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Pojo's Harry Potter TCG site!

profpoke's Deck Garage

Hey! My name is Josh and I got some cards from the new Harry Potter Card Game (actually a lot). I found cards I liked and made a deck. This deck focuses on huge damage dealing cards. Here it is! 
1Character- Hermione Granger 
26 Lessons- 10 Care of Magical Creatures
10 Potions
6 Charms
6 Creatures- 3 Norbert
3 Mountain Troll
26 Spells- 3 Draught of Living Death
3 Dogbreath Potion
3 Noxious Potion
3 Magical Mishap
3 Malevolent Mixture
3 Shrinking Spell
2 Elixer of Life
2 Dung Bomb
2 Illegibilus 
2 Homework
1Adventure- 4 Privet Drive
1+ 26+ 6+ 26+ 1= 60 cards (I think)
If you have a deck mechanic, could he fix this up? I
would appreciate it. Thanks! 

Hey Josh!
First off, you get 61 cards with your character. So that gives me 1 free slot to work with.
Let's get on with the fixin! :D
+1 Flitwick
+1 Snape
-1 Hermione
 I have Flitwick as your starter so you wont have to have any charm lessons to play those few charm cards you have in the deck.  Snape is there to help with healing and he provides 1 P which always comes in handy.
 When you play Hermione or Homework (which needs T lessons to play) your usually going for fast lessons. But your deck focus is supposed to be huge damage, so I changed it up a bit to meet those standards.
+2 Cage
+1 Forest Troll
-1 Norbert
 Norbert is unique so having too many of him wont help. I added the Forest Troll because he can come in on turn 2 if needed.  I added a couple of cages which are good for providing power and you can send back a creature when you need to clear damage off yours or get rid of your opponents Norbert so you can play yours. :P
+4 Snape's Question
+2 Boil Cure
-2 Homework
-1 Malevolent Mixture
-1 Draught of Living Death
-1 Shrinking Potion
 Allrighty, the best part of this deck. :) I added Snape's Question in because its basically four damage for 3P which isnt bad at all! Only problem may be if you opponent is playing Potions and has a Potion in his hand, it doesn't do any damage. :\ But most potion players get their lessons on the board asap. ;)  The two Boil Cures come in handy to keep you from running out of cards. Just remember, you can only put non-healing cards back in the deck.  Homework requires T lessons to play and we dropped Hermione so this thing's out as well.  I drop 1 of each of those damage spells that needed to discard 2 P lessons. If you wanted to use them again, just recycle them via Snape/Boil Cure/Elxir. Dropped 1 Shrinking Potion to make room.
+2 4 Pivet Drive
 4 Pivet Drive is too good to just have 1. The faster you get it out, the better off you are. This increases your odds of getting it. :)
+3 Potion Lessons
-2 CMC lessons
-6 Charms lessons
 Since you deck is mostly potions and a lot of card require discarding potions, I've added more potions. Take out all the charms since Flitwick will provide what you need. Trimmed down on CMC a bit, since we got the Cages.
So our final deck should look like this:
//NAME: Josh's Deck - Fix
// Character
1 Professor Filius Flitwick
1 Professor Severus Snape
// Creatures
1 Forest Troll
2 Norbert
3 Mountain Troll
2 Cage
// Spells
2 Dungbomb
2 Illegibilus
2 Shrinking Potion
2 Boil Cure
2 Elixir of Life
// Damage
3 Magical Mishap
4 Snape's Question
3 Noxious Potion
3 Dogbreath Potion
2 Malevolent Mixture
2 Draught of Living Death
// Adventure
3 4 Privet Drive
// Lessons
13 Potions
8 Care of Magical Creatures
Good luck with your new fix!