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Christmas Feast - Diagon Alley

Christmas Feast
Card Type: Spell
Ability: Put up to 4 non-Healing Item cards from your discard pile into your hand.
Card No: 3
Rarity: Rare/Foil
Set: Diagon Alley
Average Rating: 3.67 (based on 3 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.


If you are a Draco-Slytherin player, this may be a good card for you, otherwise, I doubt you will need it’s power. There has always been a gap that has kept Charms/Potion decks from really taking off. This card just might be able to fill that gap. When used, it could be lethal, but the problem with it is you’ll have to be playing an item deck to use it. Otherwise there are other alternatives, that work just as well. So, beware Creature Decks; this little bad boy could make your lives a little tougher than you’ve had it in the past.

Rating: 3


This card is accually good in item heavy decks. It's like playing 4 Ovilanders (besides the fact that Ovilanders can get back Silver Unicorn Horn, and Christmas Feast can't). Since you'll probably play this card in item decks, the new Draco seems like a good choice for a starter. Then since you'll need some kinda items that do damage, so you'll include Potions items, so you'll need Potions and Charms lessons atleast. Like all the other Feasts, this card is rare too. If you can't get enough of these cards to put in your deck, you can make up for it with some Uncommon Ovilanders. =)

Rating: 3.5


Christmas feast is just simply amazing. To put it simply, it's as good as Halloween Feast is, if not better with the new Draco character card. The ability to get four items into your hand, play one of them, and then get an extra action for this turn and the following three turns is like I said... simply amazing. I honestly don't know what else to say about this card. It doesn't fit into every deck, but any deck with some items and some charms would be a fool to bypass the Christmas Feast.

Rating: 4.5

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