Rating: 1