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Slytherin Match - Quidditch Cup

Slytherin Match
Power Needed: 1 Quidditch
Card Type: Match - Healing
To Win: Do 15 damage to your opponent while this card is in play. (That damage doesn't have to be done all at once.)
Prize: The winner may shuffle up to 15 non-Healing cards from his or her discard pile into his or her deck.
Card No: 26
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.88 (based on 4 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


Slytherin Match + Catch the Snitch is amazing! But, if you don't have Catch the Snitch, its a HUGE gamble. If you end up losing, odds are, you've cost yourself the game.

If you have Nimbus and 1-2 Bludger's out, then you have a really good chance of winning the match if you have a Cobbing or Ouch! in your hand. But, if you don't, your opponent could Catch the Snitch it!

Rating: 2.5


Hmm, let's see at the power of 7 I can play Slytherin Match and Catch the Snitch to get back 15 cards. Why wouldn't you include this in any Quidditch deck? I have no idea. I have seen people play this and not solve not win. That is just suicide! It is a 2 card combo card. Playing Slytherin Match can be won without the Snitch but it is much tougher. Good luck to you that keep trying it. Keep in mind, though, wouldn't you hate for your partner to have Snitch in his hand.

Rating: 5


Good alternative way to heal without having to use Potions. Kind of like Three Month Match, it could be risky to play without Catch the Snitch. If you win, it's gona take longer for your opponent to get you, but if you lose, it's gone make it harder to finish off your opponent. Quidditch decks would love it. Maybe not need four in every deck, since you won't need to play it in the early game.. usually saved for late game.

Rating: 4


The strongest Healing card in the game, Slytherin Match is a temptation whenever you play quidditch in your decks. It's fifteen damage, so risky to play unless your running Catch The Snitch. Yet, I have made a few decks where you simply try to win this with damage. I get burned by it about 1/4 times. This is a card that is very important to win, however. Losing Slytherin Match can often mean losing the game. Like any Healing card, unless you're already fairly even with your oppponent or are winning the game. If you're on the downhill slope, this card MIGHT save you. Then again, it just stall the game that much longer. I definitely recommend playing with it, but I definitely recommend not relying on it too heavily or making it too much a part of your deck.

Rating: 4