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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Nappa, Faithful Cohort


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.26.05


Matthew Low
Nappa, Faithful Cohort Level 1 - Arrival Uncommon - #137 Personality - Ally
Physical for 0.
Saiyan 2: Draw a card for each Saiyan in play.

Don't expect to be doing damage with Nappa. His power level brings 3-4 base,
which is decent. The key with him is the ability to refresh your hand after
dealing it out. Of course, the best case scenario is to play a full set of
Saiyans to abuse his power, and it works even better when your opponents are
as well.

I would only play him if you have at least one other Saiyan. Two for 1 card
isn't that great; you might as well play Piccolo then. Unless, of course,
you foresee lots of Saiyans being played.

He's a great ally, but only when you build the deck round needing to draw

4.3 out of 5.0
Dave Fashbinder For all of my styled cards, I am rating them as they function within the style. If a style is weaker than another style, I will not rate its cards worse than another style's.

Nappa, Faithful Cohort

Nappa is going to be very popular. In a metagame mostly dominated by Saiyans, Nappa can easily draw 4-5 cards with his power. Now, this is excellent in a number of decks, especially ones that want to win by Dragon Ball victory. It's actually a lot less useful in beatdown decks, since Nappa's power itself costs 2 stages and you're adding 4-5 cards to the pool of cards you want to use in that turn. With everything in this game having a cost, you will probably end up discarding 2-3, or more, cards from your hand at the end of combat in order to reach the 6-card hand limit. Obviously suited for characters with higher PUR's, Nappa will also find his way into a number of decks that have issues with dealing large amounts of damage. This is a problem, as you have to make the best use of your stages in order to use the most amount of cards in your hand. He's very strong in certain decks, mostly Vegeta Saiyan and Dragon Ball decks, but I have a feeling he will see play in a lot more decks than he should.

Rating - 3.75/5 -- If you use Nappa in the right deck, he will be great, but you have to make sure you understand the concept that drawing 4-5 cards means you're taking 4-5 damage.

meb9000 Nappa, Faithful Cohort
Ally Personality-Saiyan


2: 0 :Draw a card for each Saiyan in play.

Welcome welcome to the second COTD for the new Dragonbal Z Trading card game. Here we have our first ally review, and it is for Nappa in his favorite position, a cohort to Vegeta lol. Anyway, Nappa has more potential as an ally than as an MP in Arrival thus far IMHO, and when used wisely, this version of him could be used right.

The effect he has is very simple, allowing you to draw up to 3 cards if you have all 3 possible saiyans in play. It does no damage, which is a downer, but you could still refocus with it, as it is an attack, just to get the card draw. Not the brightest thing to do with your stages, however. This card, like Nappa's level 3 HT, can give good card advantage, but in the new DBZ game, card advantage has almost been thrown out the window, since everything costs stages and you can't just throw out every huge attack in hand with no worries. Having to devote 2 of your PUR to nappa in order to use his power will have to be done with care, make sure you have enough stages left in order to use the cards you draw. I could see this working well in Saiyan or Namekian as an ally, as they have ways to gain stages that will prove invaluable after using this effect.


2.5/5: His power will draw decently for you, but difficult to use to complete effect, and does no damage.

Until next time!-meb9000
Brian Valdez Now this is what I call some major card advantage. In case you don't know card advantage has always been one of the strongest factors in just about any cardgame.

At the very least, Nappa's power is going to be an attack that draws you 1 card for 2 powerstages. If you choose to run an additional 2 "Saiyan"
heritage personalities you can draw up to 3. If this wasn't enough, if your opponent is playing any saiyans, you gain an additional card draw for each of their "Saiyan's" in play as. At its peak potential, thats an attack that draws you 6 additional cards in your hand for just 2 powerstages, quite the bargain. On average I would expect 3-4 card draws though.

The problem with Nappa lies in the fact that he can very well be your undoing if not used in the right way. Cause 30 cards in hand won't mean a damn thing if you have no powerstages to use those cards.

In addition to this very powerful effect, by playing Nappa, you gain access to Nappa's named card which is one of the best defensive cards in the game.
5 damage for 0 cost aint bad at all.


Nappa, Faithful Cohort





2000 Saiyan 2: Draw a card for each Saiyan in play

Today we have Nappa. I remember the old Trunks Saga days... Back when Nappa sucked. Thankfully, Score did too. Nappa is now a playable character (OMG). Not bad on stages, at his highest power stage he'll do around 5 damage for AT. But his power is where he really shines. Throw him in a deck with Vegeta as your MP, and Goku/Raditz/Gohan as an ally and let the fun begin. Drawing 3 cards every turn for 2 stages is fun... Not to mention Allies have a lot of power here, as you essentially get 10 more stages for playing 2 allies. That's always useful. But enough rambling, there just isn't too much to say. He is obviously best if you are running a deck with 2 other Saiyan Personalities; otherwise, leave him alone unless you just need that extra ally.

Rating: 4/5
Nappa Faithful Cohort

We review our first Ally in the game, and what a better one to start off with then Nappa. Here’s a little fact about our big friend: he’s really big. Well, that’s our “fact of the day”, so here’s a little review for the big guy. A power of 4000 isn’t THAT bad, since it’s the start of the game all over the place, but I would have expected him to maybe have a little more. But of course, he’s a Level 1 Personality. His effect is … well … let’s just say it can go either way. Draw a card for each Saiyan in play. It’s good if you have no cards in your hand, but it can also make you lose a lot faster. If you need two or three cards, yah, use it. But don’t use it if you got a lot of Saiyans in play. It’s just not right. I can’t really say TOO much about this guy, mainly because I don’t like him. If you’re a Nappa fan, use him if you want to, but I wouldn’t. I’m sorry, but I just don’t like him.

Tuesday July 26th - Nappa, Faithful Cohort

In my opinion, it is always hard to give an all around review on allies.
Ally wise, this is one of the best allies in the game. It's a physical costing 2, doing 0 damage but draws a card for each Saiyan in play.
Saiyan personalities seem to be very popular in this game so it is not hard at all to draw 4, 5 or even 6 cards with this ally.

Card advantage isn't as important in this game as it was in the last game, but card advantage is card advantage and it is ALWAYS good. Use your imagination with Nappa and I'm sure some of you can make some shifty decks based with this tough guy.



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