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Blue Stalemate


Card Ratings
Average Score: 2.97

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.29.05


Matthew Low
Blue Stalemate – Arrival
Common - #23
Event Combat
1: Your opponent's MP loses 1 stage, and you may put up to 2 cards from your discards at the bottom of your Life Deck.

If you’re playing Blue, there’s no reason not to play this. You trade a stage for one from your opponent, so no real stage loss. This can easily deny your opponent from using his finisher or a block later down the line. But the key is the regeneration of two cards. Regeneration isn’t all that plentiful in Re-Z, so you should take advantage of what you can. Not to mention this isn’t removed from the game, so you can theoretically infinitely regenerate Stalemates and continue to stall your opponent until you build up the hand size to Blue Strength your opponent (did I forget to mention that regenerating Blue Strength is a good thing?).

4.9 out of 5.0

Blue Stalemate

When I chose this card, I thought Blue Stalemate was free to use. I was wrong. It costs 1 stage to use and your opponent loses 1 stage. So it's just a trade off. I see this as a "limbo" card. Meaning that it would intially go into a player's deck, but once they start tweaking and removing the excess fat, this card is gone.

Although, this card is almost a staple in any Freestyle Dragon Ball deck.


Richard Barbee
Blue Stalemate
Card Number: 23
Card Type: Combat - Event
Rarity: Common
Expansion: Arrival
Card Text:
1: Your opponent's MP loses 1 stage, and you may put up to 2 cards from your discards at the bottom of your Life Deck.

And today, we close out the first week of Re-Z with Blue Stalemate. Now, this card isn't too bad for a common. Most people see this and go "EW 1 cost to do 1 damage". But you get advantage of 2 cards returning to your life deck. Sure, that's not a whole lot, but it's not bad in a blue deck either. All in all though, I think there are better cards. And since decks HAVE to be 60 cards, unless you just need the filler, I wouldn't recomend running it. It's not really worth it to get bad hand advantage just to deal 1 damage to both players and regen 2 cards. But that's just me...

Rating: 3/5
Dave Fashbinder Blue Stalemate

An interesting card that feels like it should be Namekian, Blue Stalemate is a good card in the right Blue build, or even in a colorless beat-lock build. Regen is hard to come by in this game, especially cheap Regen, so this card gains a lot of value in both its dimensions. The -1 stage to your opponent is okay, but if Blue is waiting for its one big turn, your opponent might have a number of stages to spare.

Rating - 2/5 : Interesting in beatdown/lockdown colorless hybrids, but it doesn't really do anything to make normal Blue decks accomplish their goal.


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