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Pojo's Harry Potter Card of the Day

Nearly Headless Nick - Base Set

Nearly Headless Nick
Card Type: Character - Gryffindor Unique
Ability: Once per game, you may search your deck. When you do, you may take up to 2 Item cards from your deck, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Card No: 13
Rarity: Holo
Set: Base Set
Average Rating: 3.156 (based on 6 reviews) 
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Alex Rockwell

No Review Today


Nick is a really cool character in the right deck. But, since he can't be a starter, you have to rely on drawing him. In a Draco-Potions Items deck, Nick is killer. He could get two Bulgeye, one Eel eyes and one Beetle Eyes, or even two Moonseed Potion! But, since a lot of decks only run 1-3 items, Nick doesn't fit that well into them. You'd have a better chance with Locations like Quality Quidditch Supplies and Cauldron Shop.

Rating: 3


No Review Today


Well item fans, your back up man has arrived! Well he has been around since the base set days, but now he is 'Da Man!' The DA set really focuses on items and he can get them for you. Yes, it is 2 turns to play him, but you could get the EyeBall (Beetle Eyes and Eel Eyes) effect in 2 turns with him, 2 Moonseed (ouch), or call upon two books (Eat that Madam Pince!) Sure you could work with an Owl or a Shop. But imagine what you could tell your friends when they see you hanging out with a floppy headed ghost. So be the life of the party and play Nicky Poo.

Rating: 4

Northern Robbie

This card favors item decks. It allows you to get some items lets say in a potions deck beetle and eel eyes. This gets you a bulgeye potion and that really does a lot.

Rating: 3


Hey guys, your eyes arent decieving you, it's actually me =P's a good card, if you can use it to your advantage. A thing that makes it stand out from Hannah Abbot or Professor Flitwick is that you get cards without having to sacrifice any from your hand. That can help a lot, especially in tight spots. This card can be ideal in a Potion Items Deck, which have been becoming increasingly powerful. Of course, there are better alternatives, but it's not a bad card. To tell the truth I did a 4 paragraph review on Dean Thomas but it got accidentally erased. Poop on a stick. =/ I'll give NHN a...

Rating: 2


Nick was accually one of the first Character cards I got in my first pack of Base Set cards. I learned that he wasn't a Wizard so I couldn't use him as my starter, but back then, there weren't too many item cards to make Nick worth the while.
Here's some statistics: The Base Set contained 10 Item cards, the QC set also had 10 more, and then DA came out with 16 brand spankin new items. That's quite a noticable jump, and lets Nick have quite a variety of Items to be able to retrieve. If your playing Potions or Quidditch items, there are location cards that can find your items over and over, but Nick is a one shot card. If you've got more items than just potions or quidditch, Nick seems like a great option, esp in the new Draco speed decks. =)

Rating: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751 p


This half headed hooligan is on the loose like a long necked goose with all these crazy items in the game. Watch out for him, or you'll end up truly headless! Two items in Diagon Alley equals yumminess in the tumminess and I ain't just talkin about cheezeballs! We got healers, we got hurters, we got inkers, and we got thinkers (books!) Get em while theyre hot, cuz in a minute, im gonna show you my stuff! I can get you your Invisibility Cloak for free my friends and that Porcupine Robe, I'll give you that too! Items starts with an I which in no way rhymes with P and that stands for Pool! Item! In my pocket! Check Mate! Game Over, thanx for drinking coke, play again!

Rating: 3.7982974

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