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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Oliver Wood - Quidditch Cup

Oliver Wood
Card Type: Character - Wizard Gryffindor Unique
Ability: Once per game, when 1 of your Spell cards that needs Quidditch Power does damage, you may have it do 8 more damage.
Card No: 18
Rarity: Rare/Holo
Set: Quidditch Cup
Average Rating: 3.13 (based on 7 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

Oliver wood is very cool because he can help you win matches, as well as doing 8 free damage. Use him with three month long match and you only need to deal 22 damage not 30 to win the game! (Provided they dont heal)

Or, use Hufflepuff and one damage spell will win it, giving you 5 cards and doing 5 more damage.

However, he doesnt give you a lesson, so you have to play quiddich lessons, limiting you to 2 colors, and slowing you down.

Generally, I find that these decks usually do a bit of damage early and then lose steam. However, it can work sometimes.

Rating: 3.5


Oliver Wood is the best back-up character in any Quidditch deck. With the right cards in play, you could make Mid-Air Collision do 25 damage! Biased-Commentary, Oliver and Nimbus! That would just about win ANY match, and if you have one more damage spell in your hand, you've probally won 3mm! But, since Oliver doesn't supply a lesson, he is rarely used as a starter. He's better fit as a back up character. You can add +8 on to any Quidditch Spell, once a game, of your choice! You could save something for the last turn, and then kill your opponent!

Rating: 3.5


No Review Today


If you are a Quidditch player and not in a hurry to get a broom, he might be your guy. He is quick with a shot of 8 damage, but sometimes with Quidditch decks, that is a lot. It seems to me that he is a starter only. If you start him, his ability is over quickly, and you feel like it didn't do much. But if you played you're Biased Commentary and Fouled all in your third turn. That would be a nice 17 hitter and one less action, where else are you gonna do that in one turn and that early in the game too.

As an extra, he is a "Why Bother" card. It takes three action to use him, because you need one to cast the spell. I mean why not just play other Quidditch cards and get their special effect too.

Rating: 2.5

Northern Robbie

Wood is a good card to play(for quidditch decks of course), say if you had a slytherin match in play and u were about to lose, you could use a power play and then woods power, do 15 damage, 17 if Nimbus was in play and get 15 cards back. Thats really worth it.

Rating: 3


Oliver Wood, hmmm, a very forgotten card. There are so many great 1 action cards that boost Quidditch Spell damage, leaving Oliver Wood pretty much left in the dust. I admore Wood's "suprise" factor, "suprise" meaning how dramatic the change a single card does in a short period of time, ranging from 0 to 2 actions. PlusPower was well known in Pokemon to prove such an effect. Boosting a regular Q spell like Ouch!, which normally does 5 plus a card from their hand now does 13 just by using a power that requires no actions at all. The thing is that characters take 2 actions to play, which makes it hard to put on the field. Nimbus 2000 and Biased Commentary might give Wood a run for his money, but I still find this card deadly.

Rating: 3


Wood is good... or was atleast. If you play a Quidditch damage deck, it never hurts to do a little extra damage. If you're not playing Quidditch, this guy is pretty much useless, unless your just trying to play him so your opponent can't.

Rating: 3


With all of the amazing quidditch damage out there, it's almost a waste to use two actions to play this bad boy and hope he doesn't get picked on the next turn. He might not be bad as a starting character even though he doesn't provide a lesson. In comparison, Hooch's ability is probably fairly compairable. And that extra 8 could be a great help in solving a match. Biased Commentary may be a better option over all though, even if you do have to have both cards in your hand and two actions to play them. If you could play him for one action, he would be a much better card. Perhaps a quid/potions deck with Leaky Cauldron and Wood and a lot of other characters.... hmmmm.... that'd be cool. Ok wow, like now I wanna go look at my cards, better give him a rating or something, ya think?

Rating: 3.4

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