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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Harry Potter - Base Set

Harry Potter
Card Type: Character - Wizard Gryffindor Unique
Ability: Whenever you use an Action to draw a card, you may draw 2 cards instead of 1.
Card No: 8
Rarity: Holo
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 3.68 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


This card is one that looks better at first glance than it actually is. While it's nice to get two cards for the "price" of one, using Harry's ability requires spending one of your two actions to draw. This leaves you with only one action to play a card in that turn (and three more cards to play, counting the initial draw). Many players using Harry try to add Unicorns in an effort to circumvent this problem. Harry decks tend to be vulnerable to opposing decks that try to win through "virtual" damage. That is, making you draw lots of cards via spells like Charms Exam. Because there are three different Harry cards in the game, and he's unique, if your opponent gets any one of them out before you, then he sits in your hand, if he's an allied character. I do think he's a good card, but there are numerous others that are better.

Rating: 3.5


No Review Today


This is one of the few characters that let you use the ability as often as you want. Drawing 2 cards for each action, if you choose, is a nice feature. Harry would fit in well with any deck as a back up man, but as a starter he is not as lethal as some of the other choices. He is great for speed creature or spell decks. He is still a tough card to find in reality. He's one of the most sought after cards to collect. This one is a keeper either way.

Rating: 4


No Review Today


"... there will be books written about Harry -- every child in our world will know his name!" -- Professor McGonagall
If McGonagall said it, it's gota be true. =) This was one of the first (and few) characters that I've pulled from a booster. He's like the "Charizard" of Harry Potter, everybody wants one, but they usually end up sticking it in a collectors box or something. (Heh, I'm probably guilty of this myself too.. I prefur to play with the non-holo versions.) Maybe one day WotC will release a "Base Set 2" with holo and non-holo cards. :D

Anyways, he really is kinda playable. If your opponent has a LFNO in play, (only use actions to draw cards) you can use an action to draw a card, then Harry's ability makes it 2 cards instead of one (if you wanted it to). By drawing more cards, you can solve the adventure faster, and maybe get good cards in your hand in the process. =)

Rating: 4.2


Now,you won't see too many peeps playin with this card, but he's still real cool! He's a great back up character and not a bad starter even if he don't provide that lesson you want. The problem with harry is not the lack of ability, but with competition... kinda like in the books, huh! There are just too many other better starting characters to really consider him competitively. Yet, in fun play, I say, roll out the decks, boys and girls!

It's just fun to play with Harry, cuz he's.... HARRY! Ok, am I rambling???
[profo's note: yeah! :P]

Rating: 3

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