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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Prof. Minerva McGonagall - Quidditch Cup

Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Card Type: Character - Witch Gryffindor Unique
Ability: Once per game, you may discard the Adventure your opponent has played. (You don't get the reward.)
Provides: 1 Transfiguration power.
Card No: 21
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 4.70 (based on 5 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Listen close, readers. McGonagall is the best card in the Harry Potter card game right now. It is wonderful to start with a free lesson, and Transfiguration is the best support color in the game. Our revered Professor also has a great ability - to shove your opponent's first adventure right back in their face. Oh? You used two actions for that? Too bad! I've seen many decks curl up and die due to a nasty opposing adventure early in the game. This provides you with immunity and speeds your development. If you don't have one of these, go out and get one and see for yourself. If you don't have enough money, then knock off a bank. This card is worth it.

Rating: 5


No Review Today


She starts you out with one Transfiguration power and she prevents an adventure. It is no wonder she is the most popular Starting Character. For prevention, Transfiguration is the lesson of choice. There are also no power building aids for this lesson type. So since she gives you one, you can focus your attention on the other types for lesson building.

Rating: 5


If I can only say one word about Mcgonagall (I'll say a lot more than that =/), it'd be: Stability. An incredibly reliable card and very intimidating to your adventurous opponent. But does it really give you complete adventure protection? Far from. The good thing about it though is that it produces a very nice "swing," as I'd like to call it. Warning: Math is in the next sentence ;/ You see, when you play an adventure, it takes 2 actions. Then your opponent, on his/her next turn, uses Mcgonagall, which takes no actions. +2 action swing, and they just wasted a card from their deck. Nice. But after that, you're left wide open for adventures. Your opponent can coax you into using it too rashly, then play an adventure that hurts your deck alot. You must be wise about when to utilize her ability.

Then, to add even more to her reliability, she provides a Trans. power. Being that nearly all trans spells arent "discard a trans lesson in order to play this card" it makes you set for trans, as well as up to 2 more types. Now you have an entire arsenal of creature-killin' and lesson discardin' cards. This card works well for and against creature decks, especially fast ones.

Rating: 4.5


Definatly gets the MVP in my book. As with most Professors (but not all), it provides a power of the type it teaches, and Transfiguration is a good type to learn. ;) Transfig has some of the most powerful remove from play cards in the game. Diffindo, PON, Incarifors, ect. Transfig might not have alot of heavy damage cards, but it usually makes up for that with cards like Steelclaw and searching cards.

The power to veto one of your opponent's Adventures once a game is veedy powerful. When used correctly you can save the abilty until you want to do something that the Adventure won't let you. (Like killing off Privet, then playing a couple Steelclaws, for example.) Some Adventures affect you no matter what strategy you use (LFNO) so you'd be tempted to either Solve or Discard it, but be careful how you do it, incase your opponent is just trying to get you to waste her power on a simple adventure and then lay one down that could really hurt.

Rating: 5


Before Prof McGonagall came out, Adventures often defined my decks. Now most people do not play them because so many people play with her as their starter. This makes me sad. Yah, shes great, but I really miss the days when she wasn't around. As far as value goes, shes definitely a solid card providing that vital Transfiguration lesson. And her ability is definitely a bonus. Yet, nowadays, so many people are afraid of running into her that they won't even bother putting adventures into their decks.

Rating: 4

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