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Pojo's Dragonball - What If?

Guidelines to Submitting What Ifs..

Well, I figured that it was about time that I do this. After having to delete many e-mails, I have come to realize that many of you do not understand how this section is ran, but let's try to clear that up right here and right now.

Now, read this very carefully, here is the whole basis of the what if section. Your job is to think of a question that was not answered in the anime or manga. You then take that question of yours and you yourself supply an answer for it. Yes, it is all up to you. You were the one who thought up that great question, so why not also be the one to answer it. Once you have come up with an answer, you then send your question and answer to me and I will post it on the what if page. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, not many of you understand. For every what if you see on this site I would say that twice as many have been deleted because so many people send me a question and think that it is my job to answer it. Nope, that's not my job, now you know that it's your job.

I have come to realize that many of you do not understand how to use paragraphs. Man, if you go through the what if section (Barfster is one of our greatest contributors, but the man doesn't like to use paragraphs. So if you need to see what I am talking about go look at his what ifs) you will so many answers that just run on and on and on and....well, sort of like what I am doing now. Please, make it easier on the reader and be sure that if you need to have more than one paragraph that you do so.

Well, I just talking about long what ifs, now let's talk about short what ifs. Now, I have no problem with a shorter what if. It makes my job of updating a lot easier, but come on, there has to be a limit. If I look at the what if and realize that your question is longer than your answer, well, then that e-mail will get deleted. If you are going to take the time to come up with a decent question, at least have the will to come up with a decent answer.

Do not attack me with your what ifs. I remember one instance where I didn't check my mail for a day or so. When I came back I was met with 22 what ifs and they were all from the same guy. Hey, that's great that you are eager to get your stuff on the site, but don't send me so many what ifs that it will make me not want to post your work.

I will tell you right now, I don't really spell check the what ifs I get, I usually just post them up on the page. So, to prevent yourself from looking stupid you should spell check your work. It really isn't that hard and if you are going to do the job of writing up a what if, you should at least do a complete job and make sure that your work is presentable.

Well, I guess that is about it. So, for all of those who always e-mail me asking me how they should submit a what if, well, here you go.





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