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The History of DBZ

4) TV's History of Trunks Universe

Goku actually survived the fight with Raditz

Goku held onto Raditz tail and Raditz did not plea but threatened to Goku

Picollo fires Special-Beam and pierces Raditz chest


l  Raditz vs Goku and Picollo

l  Raditz (10,000), Goku (8,000) and Picollo (7,000)

l  Goku doesn't leave tail, Picollo uses special beam --> Goku alive, Raditz chest pierced

l  Raditz says my comrades are stronger than me, they'll come to destroy you

l  Picollo replies let them come, our friends will just wish us back with the dragonballs

l  Raditz: what? Picollo explains the dragonballs.

l  Raditz: We'll they just heard you and they'll be here in 1 year.

l  Picollo convinces Goku to train together with Gohan to prepare for other saiyans

l  Krillin gets the others to train with Kami.


l  The “World's Strongest” movie starts after 1 month.

l  Goku (10,000), Picollo (7,500) and Krillin (5,500) defeat Dr Wheelo Robot (10,000).


Vegeta Arrives

l  Vegeta (24,000) and Nappa (15,000) arrives after another 13 months.

l  Picollo (14,000) defeats 6 x saibamen (5,000 each).

l  Picollo (14,000), Gohan (5,000), Krillin (10,000), Tien (9,000), Yamcha (6,000) and Chaotzu (4,000) defeat Nappa.

l  Goku (16,000) fights Vegeta (24,000) and gets smashed.

l  Goku eats senzu (18,000) + all vs Vegeta --> Vegeta smashed and “all” injured

l  Vegeta turns Oozaru --> all badly injured, Goku saves Gohans life but dies

l  Yajerobe cuts Vegeta's tail --> all fight Vegeta base

l  Tien, Yamcha, Chaotzu all die.

l  Krillin is badly injured and unconscious.

l  Gohan enraged wounds Vegeta badly.

l  Vegeta admires Gohan's saiyan strength (you remind me of my childhood) and lets Gohan go

l  Vegeta tortures picollo for dragonball info. Picollo says that if Vegeta kills Picollo the dragonballs would vanish and he'd rather die than help him.

l  Vegeta lets picollo go, gets frantic and searches for the dragonballs

l  Vegeta starts to destroy cities, demanding the humans give the dragonballs.

l  Humans are wtf? And try to kill Vegeta with armies but fail.



Goku trains with King Kai

l  Gohan and Bulma also search using the scouter and dragon radar

l  Goku and Z-warriors trains with King Kai for 8 months. Picollo trains with Kami.

l  Gohan and Krillin wishes Goku back. Vegeta notices the dragon.

l  Vegeta (26,000) gets furious and fights Gohan. Picollo saves Gohan.

l  Krillin (12,000), Picollo (18,000) and Gohan (7,000) fight Vegeta and get thrashed.

l  Picollo and Krillin are badly wounded. Vegeta gets angry and charges a hit on Gohan.

l  Goku (24,000) comes back in time to save Gohan

l  Vegeta (26,000) matches Goku (30,000) at kaoken x1

l  Vegeta gets thrashed by Goku (35,000) with kaoken x2.

l  Vegeta is nearly dead crawls to space-rocket. “You fools I was trying to wish for immortality, so I could save us all from Frieza”.

l  Vegeta explains that Frieza “his boss” is taking over the universe and Earth is next

l  Goku tells Krillin to let Vegeta go. Vegeta heads back to Frieza.

l  In 4months, every human killed by Vegeta is wished back

l  Tien and Yamcha are back. Choatzu had died before and cannot come back.

l  Peace for 4 months.


l  The “Lord Slug” (edited) movie begins after another 4 months.

l  Goku (32,000), Picollo (21,000), Krillin (15,000), Gohan (11,000).

l  Lord Slug finds the dragon balls and wishes for youth.

l  Lord Slug youth (19,000) and crew (15,000).

l  The crew is eliminated, Picollo duels with lord slug youth and ties.

l  Lord slug transforms into Giant Namek (70,000) and defeats Picollo

l  Goku arrives and also loses to Giant Namek

l  The Giant Namek fires a clusster of beams at Goku who is down.

l  Picollo grabs Goku and saves him. Slug's ship is destroyed.

l  So Lord Slug is angry he grabs and squishes Picollo with his hands

l  Goku watches Picollo dies

l  Goku turns False SS (90,000) and defeats Giant Namek.

l  Picollo (21,000) along with  Chaotzu (12,000) train with King Kai.


l  The “Tree of Might” (edited) movie begins in 10 days.

l  Turles (17,000) plants the seed.

l  Goku (34,000), Tien (17,000), Yamcha (13,000), Krillin (13,000) and Gohan (12,000) defeat Turles crew (14,000 + 8,000 + 6,000).

l  Turles attacks Gohan, instead of Picollo, Tien rescues Gohan.

l  Tien and Turles duel, Tien loses.

l  Goku arrives and dominates Turles.

l  So Turles makes Gohan turn Oozaru (40,000) who attacks Z-warriors. Krillin cuts Gohan's tail with destructo disk.

l  Turles eats the fruit (75,000) and beats kaoken x3 Goku (51,000). Goku severly wounded.

l  Goku blasts a large spirit bomb (150,000) in the Tree that kills Turles and destroys the tree.


Namek Series

l  No more senzu beans. Goku is healing.

l  Goku asks King Kai if he could revive Picollo for them.

l  King Kai says he cannot, but they can use the Namek dragonballs to do so

l  Goku tells Gohan, Krillin, Tien and Yamcha to goto Namek and wish Picollo back.

l  They use Kami's old spaceship to get to Namek.

l  Bulma and dad build a space ship from Lord Slug, Raditz, and Turle's ships parts.

l  Gohan, Krillin, Tien and Bulma get to Namek (5 months) and go to see Elder Namek.

l  No senzu beans and Goku is fully healed.

l  Goku leaves for Namek in Bulma's ship alone.

l  Frieza arrives.

l  Guru gives them Dende and Nail and Password and unlocks some of their powers.

l  Tien (22,000), Gohan (18,000), Krillin (18,000), Yamcha (18,000) go with Nail (38,000) to gather dragonballs.

l  Nail, Yamcha and Dende separate to help Guru as Frieza's henchmen are going to kill him.

l  Frieza collects all of the dragonballs and destroys most of the villages.

l  Frieza cannot summon the dragon so he flys off to get the password from Guru.

l  Nail, Yamcha and Dende arrive. They watch as “Nameks Special Forces” destroy the henchmen.

l  They head back to help Gohan and others.

l  Gohan, Krillin and Tien see Frieza's elite fighters.

l  Tien vs Namstro (11,000) and Cui (14,000), Gohan vs Dodoria (21,000) and Krillin vs Zarbon (18,000).

l  Tien hurts Namstro and Cui. Gohan and Dodoria tie. Krillin and Zarbon tie.

l  Krillin uses distructo disk which misses Zarbon and cuts Dodoria.

l  Tien uses solar flare and knocks out Namstro&Cui.

l  Zarbon transforms (40,000) and smashes Tien.

l  Gohan tries and is knocked back hard after a minute. Krillin is frightened.

l  Zarbon is about to bite Gohan's head off until Vegeta beams him.

l  Vegeta (33,000) vs Tzarbon (39,000) is tied. Then Vegeta starts to lose.

l  Nail arrives and uses special beam that shoots through Zarbons gut.

l  Vegeta kicks Zarbon, throws Dodoria, Cui and Namstro into the water.

l  Nail tells Vegeta to “stay out of their business or else he will die”

l  Vegeta laughs but we have a common enemy, your going to need all the help you can get.

l  Dende heals Tien.

l  Goku trains under x20 gravity for 1 week in base form. Trains under x50 gravity in kaokenx10 form for 1 week. Trains under x50G in base for 1 week. Trains under x100G in kaokenx20 for 1 week. Trains under x100G in kaokenx5 for 2 weeks. Trains under x100G in base for 2 weeks. Rests and takes senzu bean.

l  Goku's ship goes off-course and enters a lighting storm. With the turbulence and computer bugs, the ship spirals out of orbit to a new destination.

l  They find all 7 dragonballs

l  Frieza arrives at Guru's place.

l  Frieza tries to get the password but Guru disagrees. Guru says if he dies so does the dragonballs.

l  Guru telepathically tells Dende that they must make the wishes now

l  Guru explains to Frieza that he was distracting Frieza so the earthlings could make their wish.

l  He says Frieza does not have enough time to get there and stop them.

l  “If I can't get my wish, then noone will!!” Frieza blasts a beam at Namek.

l  Guru telepathically tells Dende that Namek will explode.

l  Dende explains it. Vegeta says “Its my turn, make me immortal so I can stop Frieza”.

l  Nail lies says wishes can only be used for good and Vegeta has a dark soul no such wish can be made

l  Dende wishes Picollo (26,000) alive, all Nameks killed by Frieza to come alive, then everyone on Namek besides Frieza to goto Earth.

l  Namek explodes quickly and Frieza flies away without his ship.


Everyone Back on Earth

l  Goku (43,000) is fully healed.

l  Vegeta explains how Frieza will come to Earth, make his wish then destroy the planet

l  Picollo says then we'll get ready. How easily was “Frieza's best” (Zarbon) disposed.

l  King Kai explains to Gohan that he has bad news. Goku may be dead, he cannot detect his life signals

l  They try to wish Goku back but Namek Dragon says: he is alive and says he will come back in a year.

l  They wish for Chaotzu (15,000) wished back.

l  Then they wish for planet Namek to be restored.

l  Then they wish for all Namekians are wished to Planet Namek, excluding Picollo, Kami, Dende and Nail.

l  Dende and Nail stay behind. You helped us from Frieza, now its our turn to help you.

l  Vegeta takes Nappa's spaceship to find Goku and learn the technique which makes him increase his power drastically (Kaoken)


l  “Garlic Jr” saga begins.

l  Picollo (29,000), Krillin (20,000), Gohan (22,000) vs Garlic Jr (18,000), Helper1(15,000) and Helper2 (14,000).

l  Picollo expanded (32,000), Gohan enraged (29,000), Krillin (20,000) vs Garlic Jr Transformed (28,000), Helper1 transformed (21,000), Helper2 transformed (23,000).

l  8 weeks have passed since Namek has been destroyed.

l  Goku crash lands in a strage planet called Yardat.

l  From the impact Goku is hurt and knocked out.

l  But the little alien's heal him, clothes him and teach him instant transmission.

l  They repair his spaceship “Only the outer-casing is damaged, all the vital parts are intact.”

l  While training in Yardat, Goku picks up a parasite that tries to peirce his skin

l  It fails so it hides in his clothes.

l  Goku returns to Earth while training under x100 gravity in base form and kaoken x20 form.

l  Apparently the ship could not exceed x100 gravity pressure.

l  Apparently Goku cannot surpass kaoken x20 (ie kaoken x21 not possible)


Ginyu Series

l  3 months after the revival of Namek.

l  King Kai telepathically tells Kami and the others that Frieza is coming to Earth in 4 months.

l  Picollo trains with Gohan. Other Z-warriors train for Frieza.

l  Vegeta arrives from space after nearly running out of fuel and failing to find Goku.

l  Then the Ginyu Force arrives.

l  Apparently Frieza deployed them when he boarded his other ship.

l  They were closer to Earth than Frieza so got there first.

l  Capt Ginyu (110,000), Recoome (60,000), Burter (45,000), Jeice (37,000), Guldo (4,000)

l  Nail tells Dende to goto Kami where it will be safe.

l  Vegeta explains they are Frieza's special hitmen much stronger than Zarbon.

l  Ginyu force detect the largest energy (36,000) Nail by scouter so they rush to him.

l  Guldo tries first, Picollo (33,000) kills Guldo, Gohan (29,000) dodges Guldos attack

l  Recoome loses rock-scissors-paper.

l  Burter thrashes Nail (36,000). Jeice hurts Picollo.

l  Capt Ginyu leaves to search for the dragonballs. “Theyre easy, you can handle them”


l  The shockwaves and power emmited sounds the alarm in Gero's lab

l  Apparently a fight is occuring, so Gero's works fast to get his “Spy bug” on the scene


l  Then Picollo steps in and double teams with Nail. They tie against Burter.

l  Gohan starts to fight Jeice and is dominated.

l  C'Ginyu senses 4 low powers flying to the the Ginyu's but proceeds to find dragonballs

l  Then Vegeta (46,000), Tien (26,000), Krillin (22,000), Yamcha (20,000) arrive.

l  Krillin and Yamcha help Gohan, Jeice is beaten.

l  Tien attacks Recoome.

l  Recoome is smashed but gets up like nothing and thrashes Tien.

l  Gohan helps Picollo, Burter is hurt.

l  Krillin and Yamcha try to help Tien but get thrashed.

l  The senzu beans in Krillin's bag fall down on the ground.

l  Vegeta arrives and taunts them.

l  Jeice gets up and flies away to get C'Ginyu.

l  Vegeta starts to fight Burter, gets dominated.

l  Burter smashes Vegeta to Recoome, Recoome big smashes Vegeta to the ground.

l  Vegeta is hurt badly.

l  Recoome does rock-scissors-paper with Burter

l  Burter wins, tells Recoome to stay out of it.

l  Burter (hurt) fights all of them = Nail (hurt), Picollo (hurt), Gohan (hurt).

l  They all tie.

l  Krillin tries to get up, sees a senzu beans landed next to him and crawls and gets it.

l  All other beans were destroyed by Burter's beams

l  Vegeta sees him and tells him to give it to him.

l  Krillin hesitates, then he breaks it in half.

l  Krillin takes one and gives the other piece to Vegeta.

l  Burter goes down to fight on the ground, the three fly down.

l  Burter fires 2 opposite beams. One at Gohan, the other at Nail.

l  Picollo rushes in and elbows it away, Nail dodges it but loses his arm.

l  Krillin rushes at Burter with a headbutt and knocks him good.

l  Picollo charges his “Special beam canon”

l  Burter smashes Krillin down, Gohan rallies with Burter.

l  Burter smashes Gohan down, Picollo shoots Burter down.

l  Recoome is in awe, gets furious and charges at Picollo.

l  Vegeta intercepts (54,000) him. They tie.

l  Recoome is astonished how strong Vegeta has become.

l  Recoome grabs Vegeta's fists and headbutts him.

l  Recoome seems to still have the edge.

l  Recoome fires a beam at Picollo which hits him, knocking him out.

l  Nail regrows his arm.

l  Out of no-where Goku appears (instant transmission).

l  Goku dodges all of Recoomes hits and takes him out with one hit.

l  Goku says he got there as fast as he can and I.T. is a secret

l  Vegeta kills Recoome and Burter.

l  Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to take Picollo, Tien and Yamcha to Korin and get the senzu beans.

l  They hesitate. C'Ginyu and Jeice arrive.

l  Goku challenges Ginyu and Jeice to a fight with Vegeta somewhere else.

l  Ginyu agrees and the four leave.

l  Dende at Kami's lookout decides to go and help the fighters

l  The fight begins and Vegeta escapes.

l  C. Ginyu powers fully (110,000) scouter. Goku base powers fully (69,000).

l  They duel and Goku is being dominated.

l  Goku says “you want me to power up?” Kaoken x5, Goku powers to 130,000 Ginyu's scouter blows.

l  Doesn't believe it.

l  C. Ginyu hurts himself does body change.

l  Goku (actually Ginyu) comes back with Jeice.

l  Gohan(hurt) and Krillin(hurt) are still there.

l  Seems Nail(hurt and weak) took Yamcha and Tien to Korins tower.

l  Goku (act. Ginyu) says Jeice has decided to be good and join our team.

l  Goku (act. Ginyu) thinks “just need to take out these two”

l  Vegeta arrives

l  Gohan realizes its not Goku.

l  Goku (C. Ginyu) [28,000] vs Krillin and Gohan --> Goku (act. Ginyu loses)

l  Vegeta vs Jeice –> kills Jeice.

l  Goku (act. Ginyu) dominates Krillin and Gohan.

l  Vegeta steps in.

l  Goku (C. Ginyu) is losing to Vegeta, so he does body change

l  C. Ginyu (act. Goku) intercepts and is given his old body back

l  Goku (Goku) is severly wounded.

l  C. Ginyu (C. Ginyu) is severly wounded [45,00]

l  Goku “Watch out he fires a beam which trades your body”

l  C. Ginyu attacks Gohan, Krillin joins in

l  Vegeta yells “now its my turn” and starts the attack

l  C. Ginyu does last body change to Vegeta, Vegeta throws a frog at C. Ginyu

l  C. Ginyu (act. frog) hops away.

l  Frog (act. Ginyu) hops away.

l  Picollo manages to get up but severely hurt.

l  Goku passes out so Picollo takes him to Korins tower.

l  Vegeta to Gohan “You suprise me boy. So I have brought you a little gift. These are saiyan suits. I have another one you might like to give your baldy friend.

l  Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta change into Saiyan suits.

l  Picollo arrives but there are no senzu beans, so he goes to Kami's lookout.

l  At Kami's lookout Mr Popo is using the healing ritual to restore Yamcha and Tien.


l  Mr Popo looks at Goku and says “he is on the line of life and death” and begins healing

l  While healing Goku, the parasite crawls out from the garment and enters his skin through a cut

l  The parasite begins to feed off Goku and it introduces some alien viruses.

l  Mr Popo senses the bug and with psycic ability pulls it out

l  The bug rushes back to Goku so Mr Popo flicks it, falls from the tower and crashes into the ocean.


l  Nail tells Picollo to stay and get rested. He says Mr Popo restored his health and energy

l  Nail says it's ok, he'll look after Gohan. Nail leaves.

l  Mr Popo begins the healing ritual/takes care of them.

l  Out of no where they see Frieza arrives.



l  Nail arrives near Gohan.

l  Vegeta says that's Friea's ship.

l  Krillin says that they should gather the dragonballs while someone distracts Frieza.

l  Nail says “I'll do it. By the way I owe him a beating”

l  Gohan says “we are all strong enough together, we should get him by suprise”

l  Nail says “No let's not leave anything to chance, I will buy us some time”

l  Vegeta “well if you want to fight Frieza head-on and get killed that's your own death-wish”

l  Mr Popo completely restores Yamcha and Tien. They leave towards Gohan.

l  Nail goes to confront Frieza

l  Vegeta and Krillin search for the dragonballs

l  Vegeta thinks “what idiots, now its my chance to wish for immortality”

l  Nail(hurt) is thrashed by Frieza

l  They gather 6 dragonballs but haven't summoned the dragon

l  Frieza greets Vegeta.

l  Vegeta tells Frieza to transform.

l  Vegeta (55,000) matches Frieza base, no armour.

l  Frieza transforms into Bull Frieza (75,000)

l  Dende arrives he heals Nail and they leave to confront Frieza

l  Frieza dominates Vegeta

l  Vegeta is knocked out by Frieza

l  Gohan (31,000) and Krillin (24,000) tag team but are beaten.

l  Krillin is knocked out so Gohan becomes enraged.

l  Gohan rallies and smacks Frieza many times

l  Frieza recovers and smacks Gohan away

l  Picollo is fully healed and leaves to fight Frieza

l  Tien (28,000) and Yamcha (22,000) arrive

l  They tag team Frieza and also beaten

l  Gohan, Tien, Krillin and Yamcha are all hurt

l  They try a 4-way team up against Frieza

l  Bull Frieza is hurt

l  Bull Frieza keeps getting hurt until he grabs Yamcha's leg and tosses him down

l  Bull Frieza then charges at Krillin getting him with his horns

l  Gohan and Tien tag team and tie

l  Frieza then shoots Tien down and thrashes Gohan

l  Frieza picks up Yamcha and uses him as a bat to hit Krillin

l  Tien flies up and charges his Tri-beam but Frieza throws Yamcha at Tien

l  Tien and Yamcha fly off and land into the mountain knocked out.

l  Then Picollo and Nail arrive, Dende is hiding

l  Picollo (43,000) and Nail (46,000) double-team and do well

l  Bull Frieza decides to transform.

l  Alien Frieza (120,000) emerges.

l  Dende heals Vegeta (64,000) first.

l  Picollo and Nail try again but are overwhelmed.

l  Vegeta attempts and performs well

l  Dende now starts healing Gohan (40,000), Krillin (27,000), Tien and Yamcha in order

l  Nail begs Picollo to fuse to defeat Frieza, he agrees. Picollo/Nail (98,000)

l  Frieza still beats Vegeta down.

l  Picollo fights Alien Frieza.

l  Picollo dominates.

l  Gohan and Krillin are healed.

l  But it turns out Frieza was just toying with him.

l  Gohan and Krillin attack Frieza and help Picollo.

l  Now they team up and Frieza still dominates them.


Super Saiyan Series

l  “Let me demonstrate to you, the first opponents to have seen me in my Final form”

l  Picollo “he's bluffing”. Frieza begins to transform.

l  Final Form Frieza emerges.

l  Frieza kills Dende, who nearly finished healing Vegeta again.

l  Vegeta emerges stating he is a Super Saiyan.


l  Gero's “Spy Bug” only arrives on the scene.

l  It takes images of Frieza and Vegeta. Then transmission cuts out because Vegeta powered up.


l  Vegeta (78,000) attacks Frieza only to be slowly and painfully beaten to a pulp

l  Goku awakens and is fully healed, flys to the battle.

l  Goku arrives. Vegeta states Goku is a Super Saiyan

l  Vegeta explains Frieza's history and how Vegeta strived so hard to become immortal so he can avenge the death of his race.

l  Vegeta is killed by Frieza.

l  Goku is furious attacks Frieza with kaokenx20 (195,000).

l  Frieza half-powered up (300,000) wins.

l  Goku does Spirit bomb (400,000) and hits Frieza. They think he died, but he gets up furious fires a laser beam at Goku, Pico-Nail covers and gets severly damaged unconscious.

l  Frieza levitates and explodes Krillin. Goku turns Premature Super Saiyan.

l  Goku tells Gohan to leave with Picollo

l  Frieza tries to stop them, Goku smashes Frieza

l  Frieza fully powers (6.5M) and gets defeated by Prem SS Goku (7.5M).

l  Gohan also takes Tien and Yamcha and goes to Kami's lookout

l  Goku toys with Frieza and tells him to back off, but Frieza continues.

l  Frieza grows desperate and shoots a “Trump Card”, Goku catches it and pushed underground

l  Goku wastes a lot of energy and neutralizes the ball

l  Freiza dives into Goku pushing him to Earth's core

l  Gohan realizes something is wrong turns back

l  Gohan attacks Frieza which hurts him, then Frieza chases Gohan

l  Goku emerges from the ground heavily damaged and weak, Gohan goes away

l  Goku and Frieza continue but this time Goku isnt so forgiving

l  Frieza needs to rest his body lands and throws two Destructo Disks

l  Goku evades disks

l  Frieza's disks cut Frieza, Frieza begs.

l  Goku lends some of his energy. Tells him to fly away from Earth or otherwise he will kill him.

l  Frieza flies away to space, Fires a beam.

l  Goku counters and Frieza gets blown away to space on kamehameha.


l  Gero arrives on the battle zone the next day.

l  He collects samples of Frieza's blood



l  Now Dende wishes to stay and learn from Kami, perhaps becoming the new Guardian of the Earth

l  Everyone killed by Frieza is wished back = inc Vegeta

l  Vegeta promises not to become immortal but strives to become a Super Saiyan

l  Goku doesn't agree to teach Vegeta how to become a Super Saiyan

l  He says “first I think you need to enter a zone of peak power in your base saiyan form”

l  “the rest just happened I don't know how, maybe it was something that happened in Space”


Revenge of Cooler

l  Goku and Gohan take a break from training and go camping with Krillin

l  Everything according to movie

l  Coolers 5th form changelion is just an overpowered 3rd form, thus it is an incomplete/imperfect form

l  Cooler (0.9M), Salza (70,000), Naiz (44,000) and Doure (44,000).

l  SS Goku (4M), Goku kaioken (0.2M), Picollo (0.12M), Gohan (57,000).

l  Vegeta undergoes training under x300 gravity.

l  Vegeta reaches a peak/plateau but cannot turn Super Saiyan


Arrival of Mecha-Frieza and King Cold

l  Apparently Frieza was launched very far away with the kameha.

l  King Cold arrived in Earth's Solar System and ordered a search.

l  They discovered Frieza in a deep-coma, sliced in portions

l  The expert doctors fixed him with mechanical limbs and cured his wounds

l  They stuck him into a healing chamber and electrically awaken him


l  After 1year Frieza arrives

l  Now Goku and all Z-warriors arrive near his ship.

l  Frieza sends his henchmen to search for the Z-warriors

l  Goku tells everyone to stay behind

l  Goku uses instant transmission and arrives near Frieza

l  Mecha-Frieza thought Goku had died and is terrified

l  Mecha-Frieza launches a death ball towards the planet

l  Goku turns super saiyan and catches it and neutralizes it

l  Goku tells Frieza “I told you to change your ways and stay away from planet Earth”

l  King Cold shoots a beam at Goku which has no effect

l  Goku gets angry and smashes Frieza

l  After a rather pathetic and dramatic battle, Goku defeats Frieza and King Cold

l  A henchman sends Cooler a transmission “on Earth a Saiyan killed Frieza and King Cold”

l  Then Goku destroys the ship and the henchman.

l  Gero captures Frieza's blood and he personally observes it, not Gero's computer

l  The next day a big power surge happens on his island, and power is not restored for a week.

l  As a result of the frustrating and disappointing power failure, Dr Gero loses his alfa-android models

l  Androids 13, 14, 15 and 16 are lost

l  For the next month Gero works to install a back-up power generator

l  Following this Gero works hard to restore his IA computer

l  Gero lets the computer analyse Frieza's DNA while he continues the build on the Androids

l  Vegeta and Bulma have Trunks


Return of Cooler

l  After 1 year of training Goku is past the premature point

l  Picollo (150,000), Gohan (71,000) and Krillin (39,000).

l  Trunks has also exceeded the premature point and has a break from training

l  Vegeta has just turned Super Saiyan (Premature) in space.

l  King Kai telepathically tells Goku of the problem, he IT there

l  Gohan finds out the problem from Goku but says its too dangerous for them

l  Gohan tells Picollo, and knows Bulma would have the solution -> they blast off

l  When Vegeta senses a Super Saiyan on nearby planet he goes there, where he helps Goku

l  Everything else is according to movie


Death of Goku and everyone else

l  Goku dies of an unknown heart virus

l  Dr Gero is unaware of Goku's death

l  Years later on an island 9 miles south of Southcity Island Dr Gero releases Androids 19 and 20

l  Z-warriors defeat both androids although Android 20 escapes back to his laboratory

l  And 17 & 18 released, And 17 kills Gero

l  Vegeta finds the lab and destroys it whilst the Androids dodge the attack

l  Cell project continues underground is unharmed

l  All fighters die except Gohan and Trunks survive

l  And 17 & 18 wreak havoc on the planet


Androids Series

l  Gohan vows for vengeance

l  Gohan trains in the mountains for a few years, however the androids find Gohan

l  Gohan attempt to fight but the androids toy with him

l  Gohan becomes lucky when they smack him to the water, he was able to swim away

l  Mr Popo watches the androids activity and decideds to do something

l  Mr Popo finds the andriods and begs them to stop destroying the planet

l  The androids make fun of his “flying carpet and hat” and say destroying is fun

l  Mr Popo has no alternative throws a jar at them to trap them within it

l  Both androids dodge it “wow my mum throws faster than that”

l  The androids kill Mr Popo

l  Gohan travels to the Antractic to train however the andoids sense his training and show

l  Gohan goes into hiding then the androids leave

l  Gohan decides to see Kami but sees it has become abandoned

l  Gohan goes and gets senzu beans from Korins tower

l  Within many years, Gohan secretively trains until one day he turns into a SS

l  Bulma attempts to find New Namek but fails

l  Bulma decides to build a Time Machine

l  Gohan continually tries to battle the androids but is too slow, too powerless or out numbered

l  One day Gohan meets Trunks, a determined saiyan

l  Gohan believes that with training Trunks could become a SS

l  Gohan believes that Time Travelling is impossible and that only two SS can defeat the androids

l  One battle Gohan dies and Trunks turns SS

l  SS Trunks also fails to defeat androids

l  At this period Bulma's prototype works

l  Trunks patiently waits for the Time Machine to be finalized

l  Trunks travels back in time to change past and save the future of androids

l  Travelling in time creates a new alternate universe

l  A Time portal opens between that future and the past of the alternate universe

l  The opened portal remains open and is instantly closed if the Time Machine travels back to the original future.


Cell Series

l  Trunks returns back to his future 10 seconds after he left

l  This baffles and suprises Bulma

l  Trunks destroys both Androids

l  Trunks expects Cell

l  Trunks and Cell fight and Trunks kills Cell

l  Thus the episode “Free the Future” from the TV Series takes place

l  Trunks and Bulma focus on repairing the planet

l  No Buu Saga

l  No other significant threat is concieved

l  Peace follows



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