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Dragon Ball Power Levels
By Duo

Here is my list for the complete Dragonball Z Manga Power Levels.

Regarding Pojo's 1999 Power Ratings, I'll start by providing explanations to each level I disagree with and why.

Note: I disagree with the levels presented in the Daizenshuu because they are not directly from Akira Toriyama but rather his staff, and they could have easily put inaccurate levels just to satisfy people, when in fact many are blatantly wrong.

-Gokou: 10
Goku Ozouru: 100-

I find it hard to believe that Son Goku was only twice as strong as a normal human, as he was able to survive bullets to the head among many other extremely awesome feats. He should be close to 30.

-Jackie Chun: 139
Gokou: 180
Tenshinhan: 180
Tsurusennin: 120-

For this Tournament, Jackie / Kame-sen'nin had trained, and should be higher than he was in DBZ, because he didn't really do any fighting at all after the confrontation with Piccolo Dai-mao. I would estimate him for 150 to 160.

-Goku: 260
Piccolo Daimao: 260-

Goku was clearly more powerful than Piccolo, and these levels are low in the first place. Son Goku should be about 350 and Piccolo should be about 330 to 335

- Raditz:1,500
Piccolo w/weighted clothing:320
Piccolo w/o weighted clothing:408
Piccolo,Makkansappo[1st Try]:1,330
Piccolo,Makkansappo[2nd Try]:1,440
Son Goku w/weighted clothing:330
Son Goku w/o weighted clothing:416
Son Goku, Kamehameha:924
Gohan,Super Angry:1,307-

Raditz was stated by Nappa to be just over 1,200 and equal to every last Saibaman. I can get the quote from the manga if you see fit.
This means he would be 1,210 to 1,240
Piccolo w/ weighted clothes was stated at 322, not 320.
Son Goku w/ weighted clothes was stated as 334, not 330.
Goku's Kamehameha should be higher. The line in the Manga was "924 and rising!" which means it was higher. Also, Vegeta stated that Raditz was beat by fighters with powers "Barely over 1,000" so Goku must've hit a number higher than 1,000.

-Master Roshi:139

Chaozu's power level isn't stated in the Manga and he's never shown fighting, so there isn't any way to tell what it would be and probably just shouldn't be included.

Kuririn,Mega Energy Blast:1,750
Piccolo,powered up:3,500

Saibamen should be slightly over 1,200.
That level for Kuririn was supressed, he was actually stronger than Yamcha.
Piccolo powered up should be under 2,800 because he stated that Gohan's pique was higher than his own.
Angry Gohan was stated as 2,800. Only the FuniDub got that number wrong.

-Son Goku:5,000
Son Goku,powered up:8,000
Son Goku,Kaioh-ken times 1:12,000
Son Goku,Kaioh-ken times 2:16,000
Son Goku,Kaioh-ken times 3:24,000
Son Goku,Kaioh-ken times 4+Kamehameha:37,000 Nappa:4,000 Vegeta:16,000 Vegeta,powered up:18,000 Vegeta,Gallet Gun:35,000

Goku powered up was "Over 8,000". I'd place it at 8,250 to make the levels easy for Kaio-ken.
Kaio-ken is stated to double the user's power by both the Lord Of Worlds (King Kai) and the narroration window for the begining of DBZ Volume 4. Kaioken x2 is not known, so shouldn't be listed just because it's unknown as to what it does.
Nappa, when calm, matched evenly with powered up Son Goku.
Vegeta was higher than Kaioken before powering up, he should be 17,000.
Vegeta, powered up, was higher than 18,000. He should be 20,000 roughly.
Vegeta's Great Ape form wasn't 180,000. Vegeta was battle damaged, used a ton of energy on the Gyarriku-Ho (Galick Gun) and he expended a good portion of Ki to make the Moon Ball as well, as stated by both him and Son Goku.


Gohan and Kuririn were stated to be about 1,500 against the henchmen.

-Vegeta:24,000+[scouter broke as reading got higher]

Kiwi would probably be better at 19,000. Everyone thought Vegeta was 18,000 beforehand, and Kiwi thought he could beat that, thus...
Vegeta stopped at 24,000. A updated scouter read him at exactly 24,000.


Again, Vegeta was 24,000 stated.


Vegeta was not even close to that far ahead of Monster Zarbon. He simply dodged an attack, put sand in the guys eyes, then pounded him with Ki Blasts for a long time before finishing off the weak and injured Zarbon.

-Kuririn,after Guru power up:19,000
Gohan, after Guru power up:24,000
Rikum[or Recoome]:60,000-

Gohan and Kuririn were stated to be "Over 10,000" so neigher of them should exceed 15,000.
Vegeta was probably only 30,000, tops.
Gurd (Guldo) couldn't have been that high. He was terribly weak, probably only about 2,000.
Reacoom was lower than 60,000. Remember, Ginyu estimated the Goku he knew beat Butta and Reacoom to be 60,000 so clearly that level had to be high enough to kick their butts.

-Son Goku,powered up for Ginyu fight:180,000 Jeice:75,000 Burter[or Baata]:70,000 Rikum:60,000 Captain Ginyu:120,000 Ginyu,in Son Goku's body:23,000-

Goku was using Kaio-ken
Jheese, Reacoom, and Butta were stated to all have the same powerlevels.

-Ginyu,in Son Goku's body:23,000
Ginyu,after figuring out Son Goku's body:100,000 Son Goku,in Ginyu's body:10,000 Son Goku,after figuring out Ginyu's body:110,000

In the Manga, Ginyu never "Figures out" Goku's body, but even if he did, how did it exceed his Base Power Level? Goku's base max was 90,000.
Son Goku didn't fight using Ginyu's body in the Manga, but assuming he had...that's a bit too weak.

Freezer,form 2:1,000,000-

Freeza form 2 was "Over 1,000,000" as stated.

- Piccolo[after fusing with Nail]:880,000 Freezer,form 2:1,000,000 Freezer,form 3:6,000,000-

After Gohan beat him up, Freeza powered up significantly and thus there should be a PL for that and it should be about 1,400,000.
Piccolo was stated to be even better than this, so should be about 1,500,000. After this, Freeza powers up again and beats up Piccolo, then Piccolo removes his weighted clothing and says he'll stop holding back, and scares Freeza into transforming.
Freeza Form 3 is too big a jump, it should be just under 3,000,000.

-Vegeta,after Dende heal:1,000,000
Freezer,form 4:12,000,000-

Vegeta should be stronger than Piccolo by quite a bit and even stronger than Freeza form 3 because he felt he could defeat him.

-Freezer,form 4:12,000,000
Son Goku:300,000
Super Saiya-jin Son Goku:15,000,000-

Okay, I have much work to do here.
Freeza fights Goku using the same level he used against Vegeta, which was an unknown fraction of his power but it was probably 20%. This 20% should be around 4,000,000. Son Goku matches that power level while using Kaio-ken x10 as stated by the Lord of Worlds (Kaio-Sama, King Kai). With this, Freeza powers up to 50% of his power and completely beats the crap out of Goku. At this point, Goku uses the Kaioken x20 and hurts Freeza a bit, but is still inferior to him. He then resorts to the Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) and you know the rest...
Later, we have the Super Saiyan Son Goku. He completely owns on 50% Freeza but after making Namek's core unstable, Freeza hits roughly 70% (He says, "Not even three-quarters of his power.) and hurts Goku slightly, then Freeza powers up to 100%. At this point, he is actually STRONGER than the Super Saiyan Son Goku and proves it by beating him for a while, but since his body is so thrashed Goku says that he is losing power fast and Freeza will soon be even weaker, and this is true. So, they are later even and then Goku takes the higher level of power.

Any of that make sense?

-SSJ Son Goku:40,000,000
King Cold:30,000,000
Freezer Bot:25,000,000
Mirai Trunks:35,000,000 -

How in the world did Goku almost triple his PL in a year and a half?
All he did while away was master the Transformation and learn Warping, he should only increase by about 10 to 20 percent.
Freeza stated he was the strongest in the universe, and thus is stronger than King Cold.
Mirai Trunks was stated by Gohan to have the same power as his father as a Super Saiyan. (SS Trunks, that is) and thus he should be the same as him. Freeza was not fully powered up when Trunks fought him (Gohan said that Freeza could get a lot stronger) so he should be at about was 60% of his PL would measure at on Namek.


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