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Time Traveling & Trunks & Alternate Universe
By Kangal

As you know there are never ending threads about Trunks, Time Travelling and Alternate Universe.

Many address this issue and get confused, then hate dragonball z for not being logical.
Then they watch the DBZ movies and none of it fits into the original plot and get mad again.

I've made a picture of "Trunks odyssey" showing Time Travelling between his universe and creating new ones and also Cell.
I've then went a hundred steps further to give the outline of plots for each universe except the TV series.

I think you should have an open mind, read the theory of time travelling for dbz, then read the history plots.

Time Travelling Theorem
Basically Time Travelling in dbz creates a "new universe" or "alternate reality" contrary to other theories.
And Time Travelling creates a rip in time where a portal is created connecting the two universes.
The portal can ONLY be used twice = go backwards to new universe and forwards to the origin.
After two trips the portal locks, and attempting to travel again would create another "new universe"
In the TV Series, it was implied that Trunks travelled to and fro the universes several times but we can easily assume that was a writers error since it leads to a paradox

Why is it easy to assume this is untrue?
The series implies that after Mecha-Frieza Trunks went back to the future and came back from the future after 3 years to help fight the androids.
Clearly if he had done that, he would have noticed if the future had changed because of his intervention.
And if it had changed he would have not needed to return to the past. If it had not changed then he would conclude that his intervention had no impact.
And if he had thought about why his intervention had no impact he would quickly understand that the past he travelled to was an "alternate reality".
Therefore, Trunks would already know he created a "new universe" instead of finding out about it after losing to Androids 17 & 18, and won't act surprised.
Did I lose you there?

And this leads to the question: how many universes?
Answer: At least 4.
The ones we know: TV series. Future Trunks' universe where the "Free the Future" episode takes place. The Future Trunks' universe where Cell steals the Time Machine.
What is the forth?
It is the universe which Future Trunks' changed (actually saved) that did not include Cell ... ie/ Future Trunks became powerful enough to defeat androids but not Cell!

So why is there 4, instead of just saying Cell enters the universe which he had not?
Firstly, that would lead to a "Time Paradox", and you can't have two things at one time ... that not logical
Secondly, I've specifically stated that a portal can be used twice (to enter and then return) so with that rule, Cell travelling would only create a "new universe"

A picture says a thousand words, so see the picture as good reference to understand the chain of events.
Now that you have grasped the concept and understood its basics, you can now go into the details of each different universe.
There are 3 attached each with corresponding file names, as the missing one is the TV Series and that would take a while to produce.
The documents include basic blueprints of events, but some areas are "new" thus are more detailed.
There are areas which include power levels, that was necessary in producing this "history" logically. However, the power levels are under my standards not the Magna.
Honestly, my standards are much better and accurate as figures stay as small as possible not entering billions and don't make huge random leaps in figures like all other's.
Bon apetit.


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