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Bdude and Wouldn't u like 2 know? AKA Brendan and Brigid think these people would make much better DBZ character voices.

Goku: Matt le Blanc(Joey from friends)
Vegeta: John DiMaggio(Bender of Futurama)
Chi Chi: (whoever does Wanda on the fairly odd parents)
Kid/Teen Gohan: Jake Lloyd(kid Anikin"annie" Skywalker in Star wars episode 1)
Adult Gohan: Billy West(Severel voices(Fry, Professer, Zoidburg...) on futurama)
Bulma: Lauren Tom(Amy of futurama, Numbuh 3 of KND and Kimi on rugrats)
Frieza: D bradley Barker(Numbuh 4 of KND)
16: (Whoever does Jack the android in the tekken movie)
18: Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy on buffy the vampire slayer)
Pan: Michelle Trachtenberg(Dawn on Buffy the vampire slayer)
Marron: (Whoever does XJ9)
Bra: (whoever does Sam/Yumi on Danny Phantom/HIHIPUFFYAMIYUMI)
Mr. Briefs: Anthony Stewert Head(Giles on Buffy the vampire slayer)
bebi vegeta: Tom Kenny(spongebob on spongebob Squarepants)

1st form: Tom Kenny(spongebob on spongebob Squarepants)
2nd form: (the guy who plays Wolverine in the X-men movies.)
FINAL/PERFECT form: James Marsters(Spike on Buffy the vampire slayer)

Cell Jr. : Tom Kenny(spongebob on spongebob Squarepants)
Videl: Amber Benson(Tara on Buffy)
Kid Trunks: Jake Lloyd(kid Anikin"annie" Skywalker in Star wars episode 1)
Future/Older Trunks: Seth Green(Oz in buffy and Chris in Family Guy)

Trunks@WWW.com thinks these people would be perfect for voiceovers.
 Freezer:Little Richard
 Garlic jr.:Gilbert Godfried
 Dende:lil' Wayne
 Mr. Popo:James Earl Jones
 Buruma:Pamela Anderson Lee
 Majin Buu:MasterP
 Mr. Buu:BigPunisher
 Uub:Crazy Bone
 Gyuu Mao:the blonde guy of coach
 Babidi:the old japanese guy off of the three ninja's
 Dr. Briefs:Ben Stein
 little Trunks:the kid that played anaken skywalker
 future Trunks:Jeff Hardy
 Cooler:also Little Richard
 Mr.Satan:Macho Man Randy Savage
 Yajarobi:Chris Farly
 Chaozu:Mickey Mouse
 Son Goku:Redman
 Vegetto:Methodman and Redman
Robert Turner thinks these people would do a nice job of playing the Dragon Ball Z dubs.
 Chi-Chi: Britney Spears
 Young Gohan: Haley Jole Osment (The Sixth Sense)
 Adult Gohan: Seth Greene
 Goku: Matt Le Blanc ( tv show Friends)
 Vegita: Dmx
 King Kai: Ben Stein
OmNiCrAsH believes these people should voice DBZ.
 Mirai Trunks - Leonardo Dicaprio- Titanic (Okay, Maybe he's a little TOO Pretty.)
 Pan - Lacy Chambert- Lost In Space (Am I the only one who thinks "Lost In Space" Was Good?)
 Chibi Gohan - Jack Johnson- Lost In Space (heh)
 Vegeta - Kurt Russell- Escape From LA, Soldier ( He'd Play Veg to a T. Perfect Attitude.)
 Adult Gohan - Ewan McGregor- Star Wars Episode 1 (Looks ARE everything kiddies.)
 Goku - Matt Damon- The Talented Mr Ripley, Saving Private Ryan (He'd make an excellent Goku.)
 Chi-Chi - Lucy Liu- Ally Mcbeal, Play it to the Bone (ehh can really be a B***h.)
 Cell - Woody Harrelson- Play it to the Bone (Big and Always Pissed. That's cell)
 Bulma - Denise Richards- The World is not enough, Wild things (HOT!)
 #18 - Christina Aguilera- (heheh. perfect.*Smiles Deviously*)
Nik98bag thinks these people should take the job of voicing DBZ.
 Son Gokou: Robin Shou
 Son Gohan: Obi Wan Kenobe
 ChiChi: Nicole Kidman
 Bulma: Pamela Anderson
 Chaozu: Mickey Mouse
 Tien: Goldberg
 Nappa: Stone Cold Steve Austin
 Vegeta: Jet Li
 Master Roshi: Old Guy From 3 Ninja's
 Chibi Trunks: Anakin Skywalker
 Future Trunks: Tom Cruise
 Android 18: Cameron Diaz
 Goten (GT): Keanu Reeves

Karl Adds;
Your Jet Li is a good one for Vejeta but I would advise considering Hugh Jackman. I saw his faces in “Swordfish” and I thought “oh yeah, that's the kind of anger Vejeta shows”. Besides Hugh is short and well built too, but his face is what matters the most

 - Updated -Spoilded thinks that these people are better than the current DBZ VAs.
 Cell jr.:The person who plays CODY on Digimon season 2
 Nappa:Hollywood Hogan
 Brolli:The guy who plays Bane in Batman and Robin
 Cell:The guy who plays Megatron in Beast Machines
 Little Trunks:The person who plays Musashi in Brave Fencer Musashi
 Master Roshi:The old guy in 3 Ninjas
 Goten:The person that plays Tim in Brave Fencer Musashi
 Goku:The guy who plays Soilder Lardwick in Brave Fencer Musashi
 Vegeta:The guy who plays Giovanni in Poke'mon
 Adult Gohan:The guy who plays Sub-zero in Mortal combat anilation
 Vegetto:The guy who is S.Lardwick and the guy who plays Giovanni
 Gogeta:The guy who plays S.Lardwick and the guy who plays Giovanni
 Gotenks:The people who play Tim and Musashi in Brave Fencer Musashi
 Cell form 1:The person who plays Waspinator in Beast Wars
 Cell form 2:Hollywood Hogan
 Mr.HerculeSavage: Hollywood Hogan
 Andriod 16:Sylvester stalone
 Andriod 19:Jim Carey
Dpcg thinks that these people would do a better job voicing DBZ.
 Android 16: Robin Williams
 Android 19: Jim Carry
 Cell, Imperfect: C. Martin Croker
 Cell, Mutated: Eminem
 Cell, Perfect: The Rock
JKentros feels that these actors would voice DBZ better.
 Son Goku- Tom Cruise
 Vegeta- Jet Li
 Gohan- Jake Loyd
 Future Trunks- Keanu Reeves
 Android 20- Sean Connery
 Android 19- Michael Jackson
 Android 18- Jennifer Aniston
 Android 17- Pierce Brosnan
 Android 16- Arnold Swarzenager
 Perfect Cell- Sylvester Stylone
 Chi Chi- Elizabeth Hurley
 Bulma- Cameron Diaz
 Tien- Goldberg
 Chaozu- Boy George
 Piccolo- Bruce Willis
 Master Roshi- Dana Carvey
 Yajirobe- Joe Pechi
 Mr. Popo- James Earl Jones
Scizordramon thinks that these actors fit better as the voices for Dragon Ball Z.
 Vegeta-school janitor on The Simpsons (I think his name is Groundskeeper Willie)
 Gohan (young)-Ash Ketchum's voice
 Gokuu-Captain Planet's voice (yeah, I'm wierd)
 Cell(perfect)-John Cleese (from Monty Python)
 Cell (2nd stage)-Infermon's voice (from Digimon Movie)
 Majin Buu-Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny's voice)
 Bulma-Ryoko's voice (Tenchi Muyo)
 Chichi-Mimi from Drew Carrey
 Future Trunks-Conan O'Brian
 Gohan (adult)-Drew Carrey
 Tenshinhan-Matt's voice (Digimon)
 Choutsu-Patamon's voice
 Android 17-Ken's voice (Digimon)
 Android 18-Kate Mulgrew (Janeway on Voyager)
 Krillin-Colin Mockery (Whose Line is it Anyway?)
 Dr. Gero-Sean Connery
 - NEW -Michell Knight feels that these actors would soound better for the voicing of DBZ.
 Chaozu: Mickey mouse
 Goku:Matt Le Blanc (Joey from Friends)
 Cell jr.: Cody from digimon
 Vegeta: giovanni from pokèmon
 Android 16:Arnold Swarzenager
 Android 18:Nicole Kidman
 Android 17:Ken from digimon
 Young Gohan:Ash Ketchum
 Adult Gohan:Drew Carey
 Chichi:Mimi (drew carey show)


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