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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Paid Off
Arrival Expansion


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.62

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.28.05


Matthew Low
Paid Off – Arrival
Rare - #221
Event Combat
0: When any player gains stages, increase that amount by +1 for this turn and the next.

While I like this card, I also don’t like it at the same time. It works best in decks that have a lot of stage gain, like Namekian Saibaimen. The bad part about it is that while it can help you, you might be helping your opponent even more without even knowing it. I have a tough time granting card slots for a card that can help your opponent as I’d rather have something that only helps me.

At a zero cost and freestyle, you should be seeing a lot of people running this. Namekian turns this card into two stages with the Mastery and powering up the next turn. Saiyan can have Energy Gatherings and Ki Charges to abuse with it. And so forth.

If you’re struggling to find cards that give you stage gain and you have some consistent way of gaining stages, try this card out. Might help, might not. Depends a whole lot on what your opponent has though.

4.3 out of 5.0

Paid Off

Paid Off. This card has a love/hate relationship with me. I love it when used at the right times, but if you play it at the wrong time, it can totally backfire on you. Namekian and Saiyan abuse this card infinitely though. Namekian Mastery, Saiyan Happiness, Saiyan Energy Gathering. You get the point. Try using it when your opponent has 0 power stages to work with. If they can't gain anymore stages, you're free to explode on them.


Richard Barbee
Paid Off
0: When any player gains stages, increase that amount by +1 for this turn and the next.

Yay, a free card! In costs anyways. This card is okay for all extensive purposes. The biggest problem is, your opponent gets a bigger advantage, unless you have some extra power up cards to make this worth while. How? Because he gets the effect from the card you are playing as well. This means you're losing hand advantage for an effect that helps both players out. But that's all technical shiz. So, most of the time, this card will affect both players during the power up stage. Best case scenario is that he has 1 Personality and you have 3. Why? That means that once that one reaches full, no more power. When one of yours reaches full, you still have the other 2 to power up. That can be kinda fun in one aspect, but it doesn't make up for the bad hand advantage. All in all, I don't really like this card. Giving up a card from my hand to help both players out gives my opponent a better chance.

Rating: 3/5
Dave Fashbinder For all of my styled cards, I am rating them as they function within the style. If a style is weaker than another style, I will not rate its cards worse than another style's.

Paid Off

This card is really, really strong. It works ridiculously well with cards such as Saiyan Happiness, Tien's Help, and Namekian Conservation Mastery. It's a zero-cost, colorless event so it is easy to play and will be very popular. In a game where stage gain is important, getting free stages (sometimes in abundance) is the way to go. I expect this card to see play in a large number of Saiyan decks, Human decks, and some Namekian decks.

Rating - 4/5 : Paid Off, when played in decks that it should be, is one of the set's strongest cards. It has a wide number of uses in a pool of good decks, and will be one of the game's early money cards.

meb9000 Paid Off
Event Combat

0: When any player gains stages, increase that amount by +1 for this turn and the next.


Here's a card that is surprisingly not limit one like its similarly good freestyle card Refill, which means you can probably expect this card to be run in multiples to help fuel many different combo strategies.

This card is definitely the definition of a double-edged sword, but if you can make it so you can take advantage of the extra stage gain better than your opponent, this card will turn over games for sure. Yet another example of how much strategy is needed to win in the latest reincarnation of DBZ, Paid Off is in my opinion one of those cards that test your knowledge of how the game works. One of the best uses of this card is to give you enough stages to either play your finisher or to play out a bunch of supports that could seal the game for your opponent. This card also was seen to do very well in limited games during the demo tournaments, as it proved to be one of those vital stage gain cards in a smaller card pool. Use this card well, as it can win many a game for you.


4.5/5: Will help your opponent as well, but advantages can be enormous here.

Until next time!-meb9000
Paid Off

I’m going to go into a full review for this card. It’s just … another filler, in my case. When any player gains stages, increase it by +1 for this turn and the next. Key word: ANY. I’d just use it as a filler. Enough said. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like this card.
Brian Valdez Paid Off is easily going to be one of the more abused cards in the current enviroment, as I see many decks using this card to their advantage. The style that inheritantly gets the most use though, would easily be the powerhouse Saiyan style. As for which MP...none other than Saibamen. In the game powerstages play a vital role, and mismanagement can cause you a game...paid off simply gives you more options to work with...sets you up to empty out a hand etc....One of the top cards in the set.



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