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Pojo's Dragonball - What If? (A-C authors)

What if Future Gohan had survived the fight with the androids? By:Barfster001

Sorry Stwar, but I also had these ideas too, so don't think I'm plagiarizing you. Trunks would wake up and go to the city and see Gohan nearly dead, but Trunks who was surrounded by rage would think he was dead and go SS. But then he would see his master was alive and he would take him to Bulmas to get healed, because Korin was killed by the androids. Then they would train for a few more months and then fight the androids again. This would be in another city and the androids would be surprised that Trunks was a SS, and Gohan was alive. So Gohan would fight 17 and Trunks would fight 18. Trunks would be at Vegetas strength in the series, and since the androids are alot weaker in this time period Trunks would be nearly as strong as 18, so he would get in alot of good punches and kicks, and then fire a gigantic burning attack that would also hit 17 and distract him so Gohan could finish him off. Then they would team up and fight 18, who would take out Trunks, but be killed by Gohan. So later both would go in the time machine to save the future. When they arrive Gohan would kill King Kold, and Trunks would kill Freeza. Then when Goku comes he would take on both of them and lose, but still be OK with that. Then they would tell him about the future and Goku would realize Future Gohan was his son, and so would present Gohan, Piccolo, and Kururin. So Goku would ask Gohan to stay with them, and since the Future was safe he would say OK, and tell Trunks to come back in 3 years. So when the training starts both Gohans learn Gokus techniques and get very strong. Piccolo and Vegeta would train with them and also teach Gohan their abilities. When sparring starts Future Gohan is the leader until Present Gohan starts to grab hold of his hidden power, and turns SS. So he gets alot stronger from that and starts to catch up to Goku's power. When the 3 years are over the Gohans are the strongest except for Goku who's strength doubled after he was healed by the heart medicine when he was nearly killed. So when 19 and 20 show up Gohan wonders if these are the androids because of their appearance, but 20 states he and 19 are androids made by Dr. Gero. So then Trunks shows up and sees the androids and also wonders if they are the androids, but 20 starts to absorb people, and 19 fights Present(P) Gohan and Piccolo. 20's power is now growing abnormally large, so he gets overconfident and starts to fight Vegeta who is a SS and much stronger than in the series, and stronger than 20. So he kills 20 and then moves on to 19 who has absorbed Piccolos energy and F Gohan and P Gohan are fighting him. Vegeta not knowing about 19 absorbing attacks fires a big band at 19, but it is absorbed, and 19 then absorbs both Gohans and Vegetas, then says he will awaken 16, 17 and 18 so Trunks knows about 17 and 18 and runs off to stop 19. Meanwhile Goku is healing everyone. F Gohan then traces Trunks's energy to the lab where Trunks is being beaken by 17, 18, and 19. He steps in and tries to kill 17, but notices he's much stronger. Then 18 fires a hells blast at Gohan knocking him out. Then P Gohan shows up and fights 17 and starts gaining the upper hand, then Piccolo and Tein show up and fight 18, and also start winning the battle. When Goku shows up he uses a Kao-ken 80x which he learned during the 3 years of training and kills 19. F Gohan then wakes up and attacks 18 at full force and fires a masenko that destroys he cloths, but she is barley hurt. P Gohan is running out of energy, so Vegeta shows up and fights 17, but loses very quickly, so evryone floes off worried about the androids power. So a day after that they fight the androids again, and Goku uses a kao-ken 50x and causes significant damage to them, but is worn out by all energy he used to do that. Then Piccolo fights 17 and uses his special beam cannon to hurt 17 but not very much, stunned by the androids power Trunks goes SS and fires another gigantic burning attack but 17 holds it for a second and tosses it at Yamcha who is then rushed to the hospital by Tein. Kururin uses a distructo disk on 18, but she spins it like pizza dough and cuts off Piccolos arm, which is regenerated. Once again the Z team retreats, and Piccolo goes to fuse with Kami. Kami exepts because the androids are becoming such a large threat. The new Piccolo then tracks down the androids and fights 17 and gains the upper hand for a long time, but when it looks like Piccolo has won 18 jumps in and they double team Piccolo. Then F Gohan shows up and fights 18 and uses a kao-ken 10x and holds his own for awhile. P Gohan also arrives and together P and F Gohan kill 18. but 17 escapes and later that day Cell arrives and absorbs large amouts of cities and 17. So Piccolo again tries to fights an android, but Cells powers are much lager and he absobs Piccolo becoming even stronger. Tein, Yamcha, Kururin, and Vegeta show up and the humans are absobed so Vegeta barely escapes. Cell continues his absorbing spree while the two Gohan train the room of time and spirit. When the come out they try to kill Cell with a double kamehameha, but he regenerates from one brain cell left, and now he's reached his final form. Then he would fire a Gammit Gun and wipe out both Gohans. Then Vegeta and Goku would exit the room of spirit and time while Piccolo and Trunks enter. Vegeta being full of himself would try and take on Cell, he actually would hold his own because he got much stronger than in the series while training with Goku. Then Vegeta would go USS and start to lose because of the decreased speed. Cell would elbow Vegeta in the ribs, chop him is the neck disabeling him, then fireing a Freeza Beam. The concentrated amout of energy would slice through Vegetas stomach and then he would power up a spirit bomb, but Goku would come in and give Vegeta a senzu and throw off Cells concentration and the spirit bomb would fall on Cell and the blue radiating heat would send shockwaves destorying mounians and wiping out many forests. Then Cell would talk about the Cell games, and Calling anybody to take him on. So both Gohans, Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Kururin would train in the room of spirit and time. Goku would take his time relaxing and training Chibi Trunks, and Goten, both were born earlier than in the series, they are both 3. Goten and Trunks would convince Goku to let them train for 2 days so Goku wouldn't mind. When everyone leaves on the 5th day everyone would be done training in the room of spirit and time so Goten and Chibi Trunks would enter and train so they get to the level of 2,000,000 when they are 5, When Chi Chi and Bulma find out what happened they go insane and want their babies back, but Goten and Trunks fly off to Dr. Geros Lab and explore and find Cell and 16. They destroy Cells lab while playing "blow up the really cool and expensive looking machines while trying to destroy the evil Cell and save the world and then get a buch of new toys and candy and more toys." Man those kids think up cool names. Anyway they then find 16 and release him. He sees Goten and thinks he's Goku and begins to attack, so they start to fight him, but he overpowers them so they run away to their mommys. So when Goku finds them because the suposidly ran away he fights 16 and destroys him. Goten wants Goku to train him with that cool power up technique-the kao-ken so Goten learns it, but Trunks wants his dad to teach him the loud noise attack-the big bang. After the intense training to learn the attacks they are at 2,500,000. Then when the Cell games start Goten and Trunks want to enter, so Goku and Vegeta say it's OK. When Hercule and his krones step up they are easily beaten. Then Cell says that he is so powerful that his offspring could beat the Z team. So as you could guess he made Cell jr.s for everybody. Goten and Trunks have a hard time fighting even one of them, but Goten used his best attack the kao-ken 5x and that brought him up to 12,500,000 and he starts to hit one of the Cell jrs. Kururin is dodging like mad, Yamcha is trying to hit his even one with a wolf-fang-fist, Tein is going all out like with 1st form Cell in the series fireing Tri-beams like wild, Both Gohans are doing fine, and F Gohan is taking on 2 at once, Trunks is also doing fine and occasionaly having enough time to fire a Burning attack, Vegeta is also going all out with fatal enegy blasts scaring his Cell jr., Goku and Piccolo are fighting together taking on theirs and Hercules and his crones Cell jrs. Then Cell fires a tri-beam at Goten and Trunks, which nearly kills them. This causes Goku, both Gohans, Trunks and Vegeta to go SS2. But Piccolo senses their energy and gives them senzus and when they are healed they are strong enough to go SS. Because Cell absorbed more people and the androids were stronger Cell is only a tadd bit weaker than the sayins who acquiered SS2. But when he is nearly beaten he steals Kururins senzus and heals himself getting stronger and stroner until they he is out. Then he orders his Cell jrs. to attack again, but F Gohan now the strongest warrior destroys all of them and then destroys Cell for real. So thats about all that happened because Babidi was to afraid to steal energy to release Buu. No plans were made to finish Bebi so Super 17 dosn't happen because Dr. Myuu had to help build him, and the Shenlong saga also dosen't happen.


What if Goku never had the heart virus in Trunks Time? By:Barfster001

Goku and the world would live in peace for a few months, and then the androids would strike. Goku would be the first to try, he would start off with a kao-ken 10x, and beat on android 18, while Piccolo, Vegeta, and Tein would fight 17. Goku would then start to wear down and 18 would nearly kill Goku, but Gohan, Yamcha, and Kururin would fire dozens of kamehamehas at the android, and 18 would show a small amount of pain. Piccolo and Vegeta would power up their strongest attacks while Tein would take a large beating from 17, and they would unleash their attacks that would throw 17 into a few buildings roughing him up. So Gohan would try and fight 18 but easily be beaten, and make her think he was dead. So Goku would use a kao-ken 20x and kick android 18 in the head, then knee her in the gut, speed around her in a circle while firing a massive amount of energy at 18, and she would fall to her knees, so Goku would power up a large red beam that would shoot at her, and she would fake the crew into thinking she was dead. So Vegeta would be in a bloody heap, Piccolo and Tein would have many limbs lost. Yamcha and Kururin would use some weak attacks to make small cuts in 17, so 17 would power up a hells flash and fire it at Yamcha and Kururin, most of their bones would be shattered, so Tein would rush them to a hospital. Gohan would then get up and start firing masenkos wildly missing and destroying what was left of the cities populace. 17 would then fight Piccolo who was missing half his chest and one arm. So when he was going to deliver the final blow he would regenerate and punch 17 in the stomach, but 17 would kick his neck and suffocate him, but Gohan would go SS and ram into 17's ribs with his head, so Piccolo and Gohan would fire double energy blasts forcing 17 to leave with 18s broken body. 13 years would pass and the Z crew and androids would always battle to a stale mate. Trunks and Goten would be 14 and 13 both able to go SS, while the Z crew is slowly getting stronger. Goku has learned the kao-ken 50x, Vegeta would just be fed up with destroying the androids, while Piccolo and the humans were starting to fall behind, because they were training the kids. Gohan would look like he did in the movie/special, having a vast knowledge of everyone's training methods, and attacks, Gohan could single handily defeat the androids if he was given time to train, but he would only be and equal to the demonic androids. So one day the androids would strike and the Z crew would go to fight the androids minus Goten and Trunks who are way behind everyone's powers, but they would sneak away and watch the team fight the androids. Gohan and 17 would duel for a while, then Gohan would use a kao-ken 5x to elbow 17's head, then knee it and shoot his foot straight into 17's lung. Piccolo would then jump in and fire a special beam cannon at 17 creating a large pot hole and a very P. Oed 17, so he would fly into Piccolos head, and then fire a hells flash in his leg destroying it, then Tein would fire dozens of tri-beams, hurting Piccolo and 17 at the same time. Piccolo would fall down and collapse because of all the damage he took in. 17 would then keep teleporting around Tein until he would slam his whole body into Teins back, paralyzing him. Gohan would again show up and fire a Gammit Gun, but 18 would fly up at the last second and eye beam he in the arm, and he would fire it in the direction of Goten and Trunks, so they would fly away nearly being blown up. 18 would see this and go over to them and start fighting. Trunks and Goten SS would barley be able to keep up, and like in the movie she would toy with Trunks, but Goten would fire a gigantic kamehameha at 18, so Trunks would fly up in the air to escape, and 18 would crash into the ground with some damage. Goku and Vegeta would then come and fire a big bang and dragon blast which is like the dragon fist, but is shot from the hand, and isn't a physical blow, so 18 would hit Yamcha and Kururin who were trying a sneak attack. Trunks and Goten would fire millions of energy blasts to make their escape, while Gohan and 17 were hit by this barrage, and the others flew away. So when Gohan would get up he would see 17 and 18 ready to kill him, but he would use a solar flare to get away. Goku would be sick of the androids, and would finally tell everyone about the room of spirit and time, and he didn't tell them because he thought the androids would destroy the world if they left for a day. Trunks and Goten would go in first and come out as USS. So they would leave to find the androids. They would find them destroying the theme park like in the movie, and they would start to fight. Trunks would use his Finish Buster to send the androids into different parts of the park, Goten would find 17 in a fun house and the two would duke it out in the mirror room, and he would use his Fireball to destroy all of the mirrors and he would chop 17 in the neck, kick him in the gut, fire and eye beam at his head, and then use and ultimate attack to take 17 by surprise and nearly blow his head off, then he would fire a volley of punches at him, 17 would then fly away and Goten would chase him down the halls, until they moved into the haunted house, where 17 would keep hiding and then power up energy attacks, but not fire them, so the blasts were in his hand, and he would punch Goten burning holes in his chest. Goten would then blast the whole place away, and he and 17 would start a fist fight, Goten with a massive amount of muscle on him, would easily take the advantage, but he would start to slow down and 17 would begin to get the upper hand, but Trunks would show up and trip 17 and knee him in the gut and the two would fly away. But before he showed up he and 18 had started to fight on a bunch of roller coasters. He would knock her into one of the carts and then blow it up, and she would crash and wreck the ride. Their battle would get to the Ferris wheel, and Trunks would knock 18 into the wheel and she would fly out and kick him in the kidney, so he would rip off the wheel and slam it into he crushing her body, but she would show little hurt, and destroy a few rides, Trunks would then get 18 in a bear hug and surround himself with energy, which would shock her, causing both a large amount of pain. She would then fly backwards, and slam him into hundreds of buildings. So he would spin in a circle at a very fast speed, and she would fall down to the ground, and he would leave her and 17 and he would go get Goten and leave. The next day Gohan and Piccolo would leave, Gohan would learn USS, and piccolo would be double his average power. Gohan would take on 17 who was weakened by his fight, and Piccolo would fight 18 who was also tired out from the battle. Gohan and Piccolo would dominate for 2 or 3 hours, but then they would start to show fatigue, and the androids would beat the $hit out of them, and then they would run away. Vegeta and Goku would then leave, followed by Tein and Yamcha and then Kururin and Chautzu, and they would go on a search for the androids. But they would be at the base of Kami's lookout, and when the Z theam left they would fly up and see the room of spirit of time and train in it for 2 days, and when they left both would be much stronger than anybody on the Z team because they never tired out and continuasly trained for two years. So when they all returned, they would be beaten to near death, and then they would go on a rampage. so the Z team would train for another day in the room of spirit and time. Gohan and Goku would find the androids, and both would go USS and attack at full force, and then the Z team would show up, and they would kill the androids. Then a few years later Cell would show up, and the whole world would have lived in peace leaving all Z fighters weak, with the exception of Goten and Trunks. Cell would go about absorbing citys and later his power would be greater than most Z fighters, but then the two kids who are now both 18 (because Goten spent one year in the r.o.s.a.t, and became as old as Trunks), and then they would attack him with a fire/thunderball, which they both made, and that would destroy Cells head, and since he couldn't regenerate he would die, and the world would then live in peace forever.


What if Bulma never made a time machine? By:Barfster001
This starts in Trunk's universe, after he was beaten by the androids he would heal and continue to train. Then after several more beatings he would be passed Future Gohans strength which was stronger than the androids. He would once again go off to fight the androids and end up killing 18 and run away. This would happen 1 year before Cell arrives. Then he would continue to fight 17 and always be close to killing him. So 17 would run away to Dr. Geros lab and awaken 16. 16 would be at the same strength as in regual DBZ and would be slighty stronger than Trunks and wouldn't be as peaceful as he was. Then Cell would arrive to find Trunks duking it out with 17 and 16. 16 would see Cell and start to fight him, easily winning beacuse Cell couldn't absorb anybody. But Cell would use his solar flare to sneak passed 16 and absorb 17. Then at his new power he would ask where 18 was and Trunks would say he killed her. This would enrage Cell and he would crush Trunks. By now 16 would get his sight back and join in the fray only to have half his head destroyed like in the sereis. So they would run off to get healed and 16 would use his information about Goku to remember the room of spirit and time. so they would go off to train for a day and both would come out with a power around Vegetas after he leaves the room of spirit and time. Days later they would find Cell having absorbed hundreds of towns so his power would be much larger than both of theirs but they would still fight and lose badly. They would then once again go off to train for a year in a day. Now when they come out their power would be around Gokus after leaving the room of spirit and time. Two days later they find Cell with a power only a bit larger than theirs so 16 and Trunks would attack. Trunks would use a Burning attack to weaken Cell a great deal and then 16 would use his arms to attack from a distance while Trunks distracks him. Cell would then fake death and 16 and Trunks wouldn't notice his power. So he would spend his next days searching for other strong but weaker opponents to absorb. He would find the bodies of the Z warriors still in the city 9 miles south west of south city. He would absorb them and their powers somehow. Cell being over confident would track down Trunks and 16 training together. But on his way he would find the dead body of 18 and absorb it to become Perfect.Quickly tracking down Trunks and 16 he would surprise them and defeat them with little trouble. Cell would then fly off and make cell juniors to destroy the world. King Ki sick of watching earth suffer would go to Namek and get Dende to make new dragonballs and be the guardien of earth. He would then summon Trunks and 16 to get the dragonballs and wish everyone killed by the androids and Cell to come back. So the Z warriors would come back and go to find Dende. Trunks would explain the stroy, but 16 would see Goku and remember his mission to destroy him. He would attack full force, but Goku had trained for all those years and would easily keep him under control. The second wish would be to make 16 good forever and that would be the last wisha nd the balls would scatter. So for the next few weeks the Z warriors would train for 2 days each, and Piccolo and Kami would fuse. Cell would sense the high amount of energy and go to investergate. Cell would arrive but be in shock beacuse he though most of them were dead. He would then think up the Cell games thinking he was the strongest and be killed by a SS3 Goku. But Goku would want to warn another time about the androids and have Bulma make one anyway. So he would leave to our universe "yay" and kill the androids single handedly. But wait Dr Gero likes to linger beacuse theirs a movie cross over! Androdis 13, 14, and 15, are made and are as strong as a SS 3 Goku. They come a year later and the androids would get the dragonballs back and wish for all the villians back. This revives androids 17, 18, 20, and 21 aka Cell Freeza, King Cold and evryone else. Since 20 is alive he awakens 19 and the world looks grim even the Red Ribbon armys back along with Piccolo Diamo, Nappa, Ginyu force, and Radditz . And after all that time the 2 sayins Radditz and Nappa can turn SS. But Goku steps up and kills the Ginyus, and RR with little trouble. Now Piccolo Diamo fuses with his son Piccolo to become one of the strongest warriors ever. But Goku our valient hero kills the new Piccolo Diamo but saves Piccolo and Kami. Meanwhile Freeza and his dad square off with Gohan even at SS he loses but discovers SS2 and kills them. Now radditz and Nappa are more of a match for Vegeta, but with the help of 16 he kills them. This once again leaves the androids the only enemys. 19, and 20 went on a absorbing spree and their powers are abve all human and namek powers, but once again 16 helps Piccolo and Tein defeta them. 17 and 18 and being beaten by Trunks whose fury has turned him SS 2. But Kururin finds the dragonballs and wishes to turn 18 human( 13, 14, and 15 only used one wish). 18 now turns good and turns on her brother to help Gohan kill 17. Now only 13, 14, 15 and Cell are left. Goku uses his spirit bomb to kill 14 and 15. 13 and Cell fuse, but at the last second Cell absorbes 13 and he is more than a match for a fused SS 3 Goku and SS 2 Vegeta. Then seeing their fathers being beaten Trunks and Gohan fuse both at SS 2. Both of the fusions use their major attacks to only tick off Cell. So at the last minute they fuse to make a SS 4 fusion that is barley above cells power. 10 minutes later the fusion lets call it Trunku gets severly weaker because Gogetas fusion wore off, then in another 5 minuets he is reduced down to only a SS beacuse Gohan+Trunks lets call Trunhan wore off, but all 4 are fused together. 15 min after that the fusion is compeletly off and each of the sayins can't go SS. So Tein and Yamcha fuse to make Yamien and they are just beaten by Cell So everyone runs away for a year to train for 2 years in 2 days. Once again everyon fuses in fours except Piccolo who fuses with Dende to make Dendiccolo, then there's Kururcha, and Trunku. ALso during the year of training the Z warriors made a wish to have any race fuse for any amount of time. so all fusions fuse to make Vegchauende. He looks like a cross between Gogeta and piccolo with Teins third eye. They combined use their various techniques to overpower cell and as an hour passes things look bleak for cell the fusion wears out because of the vast amount of energy and cell kills everyone except Trunks and Gohan(wow talk about Deja Vu). Now Trunks cuts off Cells head and Gohan uses a choun Kamehameha to kill him once and for all. Man all this because of one stupid invention, Bulma don't quit your day job.


What if Bardocks team had waited for him to heal? By:Barfster001
When Bardock would have woken up they would be a bit worried about him, but tell him about the mission to meat, so he would get ready to go, and then leave. When they would arrive on meat Bardock and Toma would detect some high powers and everyone would go to investigate them, only to discover Didoria and his team waiting for them, so they would get ready to fight.

Bardock would be the first to step up and start to fight Didorias 4 men. He would fire hundreds of ki blasts and destroy two of the men, but then he would get visions of the future and start to get beaten up, but Toma would jump in and destroy one of the men and Totepo would kill another. With Didoria left Serpia, Toma, Totepo, and Panbunkin would attack him with energy blasts that would destroy one of his arms, and then he would use the ultimate skill attack, or the energy blast from the mouth, this would deeply injure everyone except Bardock. He would jump in and kill Didoria.

When returning from meat everyone would be healed and then Bardock would know about Freeza destroying Vegeta. So he would gather up his crew and the rest of Vegeta to turn against Freeza, King Vegeta would hear about this and tell the planet about his plan to kill Freeza. So when Freeza's ship would arrive it would be destroyed by millions of energy blasts, leaving Zarbon and Freeza who were strong enough to protect themselves.

So then hundreds of fake moons would be made and all of Vegetas populace would be giant apes. They would all attack Freeza and Zarbon and kill both of them with their overwhelming power. When King Kold would receive the news he would go to Vegeta and try to destroy it, but Bardock would have thought of this happening so the planet had spent a year training tell Kold would arrive. When they would transform their powers would be in the millions. So Bardock would go on the rampage causeing surges of raw power to destroy the Ginyus and all of Kolds men, and even start to damage Kold himself. Finaly King Kold would be destroyed and the Sayins would realize their evil ways. But it dosn't stop there.

Early in the Dragonball saga Bardock come to earth remebering his son and would stay with Goku , and defeat the Red Ribbon, and Piccolo because he came in just after the 21st Tenchanichi Bukodkai , so Goku would grow up to be a stronger figter and eveything would be the same, except for the Radditz, Vegeta, and Freeza saga not happening, but Bardock would easily kill the androids,Babidi, and Super 17.

The Bebi saga wouldn't happen because a sayin would discover him and kill him, and the shenlong saga didn't happen because Piccolo couldn't make an egg so Kami died.


What if Goku hadn't fallen off snake way? By:Barfster001
Goku would have continued to run across snake way until he got to princess snakes house and got fully rested and fed, so when he escaped he would fly off and make it to king kais two months ahead of the series. Then he would train with king kai and learn the kao-ken 5x and be able to withstand a kao-ken 3x. (Goku in the series could use a kao-ken 4x, but could only withstand a kao-ken 2x.) And his power would be at 10,000. So later on he would be wished back one day before the sayins arrive and would use a kao-ken 3x so he would cross snake way a great deal faster and arrive on earth 12 hours before the series.

So he would come in right before Tein would use his mega blast. So Tein would use it on Nappa, but Goku would give him a senzu and he would stay alive. Then he would kill Nappa with a kao-ken, then he would tell everyone to leave so he could fight Vegeta. Goku would start off with a kao-ken 2x and easily start to beat Vegeta, then he would use a kao-ken 3x and fire a giant Kamehameha that would destroy all of Vegetas armor, so he would power up a Gammit Gun. Goku would fire another Kamehameha and it would be equal to Vegetas Gammit Gun until he used a kao-ken 3x and nearly killed Vegeta, so Vegeta would leave earth and warn Goku about Freeza and Namek.

So Goku, Tein, Piccolo, Gohan, and Kururin would immediately leave on Kamis space ship since nobody was injured, but Bulma would not go because Piccolo still knew Namekian and Bulma gave them some scouters she duplicated (It wasn't destroyed by Goku using a kao-ken). Then they would train for one month on the space ship and Goku would be at 40,000 at the end of the month, Tein would be at 22,000, Piccolo 28,000, Gohan 19,500, Kururin 15,000. So when they get to Namek everyone would go for a certain village and get five dragonballs and warn the Nameks about Freeza.

Then when Freeza and Vegeta arrive one week later they send out 12 men to investigate the high power levels, so Kui and 11 men would attack Gohan, Tein, and Kururin because Piccolo and Piccolo went off to get the 6th dragonball from Guru. Tein would use a Tri-beam to destroy 8 of the men, and Kururin would use a distructo disk to kill 3 others. Gohan would fight Kui and fire hundreds of Masenkos at him, which would obliterate him. Freeza would sense this on his scouter and send Didoria and 15 men with him. Didoria would show up and Tein and him would square off, while Gohan and Kururin would make quick work of his men and then help Tein who was losing his battle. Then Piccolo would show up and use a special beam cannon on Didoria blasting a hole through his heart, then Goku would come back and use a kao-ken 5x and kill Didoria.

Freeza again would see another power that was much stronger, over 100,000 which was Goku and he would call the Ginyus. So Goku would tell Gohan and the rest of the team about Gurus power up. Goku would be at 250,000 with his power up and when Piccolo got his he would be at 200,000. So Vegeta would go to another village and get the last dragonball. So Vegeta would then find Gohan and Kururin all alone because Tein and Piccolo went with Goku to get power ups. Vegeta would be at 24,000 and Gohan would be at 20,000 and he would lose badly, and Kururin would come and help Gohan, but he would still lose badly.

When Vegeta would be about to give the finishing blow to the two of them Goku would show up and send Vegeta to Freezas ship so he could be healed (Vegeta is on Freezas side because Goku was much stronger.) So when the Ginyus come it's Tein at 190,000 and Piccolo at 215,000 fighting Recoome and Goldo. Goldo would be easily killed by their speed and Recoome would fire his eraser gun that would blow up one of Piccolos arms, but he would regenerate and then kill Recoome. Jeice and Burtur would use their combined attack that would miss them both, so they would kill both of them. Gohan and Kururin would then show up and be between 30,000 and 80,000. Ginyu would show up and steal Teins body, but Piccolo would beat him up and then trick him into going into his old body then kill him. Vegeta would be fighting Zarbon because he began to want to make his own wish. So he would heal him and then Vegeta would kill Zarbon once he was healed.

Freeza would come and hunt Vegeta down, but Nail would show up with Piccolo and they would fight Freeza and get beaten. Goku would come and use a kao-ken 10x and beat the $hit out of Freeza, but he would transform and nearly kill Goku and the rest of the team, then he would heal them so he could learn where the dragonballs were.

Then Vegeta would show up and be at 45,000 and think he could kill Freeza and he would also get beaten so he would also get healed. When they got out of rejuvenation Vegeta would go on a killing spree destroying all of Freezas men, so Freeza would request more men and then he would go to fight Vegeta. Goku would get out of the tank and would be at 500,000 and Piccolo and Nail would fuse, and since he wasn't nearly dead and they would be at 1,150,000. Gohan would be at 160,000, Kururin would be at 42,000 and Tein would be at 300,000. They would then find Freeza and he would go to his 3rd form and Goku and him would be equal with the help of a 10x kao-ken.

Then he would go to his 4th form and start to when, and Goku would have to use a kao-ken 20x just to keep up, but then Kururin would use a distructo disk to cut off Freezas tail and then Freeza would kill him causing Goku to go SS and then he would tell Gohan to get the dragonballs and wish everyone to be sent to earth, and for Kururin and Yamcha to be wished back. So Gohan would obey and then the planet would be empty except for Goku and Freeza. Freeza afraid of being killed by a monkey would go to 100% power, but then get killed by a super kamehameha.

Then Goku would get to his ship and go to earth, but a meteor shower would hit his ship and he would land on Yardrat. So he would attempt to learn the Instant Transmission. On earth when Garlic Jr. comes Gohan, Tein, Vegeta, and Piccolo would kill him, and when King Kold lands to seek revenge for his dead son Piccolo face him, but would lose after a while, but Trunks would come and kill him and then Goku would show up and you know what happens, then 3 years later Goku comes down with the heart disease and Gohan and Piccolo team up to fight androids 19 and 20. Piccolo would kill 19, and Gohan would have a problem with 20 because he kept absorbing Gohans energy, so Vegeta would come in and try to kill him with a big bang, but since he wasn't as strong as in the series he only caused a small amount of damage, and then he would turn SS and be only a margin ahead of 20 and then Yamcha and Tein would attack with a tri-beam and kamehameha, but 20 would absorb the attacks and become stronger than any of them, and then Vegeta would still want to kill 20 and start a fist fight, but every time a punch was caught Vegeta had a small bit of power absorbed, until he loses SS.

Then Piccolo would come in and use his mystic attack to rip off one of 20s arms, and then Vegeta would smash his other absorbing orb so 20 would be powerless, then Gohan would power up a masenko and destroy 20s other arm, so he would run off to release the other androids, then Trunks would show up and tell everyone these were the wrong androids, so the Z fighters would get senzued because of all the energy lost by 20, then go to Dr. Geros lab. Vegeta would get there first, but 20 would have alredy relesed the androids, and they would have killed him, and Vegeta would challenge 17 because he killed 20, so 18 and 16 would be fighting Piccolo, Gohan, Tein and Trunks because 20 was worried about the Z teams power, so he made 16 want to fight all of them. So Vegeta would fire a Gammit Gun and and then thousands of ki blasts, which 17 would dodge, so Vegeta would throw punches and kicks wildly at 17 and he would block them.

Menwhile Tein would be going all out with tri-beams and Piccolo would be fireing S.B.C.s here and there, 16 would randomly be hit and minor pain would be induced until Gohan and Trunks would team up and fight him. Trunks would kick 16 in the head then Gohan would elbow 16's ribs, so 16 would fire a hells flash and send them into mountians breaking Trunks's leg, and then he would choke Piccolo and then fire another hells flash through his throat and this would cause Gohan to go SS and attack 16 matching him blow for blow and then fire a masenko the size of his kamehameha in the Cell game, this would kill 16, so now he would be drained and Trunks would fight 18, but he would be slowed down by his bleeding limb and he would pull out his sword and she would block it breaking his sword in half, so he would use his spikes to dig them into 18s arm and it would be limp but she would swing it over Trunks and hit him hard on the head knocking him unconsious, so Piccolo and Tein would run away with Gohan and Trunks while Kururin and Yamcha would take over and only last for a few minutes so they would run away and watch Vegeta and 17 duke it out, they would still be even, but Vegeta would fly away, and when 17 chases him he would turn around and head butt him in the chest and 17 would fall down, but he and 18 would team up and kick Vegeta in the head while another would knee him in the gut and he would lose SS and the androids would leave the beaten Z crew in search of Goku.

They would get healed by the senzus and then Piccolo would leave to fuse with Kami, and then rest of the Z team would go to Gokus and move him to Roshis Island. Gohan and Trunks would train with Tein and Yamcha, and then they would here of Cell absorbing cities,a dnKami would agree to fuse with Piccolo, and he would leave. Trunks Gohan and Vegeta would also leave. When the sayins arrive they would all go SS and start to battle Cell, Gohan would fire an eye beam at Cell and Vegeta, an ultiamte skill, these would hit one of Cells legs and he would power up and start to beat up Gohan and Vegeta, but then Trunks would fire a super powered Burning attack, and that would destroy Cells other leg, but he would fire a kamehameha to go through Vegetas lung and he would almost die, then Trunks would go mad and head butt Cell in the head and his head would be smashed, so he would use his tail to attack, Gohan would be dodgeing it, but it would hit him and his arm would be absorbed, and Cell would try the same on Trunks but Piccolo would show up and fire a S.B.C. destroying his tail, leaving him weakened and defenseless, so Piccolo would heal Vegeta and all of them would fire their strongest attacks killing Cell.

Then Piccolo would go off on search of the androids, and he would find them at Gokus house, by now Goku would be healed and go off to kill android 16, 17, and 18. He would use his instant transmission to find Piccolo and they would take on the androids, he would use a kao-ken 30x to destroy 16, while Piccolo would be equal to 17 like the series, then Goku would use a 8x kao-ken to fight 18, and they would be even until he went USS which he aquired after getting better from the heart virus. He would then easily kill 18 and then he would help Piccolo with 17, by now Piccolo would be using all his energy into one attack, that would severly hurt 17, but he would continue fighting anyway, so Goku would then take over for Piccolo andkill 17 with a kao-ken 50x. The world would be safe, and Trunks would leave and save his own time.

Years later when the world tournament would start the Z team would join and it would go like this:

Round 1 Goku vs Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta would both go SS2 which they learned during the 7 years of peace, they would each start to throw punches and kicks going slow looking pretty equal, until Goku went SS3 and would use a Choun Kamehameha on Vegeta who would try to block it with a Big bang, but Gokus beam would be overpowering and he would knock out Vegeta and win the match.

Round 2 Piccolo vs. Tein
Piccolo would be around Gokus strength, and Tein would be just behind him, he would fire millions of tri-beams which would barley hurt Piccolo, so Tein would fire a Kikhuo and use up all his energy and faint.

Round 3 Yamcha vs Kururin
Yamcha would use a wolfs fang fist to hit Kururin in the head, then Kururin would use a distructo disk to cut off Yamchas arm, but he would regenerate, and both would fire a kamehameha, Kururins would be a slight margin ahead of Yamchas and he would send Yamcha flying out of the ring.

Round 4 Gohan vs. Mr. Satan
like in the Cell games Gohan would let Satan puch him and kick him, but doing no real damage, then he would go SS3 and his energy would make Satan say I give up.

Match 5 Goku vs. Piccolo
Goku would go SS and Piccolo would fire a S.B.C, but Goku would dive headfirst into it and shatter the beam, so he would use a small spirit bomb to hurt Piccolo, then they would start a fist fight Goku would use a kao-ken 3x attack to blow a hole through Piccolo chest and then Piccolo would use an eye beam to cut through Gokus leg, but he would regenerate and fly off, so Piccolo would follow him, until Goku used a foot kamehameha to blast at Piccolos head, and Piccolo would fall out of the ring.

Match 6 Kururin vs. Gohan
Gohan would go SS3 and fire a rapid masenko blast that would destroy the stadium wall and Kururin would be knocked out.

Match 7 Goku vs. Gohan
Both would go SS 2, but only Goku would go SS3 and Gohan would just dodge his dad for a few minutes, then fire millions of ki blasts and him, surrounding Goku, then Gohan would make them explode. Goku would be hurt, but would use a super kao-ken to dig his knuckle into Gohans arm, so Gohan would use the Instant Transmission to get behind Goku and fire a ki blast and he would fly into the wall, but Goku would then hit the ground because he lost all his energy while in SS 3. So Gohan would win the 25 world tournament, but there would be the kids tournament, and I'm only covering the one good fight.

Goten vs. Trunks
Goten would start of the fight with a kao-ken 2x that he learned from Goku, and then he would kick Trunks in the gut and use the kamekameha, and then Trunks would use his burning attack that would only ip up Gotens shirt, then Goten would fire a tri-beam and Trunks would be knocked out for 8 seconds, so Goten would fire a masenko that would knock Trunks out for 3 seconds, so then they would go SS, but Goten who now was much stronger than Trunks would go SS2 and would use him as a punching bag, so Trunks would give up and Goten would win the kids tournament.

Later Babidi would show up and try to steal the Z fighters energy, but they would find his ship and go through the levels, first Goten would fight Puipui and when Babidi turned up the gravity , Goten wouldn' notice the difference because he trained up to 40x gravity, and he would kill Puipui. Next Goku would fight Yakon and kill him as easily as in the series. So when Gohan fights Daruba he would have been in constant training he would kill him with a kamehameha that would release Buu, but SS3 Goku and Gohan+SS 2 Vegeta Goten+SS Trunks they would easily take on Buu, but they wouldn't be enough because Buu could regenerate, and Goku and Gohan lost SS3 and were worn out, so Buu would leave and start absorbing people, and then when he makes friend with Satan and Bee and then they are killed and he goes into Thin Buu and Good Buu, Vegeta and Good Buu would team up and fire their strongest attacks that would kill afew people and Buu would leave and go absorb enough people to go to Super Evil Majin Buu, and he would nearly kill the Z crew. So they would go to Kaioshins and train.

So they would get the fusion earings and learn the fusion dance, so when they leave Gohan and Goku use the fusion earings and go into Gokan, while Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks, and Yamcha and Tein go into Teincha and they go to fight Buu, but Vegeta and Piccolo get absorbed and he becomes stronger than the fusion dance Z warriors, and they leave while Gokan fights S.E.M. Buu, and he uses a Masenko Kamehameha Spirit Bomb, which is half Masenko half kamehameha and is surrounded by spirit bombs, that cuts Buu in half, but then Buu absrobs Gokuan and then tracks down the other fusions, and absorbs them, and like in the series the fusions wear off and Buu spits them out, and everyone holds off Buu tell Goku makes a spirit bomb that kills Buu.

Later in GT when Bebi comes to earth Ubuu and Buu are stronger than Bebi because of the training with Goku because he was much stronger, and Goten and Trunks can fight against Bebi, but he takes over Pan and then Gohan and then Vegeta, but when Ubuu shows up he fires a kamehameha that is equal to his destroyer bomb, and then he uses a kao-ken 5x to over take Vegeta and then he punches Vegeta in the gut and he kicks Vegeta in the head, but Bebi then orders Gohan and Goten to attack Ubuu, and Trunks shows up to helps Ubuu , then Goku comes and turns SS4 and beats up Bebi-Vegeta, and then loses power, and leaves, then Vegeta goes Golden Ozuar and kicks Goku in the back, and tackles him, with his immense weight he crushes Goku, and then Piccolo and Tein come and cut off his tail, then they Ubuu and Trunks take on Vgeta with their major attacks, and Goku wakes up and goes SS4 and kills Bebi, and saves the planet.

When 17 is released Goku never goes to hell and faces him,then he and Goten who is as tall as him now fuse into Gotu and use a tri-kamehameha that kills artifical 17, while Vegeta and Gohan fuse into Goheta and use a final flash kamehameha to kill android 17, Piccolo and Teincha team up and fire the S.B.C and kamedodonha to destroy Freeza, then 18 16, and their artificals fuse and they overpower all of the fusions easily, until SS4 Goku comes and fights Super 18, but she uses her Ultra hells flash to damage Goku, but he flys at 18 and fires a volley of ki blasts at her and destroys one of her arms, then Vegeta and Gohan fire their big bang and kamehameha to destroys her, Super 16 would vicously attack the unfused warriors who were worn out and they gave their energy to Goku who used a dragonfist to kill him.

When they summon the dragon to resurect the dead they all go in different directions, and Goku would follow the one star ball, and since he hadn't fused with the dragonballs he was killed by Gokus dragonfist, Gohan would track down most of the other balls and get their dragonballs, until Suu of the fourstar ball was left, and Goku would go SS4 and Goku and Vegeta would try and fight him, but he would be to hot since he was fire, and they would attack with far away blasts and he would die and the world would be left in peace.


What if Gohan went Super Sayin during the training for the androids ?

During the first year of training he would achieve SS. Then his strength would double and Goku would tell Vegeta that Gohan was a Super Sayin, and Vegeta would train with Goku and become a Super Sayin very quickly. Piccolo and Vegeta would spar continualy unlike Goku and Gohan who would learn new techniques and slowly progress. Kururin, Yamcha, and Tein would stop by every few weeks and see their increasing strength and train even harder. During the second year Goku would come down with his heart disease and be healed by Trunkses medicne. Then at the end of three years they would all go to an island 9 miles southwest of south city. Bulma would be there with Trunks and Goten (who was born a month after trunks in this time period), and a scouter that she made because Vegeta wanted to know the powers of Kakarot and the androids. When 19 and 20 show up Gohan would fly off with one of the scouters and go towards a power of 10,000, (it was only 10,000 because you can't see an androids power, but the poer of the people they absorb). He wold find 20 and begin to fight him and use a kamehameha, but he would absorb it and his power on the scouter would sky rocket to 100,000. Gohan would run away to get Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo to warn them about the androids, but Goku would fly off to tell Kururin, Yamcha, and Tein and see a power of 4,000,000. That was 19 absorbing Kururin, Yamcha, and Tein. So Goku would find them and go to get senzus. 20 would go to find Piccolo while Goku and Gohan left while Vegeta was storming the city for 19. He would sneak up on him and drain Piccolo to near death, but Vegeta would show up and kick 20 in the face and he would rum away. When Goku and Gohan would show up they would heal everyone and 19 and 20 would come back to absorb everyones power. But Trunks would show up and tell them these weren't the real androids, but 19 and 20 would attack Trunks and absorb his power to become as strong as 17 and 18. Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta would start a fist fight and eventualy be beaten. 20 being overconfiedent wuld run off to awaken 16,17, and 18. Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goku would stay to fight 19, while Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, and Kururin would go to stop 20. Tien would find 20 and fight him, but lose, then Vegeta would come and fire a big bang to damage 20. Then he would go to his lab and awaken the androids, then they would go to destroy the Z fighters. But all of them would have run to Roshis Island and hide for a few days. Then Cell would show up and Piccolo would run off to fuse with Kami. He would be strong enough to kill Cell, but would hear all the info about him like in the series. Gohan would come to help and almost kill him, but Cell would use a Tri beam and keep Gohan and Piccolo at bay until Android 20 arrives and is amazed that Cell is hear until he hears about everything. 20 promises to give Cell 17, and 18 but Piccolo goes to find them and tell them 20 is going to betray them. So 16, 17, and 18 run off and Piccolo has to fight 19. Now it gets a little insane. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the humans have to find Cell with the scouters, and 19 runs away to get the androids, and Piccolo is all alone trying to track down 19 and the androids while trying to kill Cell so he dosen't absorb 17 and 18. Goku and everyone are only trying to kill 20 because he's leading Cell to the androids, but 19 dosen't know that or about Cell, he's only trying to kill them. Told you it was a hard plot to follow. So days later the world has become an empty place and Cells scouter power has become 8,000,000. So Chi Chi, Bulma, Chibi Trunks, and Goten are told to stay in the room of spirit of time. Then Gohan finds 20 and Goku faces off with Cell but are easily defeated. So everyone goes to the room of spirit and time and train for one day. Gohan and Future Trunks go first. When a day passes Gohan and Trunks have discovered USS. And they go off to kill 20. Piccolo and Tein go next. Meanwhile Goku trains Goten and Chibi Trunks since they are 3, like Gohans age in the japanse version. Gohan and Trunks find 20 and Cell and go USS and easily kill 20, but Cell uses a spirit bomb to defeat Trunks, then uses a kao-ken to overpower Gohan, but Gohan having learned the attacks Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta uses a kao-ken and kamehameha to destoy most of Cell, but his head, legs, and body are left and he regenerates. Then Trunks uses a Burning Attack to destroy his tail. Cell worried about being killed flies off and tries to find the androids. 19 already having found the androids powers up and lets Cell see his dissapearing energy since he hasn't absorbed alot of energy in days. Cell senses his dieing energy goes off, but Piccolo and Tien get out of the room of spirit and time and go off to fight Cell. Gohan and Trunks meanwhile are trying to find Piccolo and Tien to help them. When Cell finds then androids and tells them 20 is dead 19 immediatly goes to absorb Cells energy, but Cell absorbs 19, and then Tien and Piccolo show up. Piccolo holds his own against Cell while Tien can only take on 17 and 18. 16 then tries to kill Tien but Trunks shows up and knockes out 16 the Cell chokes Piccolo and absorbs 17. Now he overpowers Piccolo, Tien and Trunks but Gohan runs away with 16 and 18. Cell then tries to kill Tien, Piccolo, and Trunks, but Goku comes and takes evreyone to Kamis. Cell goes on a rampage and fires thousands of ki blasts at citys destroying the world. Goku enraged would go to Namek and get Dende to be a guardian and make new dragonballs and then goes into the room of time and spirit with Vegeta. Gohan then brings the androids to Kamis and 16 immediatly starts fighting the Z soldiers. When Goku and Vegeta get out they tell Yamcha and Kururin to go in. Then Cell shows up at the bottom of Korins Tower and android 16 and 18 come down to chase Goku who left to find the dragonballs. He absorbs 18 and then runs off destroying more cities. So then when Goku finds all of them he wishes that all people would come back that were killed by the androids and Cell and his second was to granted after Cell was killed. Then Cell would start to talk about the Cell games, but the sayins except for Goku would be foolish enough to fight Cell. So Vegeta and Trunks would double team him and begin to fire their energy attacks to hurt Cell, then Cell uses a Masenkeo that slices off Vegetas arm, then they both go USS and start a fist fight, but they start to slow down and Cell gains the upper hand and elbows Trunks in the ribs finishing him, Gohan afraid would run off with them and get healed. So then they all train for another day in the room of spirit and time and then train in the outer world. But Goku would be relaxed and train Goten so he's at 200 and Vegeta trains Trunks so he's at 165. They begin to train themselves in little sparing matches and learn the "Kamekameha"(how Goten pronounces Kamehameha) and Burning attack. Then when the Cell games begin Mr. Satan and his krones lose and then Trunks steps up, he starts with a volley of gigantic red energy balsts that hit Cell, but barley hurst him. Then Cell uses a Dodan Wave and the blast goes through Trunks heart, so Vegeta would be enraged and start to fire big bangs wildly at Cell and destroy and arm that is quickly grown back. So Goku comes in and immediatly goes USS and shows Cell he became speedier in this form and now has an edge over Cell. So the real show begins as Goku pounds Cell to the ground and then Cell fires a Kamehameha and Goku counters it and its like the one with Gohan vs. Cell, but Goku then uses a kao-ken times 30 and destroys Cell. But he comes back because of a brain cell and is now even stronger, so he forfets and Gohan comes in and goes SS 2, which he learned in the room of spirit and time. Then because of all his training he goes SS 3 and automaticaly kills Cell, but he once again regenerates and is nearly as strong as Gohan, but Gohan punches his so hard he releases 18 and 17. Now Cell tries to re absorb the andrids, but Gohan stops him and then Cell absorbs Goku and becomes near his complete forms power, so Gohan kills him for real and the whole world thinks Gohans a hero. So then Trunks is revived by Gokus last wish, and android 17 and 18 are made humans. In the other world tournamet everything is the same except Kai is alive, and when the World tournamet happens Gohan beats everyone, and Goten wins the kids tournament. When Buu shows up Goku comes back and everything is the same until Gohan trains with Kaioshin and becomes even stronger. And Goku and Gohan are able to fuse since Gohan could hold off Buu tell Goku showed up and fuse into Gohu ande uses an attack that is a cross with the special beam cannon and kamehameha which is actualy a masenko wrapped around a kamehameha.

In GT Bebi is killed by Goten and Gohan who left with Goku, the 17 saga didn't happen, and no evil wishes were made s the shenlong saga dosn't happen.


What If Goku hadn't been sent to Earth?

Goku would have been sent to another planet with low levels, like Yardrat. So Goku would have grownup with the Yardrats(the people who taught Goku the Instant Transmission) and get very strong while learning th I.T. So later Goku would destroy the world and return to Freeza, and begin training with Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa. Gokus power would be around 80,000 because of all the training learning the I.T. So later when the Freeza Saga should have happened the Sayins travel to earth hearing of some high powers. It turns out to be Yamcha, Tein, Kururin, and Piuccolo Diamo. They are around 3 to 400,000 beacuse Piccolo had killed them and they trained with King Kai, and they beacme friends while training. Meanwhile Piccolo would have been taking over Earth and geting very strong. Then Bulma would wish back the strong warriors that tried to fight Piccolo. Then when Goku and everyone arrive Piccolo and the humans easily kill all of Freezas men, and Goku is only around 200,000 so he easily gets pounded. Vegeta, Nappa, and Radditz also defeated so Feeza leaves the planet saying I'll leave you Sayins hear so you can toughen up. So Goku and Vegeta run leaving Nappa and Radditz to struggle with broken bones, and torn limbs. Kururin being soft gives them sensuz to heal themselves and then Nap. and Rad. swear to kill Goku and Vegeta. But they would train for a few years and eventually kill Nappa and Raditz. Then they would act like friends to the Z soldiers and begin finding out their secrets. Later Goku would convince them that Freeza was going to destroy the Earth soon so they would go to Freeza planet 79 and wait tell he arrives then kill the Ginyu force and start to trash Freeza but they don't make passed his 2nd form so he heals them and thinks the Z warriors brainwashed them. So now Vegeta is at 800,000 and Goku's at 1,000,000. SO they kill the Z warriors and then serve Freeza for a few more years and train and secretly become SS. Then on a mission to Namek when Freeza hears of the Dragonballs Vegta kills all of Freezas men and Goku catches Freeza off guard and kills him. Then King Kold comes and they serve him for awhile and betray him to and kill him. Now they go to Earth and start destroying the world, then they destroy the world and keep killing the remanets of Freeza and destroy planets until they get very old and die.


What if Goku wanted him and Gohan to be last? By:Barfster001

After the losers fight Vegeta would go first. It would be a long fight and after losing in SS mode he would go Ultra SS. His power would be about the same as Goku's when first coming out of the time chamber. So now Vegeta would tire Cell out but get beaten. Now Cell would want Tien to come up because he knew Tien was very weak and could rest, but Tien would use his multi form and Tri beam to tick Cell off so much that he would actualy start fighting and kick Tiens butt. Next would be Piccolo who would keep regenerating to once again tire cell out and then lose. Now cell would call Yamcha who is weaker than Tien and has no major attacks so after a buch of wolf fang fists Trunks would since Cells growing power so he tells Yamcha to say I give up. So now Trunks would step up to Cell and Cell would be PO'ed at this but is now very rested. So Trunks at Ultra SS would have a bit more power than Vegeta and would have a Goku vs. Cell like fight, but Cell wouldn't warm up or play around and after awhile kill trunks. Gohan and Goku would be so ticked that they would go SS2. Goku would try to fight but Cell would proceed to kill Vegeta Piccolo Kururin Chaitzu Tien and 16. This would be enough for both of them to go SS3 and easily kill cell forever. Later they would wish for everyone back and at the start of the Buu Saga Majin Vegeta would be killed by an Ultimate Kamehameha which would provide enough energy to realese Buu. Goten would be much stronger than Trunks because Goku would train him and when they fused they would kill Buu. During the baby saga Uubu would also be strong enough to hold his own against baby the first time SS 4 would be discovered during the training time between the Buu and Baby Saga so Vegeta would died once again and keep the 17's from escaping hell but since people were still killed alot the Shenlong saga would still happen, but Gohan would be stronger than Vegeta and would have to Goku's fusion partner since Vegeta was dead. They would form Gokanu who would have a body ressembilling Gohans but when SS4 ressembiling Gogeta. Gokanu would kill all shenlongs easily and with Gohans brain would think to kill Ii Shenlong when he kill's Suu shenlong for the dragonball. Thereafter all shelongs would be dead and peace would be restored and Goku still alive. Wow all that happened just because Goku didn't want to fight first.


What if Yamcha Tein and Chautzu also participated in the fight with Frieza on Namek?

First off they would all be in different places Piccolo would be close to Yamcha and after Piccolo absorbes Nail They would take off Tein would be near Gohan and Kurirun and Then Vegeta would go and get armor for everyone who was wished back. At this point Chautzu would be near The Eldest Namek and take off for Tien when he senced power. Then Frieza would show up and Vegeta would fight him with the help of Tien, so now frieza would have the $hit beaten out of him. So he would go to his second form and still lose to Tien. Now Piccolo and Yamcha would show up. They would nearly kill Frieza and he'd go to his 3rd form, but he was so weak he still isn't that strong so he poweres up to his 4th form. During this time Vegeta would Be shot by Kururin twice so he would be around Goku's strength but a little weaker. So No Goku shows up and together Vegeta and Goku beat up frieza so Frieza immediatly goes to 100 % power and nearly kills Goku. So he takes a senzu bean and is near SS power. So Frieza no nearly killes Vegeta and he's near SS power . But Friza runs to his ship and calls his dad. So after hours of but kicken King Kold Shows up and kills Dende and Kuruirn, and nearly kills Gohan Piccolo Tien and Yamcha then Chautsu Blows up barely hurting Kold now Gokus Pssed and goes SS. So now Vegeta is pissed sening Goku's new power and goes SS, now their powers are around the Android saga when fighting 19 & 20. So they easily kill everyone. Trunks shows up blah blah blah everyones killed tell the Buu saga when Goku and Vegeta go SS 3 and kill him before the mass genocide attack. Bebi dosen't really happen and Super 17 is a small challenge and because everyone isn't killed the Shenlong saga dosen't happen.

What if Gohan fought Cell before Goku?

This goes back to when Goku and Gohan just get out of the time chamber. When Goku went to see Cell Gohan would follow him. After hearing Goku say Cell could kill him Gohan would vow to fight before Goku to weaken Cell. Now all the Z warriors would be scared, because Goku wouldn't be there to fight Cell first and destroy him. So evryone would train much harder and become even stronger than they were in the Cell games,and Gohan would spend all of the 9 days training with Goku, and learn the Kaio-ken and instantanious movement. When the Cell games would arrive and gohan would just show a little of his strenght to Mr. Satan so he could go first. It would start off like Gokus fight but after the warm up Cell wouldn't know of Gohans hidden powers and begin to beat him. Goku would begin to worry and want to fight Cell, but Gohan would keep his vow, and then fire hundreds of ki blasts and hurt Cell. So now Cell would be ticked off and power up a huge Kamehameha at Gohan, but Gohan using the Instantanious movement to save himself. Then Cell would try a Gamit Gun that Gohan would also dodge it. So now Cell would be low on energy, and powerup to full power. Goku, and Piccolo would get scared for Gohans sake and try to fight Cell, so Cell would unleash his Cell jrs. for them to fight. Even thought the Z fighters were stronger only the Sayins could defend themselves against their power. So Gohan would want to help but Cell would make 5 more Cell jrs. to preocupie Gohan. Goku at full strength would have helped destroy most of the Cell jrs. except for 16's and Kururin's. But then he would see Gohan, with a lost arm, and a bloody face. Enraged he would go SS 2 and destroy all of the Cell jrs., and give Gohan a senzu, so Gohans power would nearly double and be at his SS 2 power. So Gohan, and Goku would teamup, and kill Cell. But he regenerates to become stronger than Goku. Cell would now make more Cell Jrs. to attack Gohan so he could have just enough time to kill Goku. 16 also mad would self detonate, and this time it would work because Bulma didn't take it out, because Kururin told Bulma that 16 wouldn't kill Goku. So Gohan would use his Instantanious movement to transport them to the middle of snakeway so King Kai wouldn't die. But like in the show Cell would regenterate, and be much stronger. Losing his father and 16 would cause Gohan to go SS 2, and kill Cell with little effort. Then the dragonballs would be summoned and 16 would come back and Goku would remain dead. There would then be few differences in the rest of the series, except 16 would be a Z fighter, and he would train with Gohan, so Gohan would be strong enough to kill Daruba, Goku would be a bit stronger, and would win the afterlifer tournamet easily, and Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta would be stronger so they could keep up with Gohan.


What if Trunks and Vegeta got out of the Room of time and spirit before cell absorbed 17 during the battle of Piccolo and 17?
Well Trunks would see Goku and ask him if anything happened so Goku would tell Trunks about 17 and Piccolo fighting. Vegeta would not listen and go of in a different direction but would take the offered senzu bean. Trunks would then get to the island where piccolo was fighting 17 and fight 18 and 16. Vegeta would cross the city with 1st form cell in it and begin fighting him with little trouble, after a few minutes he would let cell absorb some of his energy so he would be at half the strength of cell in his perfect form so the bttle would turn to cells favor because Vegeta was weakend. So cell would get Vegeta near death and then Vegeta would remember the senzu bean and take it and get stronger with his sayin biology. Now he would be a little stronger than in the cell games and would easily kill cell. Then he would notice the high energy levels of Trunks and go to the island of the fight. By this time trunks would have destoyed 16 and would now be fighting 17 and 18 because piccolo ran out of energy to fight. But cell was still alive and he went to the island and because he had sayin biology he was nearly at his 3rd form power and beat Trunks and absorbed 17 and 18 and now had the power of Super Perfect Cell so Vegeta came and also got badly beaten. Goku would show up and take everyone to the sky palace to get healed. So after the 10 days the cell game happens Gohan is able to alredy go SS2 and is equal to cell and goku killes cell by using the spirit bomb.

What if Goku never hit his head and lost his memories?
After reading that short reoprt by Mark Wilson heres what probably happened in greater contrast. Goku would continue to be violent and would be trained under his grandpa. so when he was 12 he would be strong enough and kill him. This is when Bulma shows up, so she tells him about the dragonballs and he agrees to be her bodyguard with the intention to grant his own wish. So later when Roshi showes up he waits for the magic carpet to be cleaned because he couldn't ride the nimbus. Then he kills Olong,Yamcha, and tries to kill Ox King but he's to strong so he looks for the fan and learns the kamehameha. Then lays waist to Pilaf and wishes for a person stronger than him so he could train and spar against him. So at this time Kururin is made stronger. So he takes training from Roshi at day, and secretly spars with Kururin at night so they're both stronger. But later he kills both Kururin and Roshi and wins the Tenkanichi Budokia. So then he hears about the Red Ribbon army and destroys all of it except Tao and Black the new leader so Goku seeks Karin out and gets the Holy Water in one day and steals the God water and he kills Tao and Black. Later while running around the world he kills Tein and Chauitzu and wins the 22nd world tournament. Then Diamo shows up and he kills him and his men and goes up to Kains and wants to train with Kami so he gets the bell and he goes up to the tower only to see Popo so he decieds to fight him and loses badly so Goku spends the next few years training with Popo tell he kills him to. This is when Raditz shows up and Goku leaves earth conquring planets. Until all the sayins are stron enough they kill the Ginyus and Friezas men. Then Frieza hears about Namek and heads there with the sayins and they kill all of them easily until Nail shows up. Goku is now at the strenght of his gravity training bu Nail is double his. Raditz and Nappa are about at Ginyus strenght and Vegeta is at the strenght of when he was healed after Recomme about 130,000. So Nail nearly kills them all and tells them to leave but they heal themselves and are much stronger. Goku is at 1,000,000 vegeta 950,000 Nappa and Raditz around 600,000 and they kill Nail and then turn on frieza killing him. So then at the hands of king kold they kill more planets and hear of the androids on earth whos strenght is tripled of what it was. So they leave and get to eath only to see Cell in his final form and releasing and ultimate kamehameha relesing Buu with a fully grown Piccolo at his side. So Goku Manages to kill piccolo and holds of the Cell only to see Karin be killed, this is enough to make him go super Sayin and he kills Buu along with the androids(he is now much sronger after all that conquring about his strenght in the super 17 saga) and he kills everyone on the planet with a choun kamehameha and destoying earth.


What if Pikkon was a Z fighter during DBZ?
When Radditz would arrive at earth he would sense 2 powers thinking it was Goku and possibly his son. But he would only find Piccolo and Pikkon. Piccolo would be around 500 since Pikkon helped him train and Pikkon would be around 550. So Radditz would be up for a fight after he explains who he is and the 2 would use thir major attacks, the special beam cannon and the super thunder flash. Their energy combined would do alot of damage to Radditz and it would make Goku come with Gohan because he was on his way to Roshis. So now Goku would put Gohan in a safe place and join in with an ultimate kamehameha. Now Radditz would be near death and runaway but also takes Gohan hostage while Pikkon would explain about Radditz so Goku gets some sensus and talks to Kururin and Roshi. Then Pik. and Pic. find Radditz and power up so Goku can find them. After takeing some senzus they would take of their weights and fight Radditz. But Goku gets the $hit beaten out of him and Gohan gets mad enough to attack Radditz. Then Piccolo and Pikkon fire their attaks killing Radditz and accidentaly killing Goku then Radditz tells them about Vegeta and Nappa. A year later They show up and the Sabimen attack Pikkon steps in and easily kills all of them. Now during the year Pik. Pic. and Gohan trained together so they're around Gokus power. Then they finish Nappa and Vegeta gets freaked out and wants to wait until Goku comes. So when he arrives he tells the humans to leave. Then Goku starts off with a 3x Kaioken nearly killing Vegeta and leaving him to Gohan whose at 7,500 nd Vegetas now at 9,500 but Vegeta makes a moon and only gets to 95,000 which Gokuy easily equals with a 3xkaioken and kamehameha. Then Gohan cuts off Vegetas tail and says
"Fine I'll go to Namek and get their Dragonballs."
and then leaves to get healed.
So they immediatly get Kamis spaceship to stop Vegeta. One month laterthe whole Z team gets to namek. During the month all of them trained so they are all around the time of Gohans Guru power up. When they arrive they came a day before Freeza and get the first 5 dragonballs and his them nameks, and all recieve power ups so they're around the power of when they fight 4th form Freeza and easily kill all of Freezas men when Freeza summons the Ginyus and his Dad. They arrive hours later to find 4th form Freeza nearly dead. At this time Piccolo and Nail would fuse to be around the power of piccolo during the 19 and 20 saga. Now wouldn't you know it Vegeta shows up (finaly). He and King kolds men face off. Vegeta wins and then procceds to kill most of the Ginyus, execpt Ginyu. He steals Gokus senzus and repeatly heals himself tell he's at the power of when kururin shots him and kills Ginyu. During this Freeza is killed and Pikkon, SS Goku, and SS Gohan fight Kold. They went SS because they believed Piccolo was dead, but everyone was just real tired and hid in the ship with the Nameks. Vegeta seeing a low class sayin and his half sayin son SS enrages him to go SS and he attacks, but Pikkon hold him off and. But king Kold is killed by a seak spirit bomb.Pikkon used his tondado attack to nearly kill Vegeta, and he admitts to join the Z fighters. When they come home a future Goten and Truks show up to warn Goku of a heats virus and and androids 16,17, and 18. So they train and when 19 and 20 show up Pikkon kills both very easily, and goes to stop Vegeta from freeing the others after Goten and Trunks show up. But Vegta gets there first and frees them all and fights 18 then Goku comes in and fights 16 and Trunks Goten and Gohan fight 17. After 16 defeats Goku he assits 17 with the 3 SS. Vegeta gets help from Pikkon and Piccolo and Defeats 18 with a Big Bang. After all the android run away because of a triple kamehameha from Goten, Gohan, and Kururin. Tein and Yamcha tail them and Goahn notices Goku looks sick and Goten says this his the hearts virus. So Kururuin takes him home. 10 days later Cell shows up and pikkon and piccolo investigate and are and even match for Cell. After Cell tells everything Vegeta shows up and gets into a huge fight with Cell destroying the deserted city. After Vegeta has his arm absorbed he runs away leaving Gohan to come in and battle Cell. Now Goku gets healed and goes off to help Gohan while Piccolo goes off to merge with Kami. After the merge his power is around his Cell game power and tries to find the androids. After a beaten Cell flees Goku decieds to use the Hyperbolic timechamber and Vegeta and Trunks go in first. After Piccolo finds the androids he fights 16 and 17 while Pikkon easily toys with 18. They are able to keep their power levels so low that a day passes and Goku and Gohan go in and Vegeta and Trunks seek Cell. But cell passes over the battle and assits 18 with Pikkon But after a Super Thunder Flash he "kills" Cell. Then Goten goes in the Hyperbolic time chamber and Goku and Gohan go to Kaious and learn the Instant transmission. After a day of that they teleport to the island and Goten shows up after Cell has absorbed both android and 16 helps fight final form cell, but Cell anounces the Cell games in 9 days so everyone goes back to kamis and trains some more. In the Cell games Goku kills cell with little difficulty and in the Boo saga all of Babidis men are killed and their is peace in the world.
P.S. I didin't include the GT because gokus never a kid so the don't give energy to bebi which stops the 17 saga and since the balls aren't used the Evil Shenlong saga dosen't happen.


What if Frieza had killed Gohan instead of Krillin ? - Submitted by Baron BEM
If Frieza had killed Gohan instead of Krillin after being hit by the Spirit Bomb Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin would be royally PO'ed. Krillin and Piccolo would attack Frieza in a rage and distract him long enough for Goku to go Super Saiyan. Goku would show no mercy and kill Frieza without hesitation. Gohan would be wished back with the Nameks. The entire team would go back to earth without any difficulty. King Cold would come to earth seeking revenge and be destroyed by Trunks and Goku. Because of Frieza's death Cell would be slightly weaker do to the fact that he doesn't have Frieza's cell. Goku would have King Kai send Dende to earth to create new Dragon Balls. The rest of the series would go on the same until Cell knocked out Tien. Because Goku doesn't know the Instant Transmission Tien would be killed but Goku would sneek to the island to get Piccolo. Cell would see him and a fight would commence. Cell would have more power than Goku and would slowly gain the advantage. Sensing that Goku was in danger and that he was the only person he could depend on Gohan would go Super Saiyan and fly to help Goku. Together Goku and Gohan would match up against Cell. Vegeta and Trunks would come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and go after Cell. Their arrival at the fight makes Cell realize he has no chance in winning so he would use the Solar Flare to blind them all so he can go after Android 18. Vegeta would like to fight Cell's perfect form so he would tell where she is hiding which would cause Trunks to fight Vegeta. Goku being experienced at power sensing would try to stop Cell. Having only a weakened Goku and Gohan to fight Cell would easily get hold of Android 18 and would go to his perfect form. After defeating Trunks and Vegeta Goku would fight Cell and tell Gohan to get away with Piccolo and train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku would self-destruct in an attempt to kill Cell but would fail. Gohan and Piccolo would train in the Chamber. Android 16 would lose his objective because Goku is dead and would self-destruct to kill Cell. Cell would regenerate and be even more powerful. Cell would absorb Vegeta and Trunks and several cities before Gohan would be done in the chamber. Piccolo and Gohan would fight Cell but Piccolo would be easily killed. Gohan would be mad enough about everyone's death to go SS2. In the final Kamehameha match Gohan would pull through with out any help because his arm wouldn't be injured. Gohan would use the Earth Dragon Balls to wish back everyone except Vegeta, Goku, and Tien. Using the second wish to get to Namek Gohan would wish back Vegeta, Piccolo, and Tien. Goku would stay in the Next Dimension so he could train and keep the world out of danger. Gohan would have Bulma pick him up in a spaceship to return home. Goku would see how valuble the Instant Transmission is and learn the Instant Transmission from King Kai and the rest of the series would progress the original way.


What if the Z sword from the planet of the Kaios had never
broken? By: B & M Bishop

Heres what I think would happen,

Goku would keep throwing big stones at gohan, and gohan would keep
splitting them in two, gohan would keep training with this sword and he
would finally be ready after a while, gohan would head down to earth
where buu is, he would try to take buu by him self, being over confident
that the z sword would work, and he would manage to get a few good
slices, after the end of a long fight, gohan would manage to cut buu
into tiny peices, buu would then regenerate and take the sword and break
it, because of this is would release the old kaio, the old kaio would be
shocked of where he is and with buu right then and there he would kill
the old kaio, this means that later on he would not be able to give goku
hi life, back on earth buu would get tired of gohan and strike him down,
gohan would go to other world where he would re-unite with his mother
and friends, after this buu wouldn't need to absorb piccolo and gotenks
so he would just kill them, after this he would attack dende and mr.
satan, he would kill dende, then ponder about killing hercule, he would
remember moments about them, but he still decides to kill him, later on,
after they are dead, the rest of the z fighters come to defend the earth
against buu, they would be killed easily, buu would get tired of no
other people to fight so he would decide to destroy the earth, just
before this happens, vegeta gets sent to earth to fight buu, since
vegeta, not being able to transform into a ssj3, would get killed easily
by buu, buu would then fly city to city looking for oppenants, he would
finally get frustrated and make one final energy ball and destroy the
earth, after this he would go to other planets and keep destroying and


What if Nappa hadn't been crippled? By: blind51de

Vegeta, annoyed that Goku had nearly killed Nappa, slaps the hurting Nappa
to the side, knocking him unconscious into a mountain. Vegeta's gaze
suddenly turned to Goku, whose Kaioken had piqued his interest.

Vegeta challenges Goku and flies off to the desert, their fight begins and
progresses as normal up until the power struggle is won by Goku.
Nappa, regaining consciousness, looks around for everyone. And gets
frustrated that the scouters are broken, everybody's gone, and he's lost
(Krillin and Gohan have already fled back towards the Kame House).

Then suddenly Nappa and Gohan/Krillin (in different places) notice the light
in the distance. Vegeta's artificial moon.

As soon as Goku uses the Taiyoken and gets to work on the Genki Dama, Nappa
arrives. Laughing, he transforms into Oozaru Nappa. Since Vegeta is still
blinded, Nappa grabs Goku and grinds him into the ground, interrupting the
Genki Dama process.

Vegeta regains his sight and joins in as they both pull Goku in half, Goku
dies a gruesome death at the hands of the two Great Apes.Krillin and Gohan
both arrive too late and are flattened (literally).

Vegeta, admiring Nappa's bloodlust from when they killed Goku, forgives
Nappa's loss. The Saiyans leave the moon's range and revert to normal. The
earth is destroyed after they rest a bit (gaining a minor powerup). After
learning from Kiwi during their return that Frieza is on Namek.

By now Vegeta has learned to sense and suppress ki and Nappa may have a
grasp on it enough to suppress his own power. They make haste to intercept
Frieza and are captured easily by Dodoria or Zarbon (since neither Saiyan
was beaten bad enough to get a large Zenkai powerup). They are taken to
Frieza and are either promptly executed, or they kiss ass enough to have
their lives spared.

If their lives are spared, either three things could happen:
1) Vegeta and Nappa play along with Frieza with the intention of making
themselves immortal as soon as the wish is ready to be made. Nail,
systematically kills anyone who strays too close to Guru's sanctuary,
finally gets Frieza's personal attention and is killed. Guru passes away or
is killed accidently, the Dragon Balls are useless and Frieza departs,
reducing planet Namek to cinders. Vegeta and Nappa continue serving Frieza
until eventually they grow too powerful, and are executed.
2) The same as above, only Frieza on a SLIM chance manages to summon
Porunga, and Vegeta screams out his wish for immortality. If Porunga doesn't
grant any wish not said in Namekian, then Frieza, seeing Vegeta's true
colors, kills him and Nappa. But no Namekians but Guru remain (and he won't
tell them anything), the Dragon Balls are useless and Frieza destroys the
planet. If Porunga does recognize otherworldly language, Vegeta's wish is
granted and the fight with Frieza begins. Since Vegeta, in his selfishness,
would say "MAKE ME IMMORTAL" and not include Nappa in the wish, Frieza would
kill Nappa outright, thinking it would jar Vegeta. It doesn't, Vegeta
destroys Frieza's ship but can't seem to do any damage. Frieza, still in
Form I, laughs at Vegeta and snaps Vegeta's neck, leaving him paralyzed as
Frieza and whatever lieutenant he has left alive (Dodoria or Zarbon), take
the Saiyan pods and leave Namek. Frieza, in one last cruel gesture to
Vegeta, destroys the planet behind him so Vegeta can lie helpless in space
3) Same as in 1), but Vegeta and Nappa desert Frieza when they find a planet
containing oppurtunity's to train or have inhabitants that can teach them
strange techniques (like on Yardrat). Eventually they return more powerful
than ever to fight Frieza. Nappa likely is no match for Frieza but Vegeta
holds his own against Form I Frieza. Vegeta, in the position to become a
Super Saiyan, never understands nor approaches the level of rage needed.
Frieza transforms to his second form and wipes both Saiyans out.
A bad end comes to both Saiyans no matter what happens.

What if Gohan actually had given up against Cell?- Submitted by ChibiSonVegeta
Yet another series ender. Goku could never be revived and and the entire planet would explode. However, this would also kill Cell,so he was going to die whether Gohan fought him or not because the blast was too strong and Cell was too close to the planet. Then no one would be able to stop Buu when he came, and Babidi and Buu would rule the universe. Have a nice day ^_^


What if Dende healed Tien after Buu absorbed Gohan, and Goku fused with Tien becoming Tioku? By: CJR YODA SODA

Tioku would fly up to fight Majin Buu and surprisingly do a good job. Vegeta would show up and go ssj2 and join Tioku in the fight. Buu would kick the crap out of Vegeta and Tioku. Tioku would go super saiya-jin and everyone would be shocked because it's a saiyan and a human fused and they went ssj. Tioku and Vegeta would still be losing so Tioku would take off his left earing and give it to Vegeta and Vegeta would put it on his left ear and it would be a three way fusion into Vegikohan. Vegikohan would whoop the crap out of majin buu and get absorbed. Then they would split into Vegeta, Tenshinhan and Goku inside Buu's body. Chautzu would show up to see if Tien was ok, then Chautzu would fly up to buu and think he would have a chance. Buu would turn Chautzu into a Pop Tart and feed him to Hurcule. Everything would go just about the same. The pods would be removed and super buu would turn into kid buu and then Tien would help them fight and Hurcule would say "that was a damn good pop tart! What was it made of" and Buu would say "Mimes". The end


What if Frieza had attacked Goku first before killing Krilin? By:Cristóbal Cintas
Frieza would have killed Goku with ease, because he wasn't a Super Saiya-jin, and then killed Krilin, Gohan and Piccolo. After, he would have scaped from Namek and gone to the Earth to destroy the humans.


What if krillin had pushed the button By:CyndiDLee10
Android 16 would have jumped in and probability kick krillin butt bad, real bad. Cell probability would sense this and found android 18 on the ground and hurried over their and try to absorb android 18, but undoubtedly trunks would stop him, then vegeta would get him out of the way so he could absorb 18. Cell would become perfect and go to how the show actually goes.


What if Vegeta was granted imortality By:CyndiDLee10
He would not be near strong enough to defeat freeza. So after a wile of getting his butt kicked freeza would eveuntally tire down vegeta would heal and probaly become a super saiyajin and beat the hell out of freeza.


>What if the Sayians never killed the Tuffles (Tsufurijins) of Planet Plant? By DbzFan245
> If the Sayians didn’t kill the Tuffles then the Tuffles would have
>persuaded the Sayians to contribute to mankind. The Sayians would make it a
>point to not be violent and use the Tuffle’s technology. (The Brolly movie
>would never happen due to Brolly being taught to help.) The Sayians would
>send a guardian to each planet, sort of like the Green Lantern Corps. The
>Tuffles would make android assistants to help out the Sayians. Frieza,
>Cooler, and King Cold would be overcome by the immense power of Brolly and
>the Sayians.
> The 3 Sayians who would come to Earth would be Goku, Bardock, and Radditz.
>Each as strong as Frieza form 4. They would train and make sure their
>neighboring planets are safe. The entire Db/ early Dbz saga would be an
>easy victory for the Sayians, and they would train for a while. Garlic
>would be killed the first time they met him, before the Dragon Balls.
While Bulma and Yamcha were looking for the Dragon Balls to find
happiness they met Krillin at Master Roshi’s. Krillin would accompany Bulma
and the gang. They would meet the Sayians and train. The gang would meet
Tien and Chiazou at the 23 Tournament and Tien would be too scared of the
Sayians and their strong friends to be evil. They would train and join the
Sayians. By the time the Cell Saga would have happened everyone was as
strong as Super Sayian 5x 3.
The Sayians were good so the entire Sayian saga would be gone along
with the Frieza and Cyber Frieza. Goku would have killed Gero along with the
RR army, which means no android saga or Cell Saga. Brolly and the Sayians
that were with him would have taken care of Buu in the other planets. Bebi
would have been good and the black star dragon balls would not yet be found
because Pilaf would be dead. The Evil Shenron saga wouldn’t happen because
the Dragon Balls were only used once. Super 17 wouldn’t be created because
Gero would die, and Dr. Myuu would be a good guy.
When the Sayians and Humans (just as strong) came to Planet Plant the
galaxy would be in order and they would tell the other Sayians about the
Dragon Balls on Earth. Bulma would help the Tuffles make machines. They
would get the Dragon Balls for safekeeping and wish for peace on the
However on Earth the Black Star Dragon Balls would be found by an
evil human who the Sayians didn't know about wishing to be the strongest in
the world. He/she would get a surge of power and let the power and strength
get the most of him/her. She/he would attack the Sayians and take them over.
However in a clever plot made by Bulma the Sayians set a trap and captured
him/her. They then used Bulma’s untested ki degeneration machine. It was
meant to take the energy away from someone and feed it to the universe. But
a sudden twist happened, Bulma’s machine reversed and took energy from them
and gave it to him/her. He/she broke free from the trap and the Sayians
weren’t powerful enough to destroy it.
He/she escaped and went to look for the Dragon Balls to wish for
eternal life. After he/she collected all 7 she made him/her wish. In a
sudden twist of fate the Dragon changed the wish. The wish that the dragon
changed it to was that he/she would be weaker. Knowing that he/she was weak
the humans were no longer afraid nor where they slaves. The humans started
to throw rocks at him/her. Sooner or later the humans went back to their
corrupt ways. In fact the humans were more corrupt than the Sayians
originally were. They became very evil. The dragon then appeared to the
Sayians and said that their wish for peace kept him/her from being immortal.
He also told them the effects of the Black Star Dragon Balls and not to
worry about Earth being corrupt, because Earth would be rebuilt with all the
pure hearted inhabitants. However, before the planet blew up him/her managed
to escape.
She/he got the ki from the degeneration machine and tried to kill the
Sayians. However after a long battle, Brolly died. The Sayians lost hope and
were losing the battle against her/him. As the battle went on there were
fewer Sayians from each battle and after each battle him/her got stronger
and the Sayians got weaker. Bulma and the Tuffles made a last ditch effort
to win the battle. They invented a cloning machine to clone Brolly and the
other dead Sayians. They invented a better energy degeneration machine and
this time it was tested and proven to help. Bulma made an emergency time
machine. One invention was a speeded birth invention. Their final invention
was a regeneration invention. With all of these products the Sayians had no
trouble defeating him/her.
In the movie timeline, Garlic was easily killed before he collected the
Dragon Balls. Wheelo was also easily killed. Tarles wouldn’t have been evil
so movie 3 never happened. Slug would have died from the Sayians in Namek.
Cooler was dead before movie 6 and 7 so that wouldn’t have happened. Brolly
was taught to help so movies 8, 10, and 11 wouldn’t have happened. Bojack
would have been killed by the Sayians and the Kais. Plus, he wouldn’t have
escaped his seal in King Kaios Planet because Cell wouldn’t have destroyed
it. Unfortunately Janemba would have ruled the other world until Brolly
died. Finally, Hiredugarn would have been killed by the Sayians. And they
would not let Hoi resurrect him.





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