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Harry Potter CCG
A Keen Sense of the Obvious

4 Privet Drive

It’s early in the Harry Potter CCG lifespan, and I already hate a card.  Not just me, a lot of people who play this game hate it.  And that card is:  4 Privet Drive 

This is an uncommon Adventure card that just wreaks havoc on you when your opponent slaps it down.  Here’s the text from the card: 

Effect: Your opponent can’t play Spell cards.
To solve: Your opponent chooses 6 cards in his or her hand and discards them.
Opponent’s Reward: Your opponent may draw a card.” 

So, you cannot play any more spells until you discard 6 cards from your hand.  You may be holding Healing Spells, Direct Damage Spells, card-drawing spells, whatever.  You can’t play a single one until you discard 6 cards!  You know how bad that sucks!  Mucho Bad! 

Okay … so let see it’s turn 2, and your opponent drops this monstrosity on the table.  You are probably holding 6 cards at this point.  Now, if you want to play some more spells,  you’re gonna need to discard your whole friggin’ hand.  But at least you get the reward! … Wait a minute … my reward is to draw one card?!  One measly card?!  Maybe that’s a typo.  

And if your opponent is playing with 4 of these puppies, they can possibly slap down another one as soon as you solve it.  DOH! 

I still can’t figure this out?  Wotc spends nearly two years making this game, and prints a card like 4 Privet Drive with no counter, except to discard 6 cards from your hand.  You can’t remove it with a spell as spells aren’t playable once it’s on the table.    So I’m assuming I’m missing something?  This card is uncommon, it can’t be that powerful!  There’s no glitter on it.  There’s no foil crap on it.  There simply has be something I’m missing. 

So, I’m guessing Wotc has a plan up their sleeves.  Maybe a card to counter this in the Quidditch Cup expansion set this fall?  I mean they had their best games people designing and playtesting this game for almost two years.

I was talking to Master Trainer Pat from WOTC at GenCon this year and we discussed the power of this card.  He said that when WOTC makes their own Harry Potter CCG site, he wants to discuss this card in his first column.  LOL.

Now … there are some ways to deal with 4 Privet Drive

  1. Use Malfoy as your starter, and look at your opponent’s cards every turn and chuck it if you see it.  Toss in some Mrs. Norris & Meet the Centaurs to keep an eye on their hand for free.  This is far from perfect though.  If they are playing with four Privets, they’re bound to top deck the card.
  1. Use Harry Potter as your starter to draw more cards to aid in the recovery process
  1. Play with creatures.  Privet Drive does not effect creature based decks!
  1. Subscribe to the theory of, “If you can’t beat ‘em … join ‘em”.  Play with Privet Drives yourself

Right now, Privet Drive is seeing a lot of play.  Be prepared to face it!  And have a plan of action before you make your deck.

- Pojo



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