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Lockhart's Obliviation Station

Look at that award winning smile!

Welcome to the Dech Mech that is so good, you won't even remember what you wanted done to your deck. Alright then? Now that we got that taken care of, you'll be pleased to know that I'm here to make your decks look as pretty as possible. Of course they won't be as handsome as myself, but hopefully they'll win you some matches whether you're playing on Apprentice or playing a Deck in real life. When sending me your deck, just follow these simple rules:

1)       Indicate whether the deck will be used online (apprentice) or played in real life.

2)       Attach a copy of the .dec file (if using apprentice)and have your deck in typed out form in the email. I would like to have both so I can play test it, but if you can't attach I will understand.

3)       Please inform me of your deck strategy and how you intend to play the deck. Everyone has different uses for different cards so inform me of your intentions.

4)       Provide me with a list of cards that you have few of, this will most apply to rares. It will be helpful so that I don't go adding cards you don't have. This is really only applicable for non-apprentice decks.

5)       If possible let me know what kinds of decks have given you problems. Also remember that I'm doing my best to make good "suggestions" for your deck. You do not have to follow every single card change I give you. Its your deck and you should always be tweaking it to make it better.

Well that just about covers everything. So good ahead and start sending those decks in. You can send them to:




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