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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Namekian Intimidation
Arrival Expansion


Card Ratings
Average: 3.95


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.25.05


Matthew Low
Namekian Intimidation - Arrival
Rare - #209
Event Combat
(Limit 1 per deck. Remove from game after use.) 5, Mastery: Your opponent
cannot attack this turn.

First off, glad to be back. With so many talented people on the COTD staff
here now, you can't go wrong.

Ahh. the reborn Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt. At least now it isn't broken.
You've got to play Namekian and have 5 stages, which is a pain, but the best
way to look at this is as a defensive card. You could use this when you want
to go all out on your opponent, but you're going to need a good way to gain
stages since this should take out about half of what you have. You'll only
be able to sneak in a couple attacks, but note that your opponent will not
be able to refocus. This card could work both ways.

It is best used in combination with Namekian Force Push for stages as the
attacker, or right after your opponent uses Black Dragon Support, Namekian
Force Push, Red Left Kick, Blue Strength, or Orange Rapture. Turning off
your opponent's power card should give you the upper hand since many styles
need the power card to win consistently. With Namekian's ability to drain
stages, the playing field can be leveled with your free turn.

The downside is that it costs a whole lot, so you'll need to keep 5 stages
in reserve while holding it, not to mention a few more if you want to abuse
its power that turn.

4.8 out of 5.0
Namekian Intimidation

Well the new game is out, and I've had the pleasure of playtesting this game for the last week, which is more than enough time for such a small card pool. Our first card is none other than Namekian Intimidation.
When I see this card, I think CPH (Halt) from the old game. Although not quite as strong as Halt once was, in the current game, this is easily one of the top 5 card effects and further backs up the fact that Namekian IS the most annoying style to play against right now. This card can either save you from an otherwise fatal combat, or give you just enough time to set up your own game finisher. However, there are cons, its limit 1 per deck, you need a mastery, and has a hefty cost of 5 powerstages.

meb9000 Namekian Intimidation
Event Combat

(Limit 1 per deck, RFGAU)

5: Mastery. Your opponent cannot attack this turn.

Hey guys, this is a real exciting time in the DBZ world, as Re-Z has just hit the streets, so that means review time for the COTD staff once again!

Our very first review is for a card from the revived Namekian style, which is predicted to do very well in upcoming playtests for its regeneration, stage gaining, and card effects that make your opponent lose stages. As for this card, it has a very strong effect indeed, stopping your opponent dead in his tracks for a combat. However, the price is very steep at a whopping 5 stages, making this a "Use-me-or-you-die"
card, as you won't be doing much attacking after this.
Being removed after use means no regen for this, which is something that will have to be worked around. I'd say if you are doing well on the stage gain portion of your deck, there's no reason to not in include the one allowed copy of this, as it could help in a tight spot. One tip tho, if you have a bunch of stages and enough to use a good finisher, definitely go ith the latter, rather then going defensive, those finishers are downright nasty, trust me ;)


3.5/5-A good card to save your butt, but the steep cost and inability to regenerate makes it a tricky include for your namekian deck.

Until next time!-meb9000
Dave Fashbinder For all of my styled cards, I am rating them as they function within the style. If a style is weaker than another style, I will not rate its cards worse than another style's.

Namekian Intimidation

A powerful but expensive card, Namekian Intimidation is best used on deciding turns when you want to go about your plans uninterrupted. It can also be used to get yourself out of sticky situations through the rest of the game, but you will come out of that turn with a sore disadvantage thanks to paying 5 stages to use this card's effect. It's Limit 1 per deck without any tutors, but the fact that you probably don't want this card until very late in the game makes that fact almost irrelevant. With Namekian Mastery, you're looking at a net loss of 3 stages in order to use this card to its most effective, so it's really not that big of a trade off.

Rating - 3.5/5 : this card is powerful, but since it's not a card you want all the time -- especially not until late game, its usefullness is diminished.
Namekian Intimidation

Wow… so our CoTD is finally back. But I’m sure you know that, so lets get on with the review.

This card CAN save you, but not all the time. It’s limited to “one per deck,” and you have to remove it after use. BUT! Stop and think about this: Your opponent has a BIG attack ready for you, aha! This little number comes out. It can and WILL save you for one turn. When I duel in YuGiOh, and I need one turn, I usually get it. Sometimes, little things can come in small packages. The cool thing about this card is, even though it says “Namekian”, it’s not only for them. You can use it with your Saiyans, and The Androids (when they come out). The ONLY thing is that it’s limited to  “one per deck” and you got to remove it after use. Man … so close to using more and more times. Oh well, one times the best I guess. I really do like this card, and I will use it when I get one for myself. I suggest you give this guy a shot too.

Namekian Intimidation

[Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.] 5, Mastery: Your opponent cannot attack this turn.Yay, we're back with more COTDs.  On to business.  Namekian Intimidation looks like crap to those of us who haven't played the new game nor seen the new rules.  But in all honesty, it is a fair card.  5 cost is not bad and I can live with having to declare tokui-waza to use it.  But the fun thing is your opponent can't attack this turn.  That's liek SSE on steroids for namekian style only and costing 5 stages.  I can live with that.  That means no finishing moves, no moves that force you to waste more precious stages, etc.  All at half your stages.  Plus, with the power up cards, well...  Let's just say you're likely in for a long combat if your opponent pulls this on you.  Of course, looking at the cost, this could be one of the worst cards to draw because of the cost.  Most of the PURs in this game stay fairly low, so...  But the odds of having a horrible topdeck with this card and having to toss it because you're outside of the 6 card limit is extremely slim.  Rating:  4.5/5

Monday July 25th - Namekian Intimidation

Ahhhhhh it's good to be back here. So the new game is out. It's much more strategic than the last game, and the first card we look at is a remake of the most broken card in all of DBZCCG--Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt.
Of course, there are a few differences. This one costs 5 stages (ouch).
However late game, Namekian seems to have a lot of stages to work with, and as always most players like to go off late game, trying to destroy their opponent in one turn.

Is it a staple in Namekian? Definately, you will never not see a Namekian deck without this sucker in it.



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