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Earth Dragon Ball 4


Card Ratings
Average Score: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.27.05


Matthew Low
Earth Dragon Ball 4 - Arrival
Uncommon - #119
Dragon Ball
CONSTANT - Attacks from your Named cards do +1 damage.

This Dragon Ball is one of the best in my opinion, but that's because I'm an
ally person. Pretty much the only named attacks are your characters
themselves and the finishers, and the finishers will probably only be used
one or two times during a game anyway. Thus, this works best in decks that
run three characters that all want to use their power, giving you a net
damage gain of three per turn.

Run this Dragon Ball in your deck if you think you'll be attacking using
personality powers more often than not. Of course, watch for Captures
because having two of them used on you at once isn't fun.

4.5 out of 5.0

Earth Dragon Ball 4

Heh, the first time I saw this card I thought it was HORRIBLE. The only possibility I saw with this card was making finishers do +1 damage. But then I remembered it affects personality powers too. So it wasn't as bad as I first thought.

Most players would leave this out of their deck for a more superior card.
If you are playing against someone and they put this into play, it would be a good idea to surmise that this player is running all 7 Earth Balls and looking for a backup victory.


Richard Barbee
Earth Dragon Ball 4
CONSTANT - Attacks from your Named cards do +1 damage.

What happened to the good cards we were reviewing? Attacks from my named cards do +1 damage. In this game, +1 damage isn't too bad, but it's still nothing to write home about. But this just makes it better. It has to be NAMED cards to get the +1 mod. So, between you and your allies, you might have enough for... 12 different named attacks? Out of a 60 card deck, leaving you with this crappy Dragon Ball having no other power. Just stay far away unless you happen to be attepting to use a Dragon Ball deck (good luck then).

Rating: 2/5
Dave Fashbinder For all of my styled cards, I am rating them as they function within the style. If a style is weaker than another style, I will not rate its cards worse than another style's.

Earth Dragon Ball 4

Eh, this Dragon Ball doesn't thrill me that much. I like it in Human decks where you have powers like Yamcha, Baseball Extraordinare and Tien, Ready for Action that can refocus for a good amount of damage already, but with this card only affecting Finishers and Personality powers, it will really only find its way into decks that are trying to win by DB Victory...for the time being.

Rating - 1/5 : If your opponent drops this card, it makes their intentions pretty obvious -- DB Victory. And we all know how solid that is right now.

meb9000 Earth Dragonball 4

CONSTANT: Your attacks from Named Cards do +1 damage.

Here we have the first review of the set of Earth Balls from the Arrival Saga. Just in case you don't know, Dragonballs are pretty much no longer sacred in the game. They can be discarded from the deck, removed, searched for, you name it. They just happen to let you win if you get all seven, lol. Also, Dballs are played from your hand during your attack phase now. Remember this...

For the review, we have a very simple constant effect here, but unfortunately its play value is just as diminuitive. Given the fact that named cards can only be used by their namesake, and that named cards in general aren't in high number makes this effect difficult to activate in the first place. Even if you do get a few named ATTACKS together, they do a whopping +1 damage =/

However, do not despair so much for that side of things, the key potential for this card is that it adds the bonus to your personality powers as well, making any decently costed power a little better by adding some oomph to it. That is where I think this card will do its best.

2/5 Can help MP powers, but beyond that doesn't have a whole lot of of use. It still is needed for DBall victory, so it will have some use always.

Until next time!-meb9000
Earth Dragon Ball 4

Meh … for our first Dragon Ball review, we get a “decent” one. It’s Constant, and all the named cards do +1 damage. That’s pretty good, since every little bit helps. I can’t tell you how many times I lost by just 1 card. Anyway, you want a review, not a life story. I wouldn’t REALLY use this Dragon Ball unless you’re running a Dragon Ball Deck. Then, well, duh, use it. There’s not really much to say about this card, just use it in a Dragon Ball deck. If you want to use it in another Deck, make sure that you tried all other cards before this one.


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