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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

What if Vegeta had killed #19 and #20 before #20 could awaken #17 and #18? By:Majin Gotenks
After defeating the androids, Vegeta would then become bent upon Goku healing so that the two of them could duel and would fly to Goku's house to make sure he heals. Trunks will arrive again from the future, but seeing no androids and being informed by the Z warriors that the androids were defeated (they don't know about #17 and #18) he will return to the future. When Cell arrives he will hunt about for #17 and #18 and Kami will sense him running amok, as will the Z warrior eventually. Since Piccolo does not realize the full power of Cell yet, he will not fuse with Kami. The Z warriors go to battle Cell. During their battle with Cell, the Z senshi would eventually discover his purpose and inform him triumphantly that the two androids were killed. Cell would be too shocked to battle and would fly off to Gero's lab to see if he could find the androids. Vegeta would think that Cell was ignoring him and fly after him, followed closely by the Z fighters. At the lab, Cell would discover #17 and #18 and activate theut #16 would step in and destroy him utterly and completely, then go after Goku. By this time, Goku would have probably healed and would be up and about, knowing nothing of the androids or Cell. #16 would soon arrive and face off against him and destroy him. #16 would then become a peace-loving android. Mr. Popo would teleport to New Namek and ask to use their Dragonballs. They will let him and he will wish for everyone killed by any creation of Dr. Gero to be revived and all the people killed will be revived. There won't be that much difference in the Buu Saga, except for no Marron, and Piccolo being weaker against Buu, having not fused with Kami. The Bebi Saga will be the same as always, but there would be no Super #17 saga, #17 having been killed while inside of Cell. This would also cause them not to have to use the Dragonballs again, but if they ever were to, the Evil-Shenlong saga would then take place.

What if the Z-Fighters had Gokou's Heart Medicine on hand when they began their battle with Androids No. 19 and 20?-Submitted by Majin Vader
If Gokou had the heart medicine on hand during the battle with Android No. 19, he would not have had to leave the battlefield, and could keep on fighting. His Saiyajin physiology would probably allow him to get stronger because of being healed from the terrible disease (he might possibly need a Senzu Bean as well, however). After being fully healed Gokou would then be able to destroy Android No. 19 as well as Android No. 20. Eventually, Vegeta would arrive, and wonder what the hell had happened. The Z Fighters would explain that Gokou had defeated the Androids all by himself. Vegeta would then go Super Saiyajin, and decide that now he would be able to get his rematch. The two Super Saiyajin would be very evenly matched, and begin their duel (in the manga, it says that Vegeta was stronger than Gokou, but after being healed with a Senzu Bean, Gokou would probably be about equal to Vegeta).Suddenly, Trunks would return from the future, and try to stop Gokou and Vegeta's fight, and explain that they had destroyed the wrong Androids. The Z Fighters would then work on trying to find these Androids, but would have no luck in doing so. Eventually, the Z Fighters would find out about the sighting of the second Time Machine. Gokou, Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma would probably go check it out, and find the egg shells of Cell. Meanwhile, they would find out about some sort of monster attacking the cities and killing the people. Vegeta would be the first to go, still itching for a fight, and would be easily defeated by the incredibly strong Cell. Piccolo would realize that there was no way any of them could ever defeat the Monster, unless he were to fuse with Kami, and so he would head off to Kami's Lookout. Kami, sensing that this Cell was way too strong, he'd realize that he'd have to fuse with Piccolo. Gokou would go and try to save the battered Vegeta, and they would realize that there was currently nothing that they could do to stop Cell, until the New Piccolo: Super Namek-Seijin, would return and fight. Eventually, Piccolo would return from the fusion, and do battle against Cell. Piccolo would probably still pretend to let himself get absorbed so that Cell would talk. Cell would probably blab about absorbing Androids No. 17 and 18. Piccolo, having the info needed, would start to dominate Cell again in battle. Cell would be too weak to beat Piccolo, and would use a Taiyoken to escape and try to absorb more people. With his incredible ability to hide his ki, Cell would evade the Z Fighters repeatedly, and with his incredible quickness, he would go from city to city without anyone ever stopping him. Gokou would heal Vegeta, and Vegeta would become determined to get strong enough to beat Cell. Gokou would tell him about the Room of Spirit and Time, and would let Vegeta and Trunks enter the Room. Piccolo would eventually meet up with Gokou again, and explain Cell's plans to absorb No. 17 and No. 18. Hopefully, this would lead them to the Androids' locations. Meanwhile, Cell would go to Dr. Gero's Laboratory, and awaken Androids No. 17 and 18. Cell, thinking that now he would be able to absorb the Androids, become Perfect, and have nothing to fear, would no longer hide his ki. Gokou, with his unique sensing abilities, would realize that Cell had stopped moving for some reason, and teleport to that location, to find Cell attacking the Androids. Gokou would then teleport No. 17 and 18 away from Cell, probably to Kami's Lookout. Angered, Cell would continue to ravage the towns, absorbing more and more people. After rescuing the Androids, the two of them would probably wonder what the hell was going on. Gokou would explain everything about the arrival of Android No. 19 and 20, and his defeating them. Thankful that Gokou had defeated Dr. Gero, the Androids would not go through with trying to kill him. Gokou would then explain the situation with Cell. The Androids would then remember seeing Android No. 16 in a large capsule back at the lab, and that it would probably be helpful. The Androids would take Gokou back to the lab, and they would awaken Android No. 16, and ask them to help fight Cell. Android No. 16, being the pacifist that he is, would refuse to fight Cell without more information about him, and how he was so evil. Now, Vegeta and Trunks would leave the Room of Spirit and Time, with each of them having reached Ultra Super Saiyajin (USSJ). (In the regular timeline, the two of them would have gone directly to fight Cell, but at that time, Cell was Second Form Cell, and in the middle of trying to absorb No. 18. However, in this timeline, thanks to Gokou's efforts, he would still be in his First Form, and traveling from town to town absorbing normal people.) In the regular timeline, Gokou and Gohan would have been the next to enter the Room of Spirit and Time, but here, Gokou would realize that if he left Vegeta, Trunks, and the Androids alone together, all hell would break loose. Gokou would decide to send Android No. 18 in with Gohan, so that Gohan would get stronger, and become the strongest Super Saiyajin. Gokou would probably realize that USSJ would leave someone a bit too slow to fight, and would think that Gohan would have what it took to truly excel beyond Super Saiyajin. Eventually, Cell would absorb so many people, that his ki wouldn't be so easy to hide anymore. Piccolo, after training by himself, would sense this, and so, try to attack Cell again. This time, however, Cell would be too strong for Piccolo, and things would not look good for the Super Namek-Seijin. Now, No. 18 and Gohan would leave the Room of Spirit and Time, and Gohan would be a Super Saiyajin. Sensing that Piccolo was in trouble, he would head off to help fight Cell. Gokou would not stop him, because he would know that Gohan would have what it takes, and sense that Gohan was no ordinary Super Saiyajin. Gokou would then enter the Room of Spirit and Time with Android No. 17, but not before telling No. 18 to stay away from Cell for the moment. Trunks would then head off to fight Cell, but Vegeta would stop him and say that he wanted to wait until Cell became a real challenge. Gohan would arrive on the scene and help Piccolo take down Cell. The two of them would probably defeat Cell, and Cell would ask how Gohan had become so strong in such a short amount of time. Gohan, feeling overconfident, would explain the Room of Spirit and Time to Cell, who would then escape and fly towards the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo and Gohan would then try to fly after him.
Cell would arrive at the Room of Spirit and Time, and set his sights on Android No. 18, and begin to try and absorb her. Then, Trunks would go USSJ and start to beat the crap out of Cell. Cell would then escape again, but instead of flying to a city to try and absorb people, Cell would think about his current location, and fly down to Karin Tower and steal some Senzu Beans to cure himself, rather than just regenerating. With his Saiyajin DNA, Cell might even become stronger, and then would regenerate! (I would imagine that when Cell regenerates itself, it probably doesn't become stronger because that regeneration comes from Namek-Seijin DNA. However, if it regenerates from an outside source like Senzu, the Saiyajin cells would be in effect in this case.) A now stronger Cell would then continue to fight Trunks, and last longer with his constant, repeated replenishment using Senzu Beans, getting stronger and stronger. Vegeta would not bother to step in because he would want to wait until Cell was as strong as possible. And USSJ Trunks would not let loose his full power on Cell because it would destroy Earth. Furthermore, Cell would be fighting with everything he had, and USSJ Trunks would be distracted by constantly having to stop Cell from destroying their battlefield.
Finally, Gokou and Android No. 17 would leave the Room of Spirit and Time. Gokou would teleport the Androids to Kame House, and then return to face Cell. Gokou would offer to go one on one with Cell, and, being better at keeping his ki under control than Trunks, would use regular SSJ to fight Cell. Gokou would have Cell on the ropes, and Cell would realize that there was no where to run. Gokou had told Trunks and Vegeta to make sure Cell didn't escape. Cell would realize that Gokou wasn't using his full power, and remember Gokou's naivete that was in his own cells. Cell would play the sympathy card, and try to beg Gokou for forgiveness. Gokou would make Cell promise to never again absorb anyone. Vegeta, enraged by Gokou's seemingly infinite generosity, would attack Gokou and Cell as a USSJ, letting loose all his power, hardly thinking about preserving Earth. Between keeping Cell from getting killed, and keeping Earth safe, Gokou, Trunks, and Cell would have their hands full. To try to keep Cell from getting killed, Gokou would ask Android No. 16 to escort Cell away from there, but not to take him to Kame House, as it was uncertain if he could be trusted or not. Cell might then try to absorb No. 16 and fail, and No. 16 would realize Cell's true intentions, and begin to beat the crap out of him. Eventually, Vegeta, Gokou, and Trunks would arrive, and Gokou would see that Cell really is evil. Enraged, Gokou would tell 16 to stand down while he got vengeance. Cell would use his remaining Senzu Beans to cure himself and regenerate again, and become stronger, but not enough to defeat Gokou. Gokou might even go USSJ to kill Cell out of sheer rage (like he did against Freeza), thus ending the Android/Cell Saga, without any of the Androids having to get absorbed, Gokou having to die, or Gohan having to go SSJ 2. This is just one possible chain of events that could have occured during the Cell Saga, and I'm sure there could have been plenty other things to happen. This is just my idea. ^_^

What if Kurilin, Gohan, and Bulma had waited for Gokou to heal before they left for Namek?-Submitted by Majin Vader
Gokou would have gone with them, and after getting past the people of the Mirror Spaceship and the Fake Namek, they would arrive on Namek. Gokou would have gone to investigate the power levels of Frieza and etc. with Kurilin and Gohan. If Gohan were to try and save Dende from Dodoria, they would not be chased far, because Gokou would step in. (By the way, I would imagine that after being healed with a Senzu bean, Gokou's Saiyajin physiology would allow him to get a lot stronger). After being stronger, he would probably able to go to Kaiouhken Levels like Kaiouhken x 5 a lot easier, so he would defeat Dodoria, and get stronger. The scouters would probably sense that there is a Saiyajin higher than Vegeta's. Vegeta, who is also on Namek, would probably go to face Gokou, and with his sensing ability, which still needs to be refined, he would fight Gokou not knowing what he was getting into. Eventually, Zarbon would go check things out, and would probably transform early. Gokou and Vegeta would have to stop their fight and team up, and they'd defeat Zarbon. The two Saiyajin would probably end up on good terms long before the arrival of the Ginyu Force, which would probably be summoned a lot earlier. If they're summoned earlier, then that's when Frieza has less Dragonballs, like only five. Gokou, Vegeta, Gohan, and Kurilin would split up into two teams to find the last two Dragonballs. (By the way, Dende would probably still be with them). Dende would take them to see Guru, they'd get the Dragonballs, and they'd BOTH get their sleeping powers awakened). Meanwhile, Gokou and Vegeta would get the Dragonballs from the Namek Village that Vegeta destroyed in the regular timeline. With Gokou there, Vegeta couldn't kill anyone without having to go up against Gokou. They'd get the Dragonball, thanks to Gokou's true honor, and later meet up with Gohan and Kurilin. (Gokou would probably take the tests that Frieza mentioned) They might send Vegeta on a mission to see what Frieza and the others were up to so they could make sure he wasn't killing more Nameks. (the reason they'd send Vegeta was they'd say that Vegeta was the only one strong enough to do it safely [lies, all lies]) They'd also send Vegeta so that Kurilin and Gohan could tell Gokou about getting his hidden powers released from Guru without having to let Vegeta know. While Vegeta was spying on Frieza, he'd probably find out about how the Ginyu Force was being summoned, and go warn the others. He'd then suggest that Gokou, Gohan, and himself start to spar, so that their Saiyajin make-ups would allow them to get stronger. Gokou would hide most of his power level, so that Vegeta wouldn't know about how he had gotten a power-up. But he would keep his power level high enough to challenge Vegeta, so Vegeta would get strong enough for the Ginyu Force When the Ginyu Force arrives, everyone would probably have the same power levels as they did in the reegular timeline. But with Gokou present, the Ginyu Force would have to worry about Gokou, too. First, they'd steal the Dragonballs from the Z Fighters, and Ginyu would take them back to Frieza. Sensing Gokou's possible true power, Ginyu tells Guldo to use his special abilities to hold Gokou and Vegeta in place so that they couldn't help Kurilin and Gohan. When Guldo uses the Body Freeze on Gohan and Kurilin, however, Gokou gets p.o.'ed and lets loose his full power level, which is too high for Guldo to hold him in place. Now, Guldo would be dead, and Recoome, Burter, and Jeice decide that they all have to take out Gokou together. Gokou would probably be able to take them all out. Vegeta would probably kill off Burter and Recoome, and Jeice might run away. This would probably be the place where DBZ would have the same storyline as in the timeline we know. The What If...? was basically there to make everyone realize that you dont have to wait for Gokou to have an exciting DBZ Saga! Gokou can be already there!!!!!

What if Goku had not have hitten his head when being held by Grandpa Gohan By:Mark Wilson

He would continue to be fierce and destructive, resulting him to find a way to escape from Grandpa Gohan, and finding a place to train, then Raditz would come to make sure his little brother had done his job. They would then team up and train some more, then destroying Earth, later with the help of Vegeta and Nappa, not knowing about the Dragonballs they would have nothing to do but maybe work for Freeza conquering planets. Freeza then getting afraid of the Saiyjins, from getting too strong. Would either kill them and then that would mean the end of Dragonball or DBZ, and no DB-GT. If they escaped however, Raditz, Goku, Nappa, and Vegeta would find a good place for training and would learn more techniques.

What if Dr.Gero had known about Goku becoming a Super Saiyan? By:Mason Palamara
He would create all the androids much more powerful than they were in the series. Android 19 would be around 18's power so Goku would lose much sooner and get absorbed. Android 20 would hold the Z fighters back probably absorb Piccolo. Vegeta would come and be no match for 19 and he would get absorbed to. Trunks would arrive and realize the androids were to powerful so they would retreat to Kami's to train instead of going to Roshi's. Kami would tell them about the Hyperbolic chamber and Trunks and Gohan would go in. Cell would show and track down 20 and 19. The three of them would go to the lab to awaken 17 and 18 so Cell would be perfect. Trunks and Gohan would emerge and be too late to stop Cell from absorbing 17 and 18. They would go back to Kami's after awhile still being to weak. The androids would destroy city after city until Trunks and Gohan would come again. Trunks and Gohan would now be SSJ2. Trunks would fight Cell first and would almost win. I said almost because 20 would realize it was hopeless and talk Cell into letting himself get absorbed. 19 would hold of the saiyans as best he could as it would take a long time for 20 to get all of Cell's power. Gohan would kill 19 out of rage as 19 absorbed Goku. Before 19 was killed,20 would finish absorbing Cell. I believe he would then be too strong Gohan and Trunks and would rule the Earth.

What if Krillin,Tien,Yamcha,and Chaotzu used the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while training for the saiyans,assuming they stayed in the full year? By:Mason Palamara
While two of them were in training,the other two would train like normal outside. All four would go in twice,so their power levels would be almost three times greater than in the series. Piccolo and Gohan's power would stay the same. The saibamen would get killed and Nappa would get finished by Krillin,Tien,or Yamcha because Gohan,Piccolo,and Chaotzu would still be too weak. Everyone would gang up on Vegeta and he would be weakened by the time Goku got back. Vegeta would then change to his ape form and kill the same Z warriors that died in the series. While he was doing that,Goku would charge a Spirit Bomb and kill Vegeta. Krillin,Gohan,Goku,and Bulma would go to Namek and Goku would arrive there much weaker since he didn't train in the gravity chamber. The Namek saga would go almost the same and Goku would get a power up from the elder with Gohan and Krillin. Frieza would still kill Krillin and Goku would go Super Saiyan. Frieza would get past Goku going back to Earth and wreak havoc and fight the Z warriors until Goku came back to Earth and put him out of his misery. The androids would kill all the Z fighters since Vegeta is dead and couldn't father Trunks.

-NEW-What if Gohan didn't have his hidden power? By:Mason Palamara
Radditz would kill Goku,Piccolo,and Gohan since Gohan wouldn't be strong enough to weaken Radditz during the fight. Radditz would train while waiting for Vegeta and Nappa to arrive. Goku,Piccolo,and Gohan would train under King Kai. They would train as hard as they could and Goku and Gohan would get much stronger than in the series due to their saiyan biology. Piccolo would be around 4000 when they got wished back. All three would know the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb. All the Z fighters would be dead when they got back. They would kill Radditz and Nappa and triple team Vegeta. They would spare Vegeta then go to Namek. They would train some more on the way to Namek because VEgeta was still alive. Most of the Namek saga would go the same except Piccolo would fuse with a healty Nail. Dodoria,Zarbon,and the Ginyu Force would die. The fight with Frieza would have a major change. Frieza would most likely kill Piccolo instead of Krillin since Krillin is dead,and Gohan doesn't have his hidden power so he would go straight to Super Saiyan along with Goku. I forgot to put in that Vegeta wjould also be on Namek as well,so when he saw a child got SSJ before him,he wjould get super p***** and go SSJ as well. Frieza is now royally screwed. Goku and Gohan would wish back the Z fighters to life and return to Earth. Vegeta would have an inflated ego so he would follow Goku to challenge him again. Garlic Jr wouldn't stand a chance when he arrived. Trunks would warn the Z fighters about the androids so they would train. The androids and Cell saga would go along the same original way. While training for the Cell games;however,Gohan and Goku would train hard in the Hyperbolic time chamber so they would reach SSJ2. Cell would die then Buu would come and go. The Z fighters would keep training so they would be strong enough to have an easy time in DBGT. They would live happy lives.

What if Kami hadn't fused with Piccolo in the Android Saga? By:Mason Palamara
Piccolo would ignore Kami's warning not to go fight Cell and probably get absorbed. Trunks and Krillin would arrive too late and Cell would get away to hunt 17 and 18. Goku would then get better and take Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks to the Hyperbolic Chamber. Cell would continue absorbing and Trunks and Vegeta would get out to look for him and/or the androids. Cell would eventually track down the androids,but eventually would be a few days so Gohan and Goku would emerge and join the hunt. An interesting showdown would take place between the four androids and the four saiyans. Android 16 would reconize Goku and attack him. Vegeta would want revenge against Android 18 and attack her. Gohan would sense Piccolo in Cell and go beserck shooting his power up sky-high. Trunks would then be left with 17 and kill him with one blast. Vegeta would drag his fight out making revenge taste sweeter for him but would kill 18. Despite being a lower power,16 would use his knowledge of Goku's attacks to avoid the inevitable. Trunks would distract 16 and Goku would finally deactivate him permanently. Gohan would give Cell a thourough @$$-kicking and blow him up. It really is weird how one little change of events could completely change everything.

-NEW-What if when Vegeta went into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber a second time, Trunks went in with him? By:Mason Palamara
They would train hard and emerge as SSJ2. Vegeta would most likely be the one to kill Cell off. Trunks would return to the future and Vegeta would realize he was the strongest fighter in the world now. He would try once again to get immortality. He would destroy the Capsule Corp. building looking for Bulma's DB radar,but Bulma would run off with it and baby Trunks. She would tell Goku and Gohan about Vegeta's rampage. They would fly to the Capsule Corp. and see the destruction causing them to go SSJ2. They would catch up with Vegeta and be forced to kill him. When Buu came they would go train and become Mystic Goku and Gohan. They would come back to Earth to fight Buu,but he would absorb Gotenks and force Goku and Gohan to fuse,most likely forming an SSJ4 warrior and kill Buu. The fusion would be without the earrings so it would not be permanent. They would gather the dragon balls and wish Goten and Trunks back. DBGT would go about the same,except Goku would be an adult.

What if there was no android 16? By:MaStErPiMp822
First off in the when in the lab everything would go right except of course no 16 would be relese. When piccalo is blasted by cell no one will step in causing 17 to be easily destoyed. Then Tein would test his luck and try to tell the android to go chich she would not hesistad since she is not waiting for 16. tein would get beat up then 17 would hide all alone. vegeta would come, so would krillen. krillen would still not push the button and vegeta would let Cell find the android. The Cell games would still go on but when it is Gohan's turn to fight he would have been killed by Cell's bearhug causing Goku to go SSJ 2. Goku would show no mercy and kill Cell with a giant Kamehamaha. then they would wish gohan back and the rest of the series would go regular accept gohan would be weaker against Buu.

What if the right androids came the right day? By:MaStErPiMp822
When they found the androids Goku would be killed because of the heart disease. This could cause gohan to go SSJ. He would be a little stronger thatn Goku and might put up a little fight but would end up losing but not get killed. Vegeta would join the fight and would get killed. Trunks would come and here the news then go SSJ 2. He would kill the androids then go back to the past. Cell would appear and Kami would warn the Z warroirs. He and piccolo would fuse then the Z warriors would take on Cell. Gohan would end up killing him. Then since no one enter the hyperbolic time chanber no one would put a fight against Buu. so it would all end there

What if the Z fighters knew about the fusion dance? By:Matt D
What if the Z fighters knew about the fusion dance during the Saiya-jin Saga? Not much would be affected early on. No one could fuse in the Raditz fight, since you have to be of the same race, height ect to fuse. In the Vegeta/Nappa fight, Yamcha and Tien could have fused, and have taken out the Saibamen and Nappa, but would still be nothing against Vegeta. In the Namek saga, Vegeta and Goku possibly could have fused, and given Frieza a match. If Gogeta could have shown pity for Krillin's death, he could have turned SSJ and have destroyed Frieza, like it was nothing. In the Cell Games, Trunks/Vegeta/Goku could have fused to most likely defeat Cell. Fusion is learned about in the Buu saga anyways, so nothing much would be affected.

What if... Goku was on earth and was infected by the Black Water Myst? -Submitted by mattmand87
Vegita would have killed Gokou, which would have left Gohan and Kuririn to do the fighting, because Yajirobe obviously wouldn't want to get injured. Unless Kuririn managed to cut off Vegita's tail, they would have been killed quite easily under Vegita's heavy power.

-NEW-What if Vegetto was not absorbed by Super Buu? By:Naranapiti Karunaratne
If Vegetto was not absorbed by Super Buu, he would have killed Buu by using Kamehameha or Final Flash. As a result, Vegeta and Goku would be fused as Vegetto forever. After defeating Super Buu, Vegetto would collect the dragonballs and make a wish for all of the people killed by Buu to be brought back to life. The next wish would be used to bring back all of the people who were absorbed by Buu. This wish would bring back Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and Fat Buu. Vegetto would find Fat Buu and try to kill him. Mr. Satan would beg Vegetto to not kill Fat Buu, but Vegetto wouldn't care and kill Fat Buu anyway. Since Vegetto believed that he was the most powerful being in the universe, he would decide to stay that way forever and use the third wish to make himself immortal. Vegetto would not wish for Buu to be reincarnated as Ubuu. Vegetto would have to decide whether he wanted to live with Chi Chi or with Bulma, and he would decide to live with Bulma since her family was rich.

Over time, Vegetto would train to become even stronger and learn how to reach SSJ3. Ten years after Buu was killed, Pilaf would collect the black star dragonballs and try to wish to be ruler of the world. Vegetto would sense the dragonballs being used and use instantaneous movement to go to Kami's Palace and find Pilaf. Vegetto would kill Pilaf, Mao, and Shou. Dende and Mr. Popo would tell Vegetto that the Earth would be destroyed if any wishes were made with the black star dragonballs, so Vegetto would simply destroy the black star dragonballs so the Earth wouldn't explode. Bebi would eventually travel to Earth in his mission to destroy the Saiya-jins. Vegetto would sense Bebi's ki and find him before he could lay eggs in any humans. Vegetto would power up to SSJ2 and easily kill Bebi with a Kamehameha. But since Bebi was never able to create the new planet Plant, Vegetto would never look at the Earth and become SSJ4. Dr Gero and Dr. Myuu would create Super 17 and have him merge with regular #17. Hell would be unleashed and the world would be in chaos. Vegetto would find Furiza and Cell and defeat them. They would try to send him to hell, but Vegetto would be able to resist being sucked into hell and find Super 17. He would fight Super 17 and realize that his ki attacks weren't having any effect and power up to SSJ3 and try using more ki. Super 17 would continue to absorb Vegetto's ki attacks and use Hell Flash but it wouldn't harm Vegetto since he was immortal. #18 would arrive and be angry that Super 17 killed Kuririn and shoot ki at him. Vegetto would hit Super 17 from behind with a Kamehameha and kill him.

The dragonballs would be collected and Shenlon would say that there was too much negative energy in the dragonballs and create the evil Shenlons. Vegetto would travel around the world and kill the evil Shenlons one after another. SSJ3 Vegetto would find Ii Shenlon and would not be as powerful as him since he hadn't reached SSJ4. Ii Shenlon wouldn't be able to defeat Vegetto since he was immortal. Ii Shenlon would become very worn out and weakened, and SSJ3 Vegetto would use Kamehameha or Final Flash to kill Ii Shenlon. Vegetto wouldn't sacrifice his life to purify the dragonballs and instead destroy them so that the evil Shenlons couldn't return. He would use instantaneous movement to travel to new planet Namek and get a namek to create new dragonballs.

Eventually Vegetto would become tired of living on Earth and get a space ship from Capsule Corp to travel to different planets and take over the universe.

What if Raditz stayed at Frieza's palace and and then went to Namek with
Vegeta? By: OJVegeta

Raditz would of been scared out of his whits when he would of had to fight
Dodoria and Zarbon and would have been severely beaten by Dodoria and then
V egeta would step in and while Raditz was out cold he would finish Dodoria
with a Final Flash (Even though he didn't know the Final Flash at that time.)Then after that vegeta would go looking for Zarbon
whilst leaving raditz at the previous battleground, it would be a long fight

but zarbon would become the victor and he would then take vegeta back to
friezas ship picking up raditz on the way because they might be able to tell

frieza about the dragonballs.zarbon would be commended by frieza and both
vegeta and raditz would be put in the saiyan recovery tanks until they were
fit enough to talk, but because saiyans become alot stronger after a fight
that nearly cause them death,raditz and vegeta have both become super

What if Planet Vegeta had twenty five times earth's gravity? By: PeterTd

First off, all the saiyans would be two and a half times as powerful, so when
Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta the four remaining saiyans would pose a far
greater threat. In fact, the four remaining Saiyans would be killing
Freezer's men behind his men, including Guldo. Goku when he lands on earth
and hits his head would be affected in that he would be able to think instead
of being a savage. Like Piccolo, he would begin to plot his takeover of the
earth by the time he could surpass his grandfather, having forgotten his
genocidal mission. Goku would not remain violent, but he would have an
ambition and continue to be and would be trained under his grandpa until he
looked at the moon as in our timeline. After losing his grandfather, he would
train for several years under harsh conditions, in an attempt to surpass his
master even after death. Bulma would then show up and tell him about the
dragon balls, causing him to agree to be her bodyguard with the intention to
grant his own wish of world domination. After meeting Master Roshi, he would
have to settle for the carpet because he would know he couldn't ride the
cloud. He would meet up with Lunch and after saving her from the police
would be asked what she could do to repay him. Goku would reply that he
needed a wife in a few years, wanting to have an heir to conquer the world,
and Lunch would naively agree.

Goku would then leave for Ox King's palace, and there he would learn the
Kamehameha. Ox King would ask Goku whether he wanted to marry Chi Chi, and
Goku would reply no since he had told Lunch earlier to marry him as repayment
for saving her. Afterwards, Goku would finally meet Pilaf he would kill him
and use the dragon balls to wish for Pilaf's palace and fortune to be given
to him. He would train under Master Roshi against Kururin. After months of
training Goku would easily win the 21st world tournament, being as strong as
he was at the end of dragon ball in the normal timeline. He would then go on
to take over the Red Ribbon army and destroy all but those loyal to him, as
well Tao and Black. He would then seek Karin out to get the Holy Water in one
day, becoming even more powerful. Later while running around the world he
would fight Tein and Chauitzu and win the 22nd world tournament, but let his
opponents live so he could continue to train hard. Later, Diamo would appear
and kill Kururin, angering Goku because of the loss of his rival and
Piccolo's own ambition to rule the world interfering with his own. He would
go to Kami's tower, and after defeating Mr. Popo would spend the next year
preparing to face Diamo at the world tournament, where he would win for a
third time. Soon afterwards, he would marry Lunch and have a son.

Soon after the tournament, Radditz would arrive kidnap Gohan (who would
still be pressured to study since Goku was much smarter in this world). Goku
would team up with Piccolo and die defeating Radditz, both of them doing so
because of self-interest. Goku with his superior speed would make it to king
kais many months earlier. He would train with king kai and learn the kaio-ken
6x and be able to withstand a kaio-ken 4x. Goku's power level would be at
20,000, half as high as Vegeta's. Later on he would be wished back one day
before the Saiyans arrive and would cross snake way a great deal faster and
arrive on earth 12 hours before the series.

Goku would come in right before Tein would use his mega blast. So while
Tein would still use the blast on Nappa, Goku would give him a senzu and he
would stay alive. Then he would kill Nappa with a kaio-ken, and then he would
tell everyone to leave so he could fight Vegeta. Goku would start off with a
kaio-ken 2x and easily be at Vegeta's level, and then he would use a kaio-ken
3x and start pulverizing him. He would fire a giant Kamehameha that would
destroy all of Vegeta's armor, so he would power up a Gammit Gun. Goku would
fire another Kamehameha and would nearly kill Vegeta, so Vegeta would leave
earth and warn Goku about Freezer and Namek.

Tein, Piccolo, Gohan, and Kururin would immediately leave on Kami's space
ship since nobody was injured, but Bulma would not go because Piccolo was
still alive and knew Namekian. Goku would stay on earth until a gravity
machine was created so that he could kill Freezer and the rest of his
opponents easily. They would train for one month on the space ship and Tein
would be at 22,000, Piccolo 28,000, Gohan 19,500, and Kururin 15,000. So when
they get to Namek everyone would go for a certain village and get five dragon
balls and warn the Namekian about Freezer. Meanwhile, Goku would be trailing
behind them in his space ship, training in 200 times earth's natural gravity.

On Namek, Freezer and Vegeta arrive one week later. Freezer would be
furious and would send out 12 men to investigate the high power levels.
Vegeta would intervene and kill all of them with one blast. Freezer would
sense this on his scouter and send Dodoria and 15 men with him, as cannon
fodder while he summoned the Ginyu's to come and kill Vegeta. While this
would be happening, all the fighters would be getting power-ups from Guru
doubling their strength. After the power-up Piccolos' power level would be at
190,000, Tein's power level would be 190,000, Gohan's power level would be at
60,000, and Kururin's would be at 46,000. Tein and Piccolo would decide to go
with Nail to protect the villages from Vegeta and Freezer's men. Piccolo
would fuse with Nail and several other fighters, reaching a power level of
four million. Freezer would see all these power-levels and would panic,
sending the Ginyu force right away with the order to gang up on each member.
Vegeta would realize this and go to get more dragon balls, killing any of
Freezer's men that got in the way.

The Ginyu force would arrive and would begin to face Gohan and Kururin,
but would be unable to find Vegeta or any of the others. Jeice and Burter
would read the power levels, but Gohan and Kururin would hide them. The Ginyu
force would send Recoome to fight Gohan, but Gohan would reveal his true
power level and equal Recoome in strength. Recoome would fight Gohan, but
then Kururin would intervene and slice Recoome with his destructo disk. Jeice
and Burter would realize that they needed to attack as a group in order to
live, and would attack Gohan until he was too injured to fight. Kururin would
then be targeted, but Vegeta would arrive. He would begin to fight Burter and
Jeice both, sensing them as a threat to him gaining immortality. Vegeta would
now be overwhelmed by both Burter and Jeice, and would be beaten badly. Goku
would arrive by this time, and would kill Jeice and Burter with a single
blast. Goku would then go and revive Vegeta, Gohan, and Kururin all with
Senzu beans. Ginyu would arrive and be surprised to find his men dead, and
would demand Goku fight him. Goku would tell him he was going to see someone
more powerful than Freezer before he died, and then he would reveal his true
power level of 900,000 and kill him. Vegeta then would tell everyone about
Freezer's space ship and Goku would tell the others to go there. Vegeta would
give Gohan and Kururin armor, and Goku would take some armor as well and say
he was going leave to kill Freezer's incoming men.

Freezer would by this time have attempted to go to Guru, but Piccolo and
Tein would show up and get beaten. Goku would finish his killing and go to
save Piccolo and Tein. He would take them to the rejuvenation tank to heal,
and then go off to find the others. Freezer would realize that the Saiyans
were killing all his men effortlessly, and would request an entire armada of
men to come and fight. The others would gather the dragon balls and would
only succeed in wishing back Yamcha to fight against Freezer. Freezer would
by then finally arrive and begin to fight Vegeta who would be at 1,200,000
and would think he could kill Freezer. Freezer would transform to his second
form, and Vegeta would be nearly killed, but would be healed by Dende. Gohan
and Kururin would then attempt to fight Freezer, but would lose to him and
have to be healed by Dende.

Piccolo and Tein would get out of the rejuvenation chamber and sense
Yamcha's power-level. They would meet up with him, and then the three of them
would arrive at the battle. Freezer would fight Yamcha, who would be beaten
but healed by Dende. Tein would try fighting Freezer but even with his eight
man technique he would still be beaten. Piccolo would then begin to fight him
and would be winning, causing Freezer to go to his third form. Freezer would
defeat Piccolo forcing Dende to heal someone yet again, and then Vegeta would
go up against him. Vegeta would fight him and would put up a good fight, but
he would again be nearly killed.

Goku would arrive and would tell Freezer to swear allegiance to him or
die. Freezer would tell him never, and Goku would start to fight him. Goku
would toy with him to buy time for the others to get Vegeta healed again, and
then he would reveal his true power and start to pummel Freezer around.
Kururin would use his distructo disk on Freezer's tail. Freezer would kill
him causing Goku to go Super Saiyan, with a power-level of 75,000,000. Goku
would tell Gohan to get the dragon balls and wish everyone to be sent to
earth and for Chaotzu and Kururin to be wished back. So Gohan would obey and
then the planet would be empty except for Goku, Vegeta and Freezer. Freezer
afraid of being killed by a monkey would go to his full power, but then would
get killed by a Kamehameha.

Goku and Vegeta would get to his ship and go to earth, but a meteor
shower would hit his ship and the two would land on Yardrat. Just like in the
regular timeline Goku would attempt to learn the Instant Transmission, but he
would train with Vegeta and be nearly a Super Saiyan Two (and Vegeta would
become a Super Saiyan). King Kold would land to seek revenge for his dead
son, and would have a newly resurrected Freezer with him. Piccolo would face
him, but would lose after a while. Trunks would come and kill him, and then
look around for Goku. Goku and Vegeta would show up and reveal their power
levels then Trunks would tell everyone to train for three years because two
androids were going to arrive, and that Goku should take some medicine for
his heart because he was going to die from disease. Then three years later
Goku would come down with the heart disease he was told he would get, and
Gohan and Piccolo team up to fight androids 19 and 20, having a much harder
time since all of Gero's androids would be eight times stronger. Piccolo
would be nearly killed by 19, and 20 would beat Gohan even worse. Vegeta
would teleport to the battle and transform to Super Saiyan and start
pummeling 20 around, then would kill him.

Trunks would arrive from the future and tell everyone these were the
wrong androids, so the Z fighters would get healed because of all the energy
lost by 20, and then go to Dr. Gero's lab. Vegeta would get there first, but
Gero would have already released the androids. Vegeta would challenge 17
because he killed 20, so 18 would be fighting Piccolo, Gohan, Tein and
Trunks. The androids would realize they were outnumbered and would summon 16
to fight all of them. Vegeta would fire a Gammit Gun and then thousands of ki
blasts, which 17 would dodge, so Vegeta would throw punches and kicks wildly
at 17 and he would block them. Tein would be going all out with tri-beams and
Piccolo would be firing masenkos here and there, 16 would randomly be hit and
minor pain would be induced until Gohan and Trunks would team up and fight
him. Trunks would kick 16 in the head then Gohan would elbow 16's ribs, so 16
would fire a hells flash and send them into mountains breaking Trunk's leg.
He would choke Piccolo and then fire another hells flash through his throat
and this would cause Gohan to go Super Saiyan and attack 16.

Gohan would be matching 16 blow for blow and then would fire a masenko
the size of his Kamehameha in the Cell game, this would kill 16, so now he
would be drained and Trunks would be forced to fight 18. Trunks would be
slowed down by his bleeding limb. He would pull out his sword, but 18 would
break it in half and knock him unconscious. Piccolo and Tein would run away
with Gohan and Trunks while Kururin and Yamcha would take over and only last
for a few minutes so they would run away and watch Vegeta and 17 battle each
other. Vegeta would fly away, and when 17 would chase him. Vegeta would turn
around and head butt him in the chest and 17 would fall down, but 18 would
pick him up and battle Vegeta with her brother. Vegeta would be overwhelmed
after a while because the two of them wouldn't be getting tired, then the two
of them would injure him and leave him with the rest of the fighters.

Vegeta and the rest would get healed by the senzu beans and then Piccolo
would leave to fuse with Kami, and then rest of the Z team would go to Goku's
and move him to Roshi's Island. Gohan and Trunks would train with Tein and
Yamcha, and then they would hear of Cell absorbing cities. Kami would agree
to fuse with Piccolo, and then he would leave to battle Cell, the two of them
being much more powerful than in the normal timeline. Trunks, Gohan, and
Vegeta would also leave. The androids would arrive at the scene, thinking
cell was just another one of them.

When the saiyans would arrive they would all go Super Saiyan and start to
battle Cell, who by this time would have devoured 17. He'd be more powerful
then when he became perfect cell in the normal timeline. Gohan would fire an
eye beam at Cell and Vegeta, an ultimate skill, but he'd be beaten down by
Cell. Trunks would try to kill Cell now, but would he would be nearly killed
by a blast to his shoulder. Piccolo would be thrashed to the ground before he
could even retaliate. Cell would tell them all that he was going to hold a
tournament in six months to decide whether he'd destroy the world, then 18
would escape and Cell would be forced to track her down.

Goku would be healed by this time and after teleporting to the battle
would hear the news that Cell was not only nearly killed the warriors, but he
was going to hold a tournament to determine the fate of the world. Goku would
be furious and would tell everyone to train with him. He'd take Gohan to
train in the Room of Spirit and time to reach Super Saiyan two, but even
after harsh training wouldn't be able to accomplish this. Vegeta and Trunks
would train as well with them, but they too would be unsuccessful. Finally
the training would be done and the tournament would take place.

Tein would fight Cell first, but would get hospitalized. Yamcha would try
next, but even after having had more experience than in the regular timeline
would still be severely outmatched, then would be almost killed as well.
Kururin would try to fight Cell, but would be brutalized. 18 would fight
Cell, but would get eaten by him. Kururin, who would be in love with 18,
would fight Cell but lose even worse than the others. Cell would fire his
Cell Jr.'s and Trunks would fight Cell but would be overwhelmed by this. Mr.
Satan would come in to fight as a publicity stunt, but would get almost
killed himself. Vegeta would fight Cell and be furious, and for a while would
virtually destroy him. Cell would get the better of him though, and would
kill him.

Goku would be enraged by this, and reach Super Saiyan Two instantly, almost
to the level of a Super Saiyan three. Goku would kill all the Cell Jrs, then
he would start to knock Cell around. Cell would be forced to relinquish the
androids from him, and then Goku would engage in one last Kamehameha against
Cell. Goku would fire a blast ten times larger than the Kamehameha Gohan
fired in the regular series. Goku would realize Cell was regenerating and had
a bomb with him, so he would teleport him to hell and come back to earth,
unlike in the regular series where he teleported him to King Kai's and died.
Goku would tell the world he had won the Cell game, and would now be the most
famous and beloved man in the world. All the dead would be wished back, and
Vegeta would now be even more determined to become stronger than Goku.

Orange Star City would be renamed for Goku instead of Mr. Satan, and his
family would soon be the wealthiest on earth other than Vegeta's. Gohan would
be able to go to any school in the world, and would also be regarded as the
strongest fighter in the world. Goku would have a second child with Lunch and
Goten would be born, be he would start training for fighting as soon as he
could walk (as Gohan was, in this world). Kururin and Android 18 would marry,
and have a child just like they did in the regular series. Trunks would grow
and mature, but Vegeta would make sure that he was pushed to train and live
roughly until he was five so he didn't become spoiled by his wealth. Vegeta
and Goku would train as well, and Goku would learn from King Kai about the
other world tournament and wish its fighters to earth for the world
tournament, as well as to learn techniques from.

The World Tournament would occur still with a visibly strong Trunks
challenging Goten to get honor for his family. Goku would of course easily
defeat most of the competitors, and Trunks would lose to Goten. Gohan would
fight without any of the Mr. Sayaiman nonsense he had in the regular
timeline, and would still be dating Videl. Dabura would still send his
minions to interrupt the match, and Videl would still be injured, but this
time the Son family would be the ones that the media would be concentrating
on. Gohan would fight the attackers to the cheers of the stadium, and after
showing his powers would be sure to go to Super Saiyan Two to defeat them
easily. However, this would be the last bit of energy needed to reactivate
Buu, and this would of course lead to the match being ended by Goku. Everyone
would wonder what was going on, and Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan would all
teleport to Babidi's space ship.

The rest of the series after this would be the same, except Goku would be
able to get the earth's energy immediately for his spirit bomb on Buu, and
Goku would be the star of the world tournament for the rest of his life. Goku
and Vegeta would wish to be immortal along with their family members and
children, so they could rule the world with their descendents and a never
ending line of half Saiyan children. There would be no GT ether, since Pilaf
would be dead and the black star dragon balls would never be used.

-NEW- What If Nappa and Vegeta would have never made the saibamen ? By:Poysexy
Well first since Yamcha being the coward he is would let tien fight first since he see's he has to fight Nappa. Mostly tien would die trying his mega blast on Nappa and piccolo,krillin,and yamcha would attack Nappa just like krillin and Piccolo would have .Then piccolo would die by Nappa, chauzui wouldn't die cause Yamcha would say not to let tien's death be gone to waste.By the time piccolo dies Goku makes it ya, ya , ya , da, da,da . Now lets go to the ginuy fight guldo would die easily ,but recoom would beat every body.You know the rest,and every thing would be same except there were extra people freeza had to fight.(oh , yeah chouzui would probudly die in the hand of freeza)

What if Captain Ginyu had been able to change into Vegeta? - Submitted by Roy Varney
Well Gohan and Krillin would of have to start fighting and at first they'd have the upper hand but Capt. Ginyu would slowly begin to get the upper hand. Mean while Vegeta would take goku and put him in the rejuvinantion chamber. {Since Goku was in a Sayain body and Vegeta thought Goku was a Super Sayian} Any way Vegeta would go outside and begin to fight along side Gohan and Krillin but Ginyu would have begun to have been able to control his new body. While Vegeta had not been able to control his body as much because he had not been fighting as much in his new body. The fight would progress and Capt. Ginyu would easily knock out Vegeta. He'd then knock out Krillin this would really pis Gohan off and he'd go all out nearly killing Capt. Ginyu. Capt. Ginyu would then try to change bodies but Gohan would have caught on by now and flew behind Capt. Ginyu. Gohan would then force Capt. Ginyu to change into his orginal body.Vegeta would then kill Capt. Ginyu. By now Dende would have just arrived and would heal Krillin and Gohan but not Vegeta. Then they'd go to the dragonballs and Dende would play dumb as if he'd forgotten the code. Vegeta would send Dende to get the code while he'd take a nap. Together Krillin, Dende, and Gohan would make the same wishes. Vegeta would wake up and Freeza would arrive. Vegeta wouldn't be so airheaded this time and wouldn't tell Freeza to go into his 2nd form. {This would change the series alot!} Krillin would have been knock down into the sea. Gohan would get really angry and do the same thing he did in regular DBZ but this time Freeza would have really really been down for the count. Freeza would then go into his 2nd form Krillin would be up again and start to fight. Together Vegeta Gohan and Krillin would beat up on Freeza. When Freeza finally nearly kills Vegeta. {This would set them back because even though Vegeta wasn't at full power he did help} Freeza would then go after Gohan still being angry at him. Krillin would stall again in the same way he did in normal DBZ accept this time he'd be able to stall longer because this time in 1st stage Freeza had gotten Gohan's anger attacks instead of his 2nd form by the time Krillin got back Gohan would be healed. Now Piccolo would arrive and beat up Freeza alot. Freeza would go 3rd fom and Piccolo gets beat up. Gohan gets angry and this time his attack would hit Freeza. {Because this time he'd been healed alot more} Any way Freeza would go final form, kill dende, and this time time when Vegeta fights he's stronger because he'd gotten hurt more this time aruond. So Goku shows up earlier but not but much from normal DBZ.. So this time Vegeta lives because he's stronger and Goku arrived earlier any way Vegeta is taken to taken away to the rejuvination chamber by Gohan. The fight goes the same until Goku makes a spirit bomb and he'd have more time to stall because Vegeta is there the rest of the series goes the same....

-NEW- What if Guru had told Nail to go with Krillin and Gohan to fight the Ginyu Force? - Submitted by Ry Senkari
Well, Vegeta would begin arguing with Nail about the Dragonballs. Nail would probably have told Krillin and Gohan about the password, but not Vegeta. Eventually, they would have agreed that they needed to fight the Ginyu Force, so they go to retrieve the 7 Dragonballs just as the Ginyu Force arrives. Captain Ginyu would have stolen the Dragonballs and left Recoome, Jeice, Berter, and Guldo to fight Nail and the others. Guldo would have stepped up to fight, and Nail would have just blasted him into nothing before he got a chance to do anything. Vegeta would have started arguing with Nail again, since Vegeta wanted to kill Guldo to get his revenge. Recoome would have stepped up to fight Nail, but Vegeta would insist Recoome fight him instead. Nail would have let Vegeta and Recoome battle, and Vegeta would have been beaten. Then, Nail would have stepped in. It would be a good fight for a while, until Nail powered up to take Recoome out. Gohan and Krillin would just be watching in awe. Next, Berter would have stepped up to fight Nail (since Nail would have taken longer to beat Recoome then Goku did, Berter probably would have thought he could take Nail by himself). BTW, the American Season 2 would have ended just as Berter stepped up to fight Nail, to make it more dramatic. Berter would use his size and speed to get the jump on Nail. Goku would probably arrive on Namek just as Berter and Nail were fighting. While all this was happening, Gohan and Krillin might have been talking to Vegeta. Anyway, Goku senses two large power levels and rushes to the scene with Senzu Beans. By now, Nail would be winning the fight with Berter. The fight between Nail and Berter would stop when Goku arrived. Goku would ask Nail who he was, and Gohan would speak up to tell Nail about Goku. Goku would read Krillin's mind, and give Vegeta a Senzu Bean (for saving them from Dodoria and Zarbon, but not from Guldo (Nail killed him)). Anyway, Jeice would go after Goku, and Goku would school him easily. Nail would try to kill Berter, but Goku would stop him, giving Jeice time to escape. Vegeta would then kill Berter and run after Jeice. Jeice would tell Captain Ginyu about Goku and Nail. Just then, Vegeta would show up and challenge Captain Ginyu. Vegeta would proceed to beat the crap out of Ginyu. While all this was going on, Goku, Nail, Krillin, and Gohan would be looking for Frieza's spaceship. Frieza would be getting impatient and also go looking for the Dragonballs. Captain Ginyu, knowing that he couldn't beat Vegeta, would bodysnatch him and leave with Jeice and the Dragonballs, leaving Vegeta at Frieza's spaceship. Captain Ginyu (now in Vegeta's body) and Jeice would find Goku, Nail, Gohan, and Krillin and would challenge Goku and Nail to a duel. Since Vegeta was a bit stronger than Goku was, Captain Ginyu would be a bit more powerful in Vegeta's body, and would whoop Nail. Then, Goku would power up to full and take Captain Ginyu on. Jeice would attack Gohan and Krillin, and would beat them easily, then take them back to Frieza's ship while Goku was distracted with fighting Ginyu. Meanwhile, Frieza would arrive back at his ship and see Vegeta in Ginyu's body. Vegeta would trick Frieza into putting him into a recovery tank. Frieza would get angry, since he thinks that Captain Ginyu failed, but Vegeta would trick him, saying that he did manage to keep the Dragonballs. Frieza would put Vegeta in a recovery tank and go looking for the Dragonballs. Soon after, Jeice would arrive with Gohan and Krillin. Just before he killed them, a fully recovered Vegeta (in Ginyu's body) would attack and kill Jeice, then put Gohan and Krillin in recovery tanks. He would then go to where Goku was fighting Ginyu. It would be a pretty close fight until Vegeta in Ginyu's body challenged Ginyu in Vegeta's body. Meanwhile, Goku would eat a Senzu Bean and give one to Nail, fully recovering him. Guru would send Dende out to look for Gohan and Krillin. Meanwhile, Ginyu (now fully accustomed to Vegeta's body) would be beating up Vegeta. Goku would tell Nail to use the Dragonballs and wish back Piccolo, but not until Ginyu was dead. Goku would then attack Ginyu and beat him up. Ginyu would try to bodysnatch Goku, but Vegeta would step in the way and Ginyu and Vegeta would be back in their own bodies. Vegeta would then blast Ginyu into oblivion and pass out. Dende would arrive, and Nail would wish Piccolo back to life, then back to the planet. Gohan and Krillin would finish their recovery just as Frieza arrived at his spaceship, mad at Vegeta/Ginyu for lying to him. Just then, Guru would die, making the Dragon go away before Goku and Nail could make another wish. Dende would arrive and ask where Krillin and Gohan were, and Goku would suddenly realize that they were missing! Goku, Nail, and Dende would drag Vegeta to Frieza's ship and would find Gohan and Krillin, hiding behind a rock. Frieza would appear and Nail would challenge him to a battle. Nail would be beaten easily, and Dende would heal Vegeta and Nail. Vegeta would challenge Frieza and would coax Frieza into going to his second form. Vegeta would still be a good match for Frieza, since Vegeta would have been healed twice (once from being beaten up by Recoome, and once more for Goku beating up Ginyu in Vegeta's body). Piccolo would arrive on the battlefield, and Nail would ask to fuse with Piccolo so that he would have a chance to fight Frieza too. Piccolo would reluctantly agree, and after fusing with Nail, tell Vegeta to back off. Vegeta, on an ego high, would refuse, and tell Frieza to transform again. Frieza would go to his third form, and beat up Vegeta. Dende would heal Vegeta again, and Piccolo would also be beaten up. Dende would heal Piccolo, then Frieza would transform again and kill Dende. Meanwhile, Goku, Gohan, and Krillin would be watching Vegeta fight Frieza again. Vegeta would be a little stronger then Goku was when fighting Frieza (from being healed 3 times), and put up a good fight, but get beaten when Frieza powered up to 50%. Goku would then step in and go Kaioken x20. Vegeta would be almost dead, but not quite dead (Goku would step in before that happened). Goku would also get beaten by Frieza, and would begin powering up a Spirit Bomb. Piccolo would blow up Frieza's ship, drawing Frieza's attention away from Goku. Goku would then build his Spirit Bomb and toss it at Frieza. Bulma would be scared by the disturbance and run to the spaceship. Frieza would then get up and kill Krillin, causing Goku to go SSJ. Things would then turn out pretty much like the show, only Ginyu would have died, and Vegeta wouldn't have been killed.


What if Android 17 hadn't killed Dr. Gero?

       First of all, the androids would have been loyal to Dr. Gero, since 17 wouldn't destroy Gero and the remote. Second, 18 would not have opened 16, which would mean Gero would probably be able to finish him, right? Wrong. When 18 and 17 were about to open the case that 16 was in, Trunks fired a huge energy blast that destroyed the lab. Since the androids would probably save Gero, he would survive but the lab would not.

       Since the lab would be destroyed, but 16's case would still be there, Gero would tell the androids to kill the intruders. Gero would have to work for months, if not weeks to rebuild his lab. By that time Cell would be on the prowl.

       Anyway, the Androids would most likely kill all of the Z warriors there, which means Piccolo, Tien, Vegeta, Trunks, and Krillin would be dead. Gero would begin work on the lab, and then the androids would try to find Goku.

       Everything would go normal, until Cell showed up. Bulma and Gohan would not find the time machine since Trunks was destroyed, and that means 17's plans would not be found. Dr. Gero's lab would be done by now, and since Cell was in the basment of the lab, the few Z warriors would not know about him. By now Android 16 would probably be complete.

       Dr. Gero would let 16 loose to find Goku, and he would probably look on Cell, who would be in his infant form. It would be a while before he would actually show up. Cell, if you can remember, actually went back in time, and reverted back to his larva form. By now Cell would be loose also.

       Yamcha, Gohan and Goku would be the only Z Warriors left, and since Piccolo is gone, Kami and him wouldn't have fused, and the Dragon Balls would be gone. So that means no Dragon summoning unless they go to planet Namek. And don't forget, there will be Dragon Balls still, since the Namekians went to the new Namek. And that means when Shenron should have been summoned at the end of the Cell Games, he wouldn't. There would be no Cell Games. Dende would still become the new Earth Guardian.

       Goku would awaken now, and would go with Gohan to the HyperBolic Time Chamber. Yamcha would probably not go yet, because he hasn't heard of the others' deaths. Goku and Gohan would achieve the Ascended Saiyan level, and would go in one more time.

       Since Piccolo wouldn't encounter Piccolo, things would go normal until Piccolo should've approached them. Goku and Gohan would already be in the chamber, so they wouldn't be able to do anything yet. Master Roshi, Oolong, Puuar and Chichi might be killed by the androids, so this means a lot of wishing back. 16 would probably be with the others now, and would be the largest threat yet.

       Gero would probably kick back and relax, or more likely go off to find Goku also. He would join up with the others, and would search the world over for him.

       Goku and Gohan would probably be finished with one session by now. They would tell the others, Bulma, baby Trunks, and Mr. Popo that the others died, and that only these two and Yamcha are left. Goku would tell Bulma Trunks would die in the future if they don't hurry up, so they would probably go back in to train.

       Yamcha would probably decide to fly up with Goku and Gohan, so he probably would get there by the time Goku and Gohan just went in the HBTC again. He would find out about the others all being dead, so he would decide to train in there next.

       Cell would probably have absorbed 17 easily by now. 16 would try to fight as usual, but would lose. 18 would be absorbed then and there, because since Tien was killed he couldn't use the TriBeam attack to distract Cell. So he would probably kill 16 after he was Perfect Cell, and he would continue to search for Goku.

       After a very long time, Goku and Gohan would come out. Yamcha would go in, and by now Goku and Gohan would probably have achieved Super Saiyan 3 each. Yamcha would have been a bit stronger, for he would have been training for a while.

       Goku and Gohan would go off to fight Cell and the Cell Games would not happen. Hercule and his moronic crew would not show up(Thank God!) and no arena would take place. They would fight wherever they met. Goku would fight him first, and would still stay in SSJ3 like Gohan would.

       Yamcha would probably not be able to take the chamber, so he would walk on out. Meanwhile, Goku would easily be kicking Cell's butt big time. Also, I forgot to mention this but Dr.Gero would be killed by Goku or Cell, whichever one would get annoyed the most first!

       Goku would mock Cell and say Gohan could beat him. He would let Gohan finish the job, and the Kamehameha showdown would begin, like in the Anime. Gohan would easily finish off Cell with his new power, and the world would stay in peace. Goku and Gohan would not be hurt that much, so they would travel to King Kai's place to go to Namek II(2), the planet.

       Dende would become the Earth's new guardian, and since Dende would make a new set of Dragon Balls, Goku would go collect them as usual, and probably not be caught by General Tao. Ah, memories of Dragon Ball....

       Goku and the others would summon everyone the androids and Cell killed, and the rest of Dragon Ball Z would be the same, right? No. SSJ3 already? I think there would be a change later on!

       Goku would not meet up with Pikkon, since Cell would not try the exploding trick. King Kai would still have a planet, and wouldn't be made fun of by the other Kais. Also, Cell, Frieza and the others would still be stopped by Pikkon in Other World.

       Everything would go according to plan until Majin Vegeta appears. Vegeta was killed before Cell was known of, so he wouldn't be SSJ2. Trunks would have gone back in time, and Goku would easily have disposed of Majin Vegeta. Vegeta would probably not be killed, but nearly dead anyway. Goku and Gohan would have achieved SSJ4 by now, they probably would have been training more since Goku was still alive. Anyway, Goku and Gohan would easily defeat Majin Buu, and Dabura would be killed by Gohan instead of Buu. Majin Buu and Babidi would be dead long before they normally would be killed, but Vegeta would still be alive without the Majin mark.

       The fusion deal would not happen, and Pan would still be born. Dragon Ball GT would go along normally, although the only difference would be Goku's strength as a kid. He would be much more powerful.

                               Well, that's what I pretty much think will happen if 17 hadn't killed Gero. Heh, What do you know, one whole kick makes the world go 'round........If you have any comments on this mail me at





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