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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from



Lost Episodes

Reviewed 01.14.2005

Avg. Expanded Rating: 3.75
Avg. Focused Rating: 3.65


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Showdown Ė Dragon Ball Z Trunks Saga & Dragon Ball GT Lost Episodes Saga Rare - #146 Non-Combat Ė Setup

Power: (Use when entering Combat.)
Personality powers and Drills cannot be used for the rest of Combat. For the rest of Combat, Allies cannot take control of Combat, pay for costs, or have damage redirected to them.

Iíve always hated this card because as you guys know, Iím an ally freak. This card is freaking amazing. With the lack of ally hate in Focused, this will fuel decks physical decks, or better yet, any thing that doesnít run drills or allies.

The down part of this card is that yours get shutdown too, so you wonít see this in a drill or ally based deck. But ones that donít run either will gladly shutdown your opponentsí, which will drastically boost your ability to plain wipe the floor with anything in your way. Many drill decks rely on their drills, and one turn with them away can easily mean good game. Same with allies.

Expect to see this card make an appearance in Focused, sensei deck or not. Itís still quite amazing in Expanded, but many Expanded decks are either really fast or rely on those two card types. Or their personality power (great for WEC powers because you use this after).

Expanded: 3.7 out of 5.0 (can easily control many decks, problem is many decks rely on drills/allies)
Focused: 4.7 out of 5.0 (should see a lot of play)
Sealed: 1.3 out of 5.0 (drills and allies in sealedÖ some, not enough)
Showdown - This card is just awesome in both formats, but moreso in Focused right now. This card is the only card in focused, and one a rare few in Expanded, that can shut off youre opponents MP power. That alone would make it playable. However it also kills allies(better for focused) and drills(better for Expanded) for one combat. There has always been a need for a card to shut off Trunks' power in Focused. This is it.
Focused 4/5
Expanded 4/5
meb9000 Showdown
Non Combat-Setup

(Use When entering Combat) Personality Powers and Drills cannot be used for the rest of combat. For the Rest of combat, allies cannot take over combat, pay for costs, or have damage redirected to them.

Lost Episodes Rare

*Watches as everyone throws their traffic jams to the bad card shoeboxes*

For the Focused environment, people have been doing backflips for the long-underrated Showdown's reprint.
This card, like Trunks 5, can annihilate the board your opponent has constructed just by entering combat.
The fact that this does what Traffic Jam can do and more kicks that card in the arse pretty hard, but that card isn't completely obsolete, as you could still use it to shut off only allies and also as additional protection against them.

Showdown in Focused can be your answer against the overwheleming ally decks that tend to run rampant.
Just enter combat and their hand is pretty much the only thing they can rely on (expcept Orange Removal System >_<) One of the primary uses of this card is to get past juggernaut MP powers such as Trunks 5, Super Android 17, and Goku. If you enter on them, they conveniently don't get to use their VQD as your card effect comes first. This card has other uses like clearing the way for beatdown decks to hit 'em where it hurts. The best in DBZ cards have been passed on to focused, and it is honestly a great idea (cherishes his Orange Uppercut LES...)

For Expanded, this card has been around since its promo days in the Trunks Saga, so this isn't something new. However, as the years go on control decks have been on the rise. This card can level the score against the likes of ally and speed ball decks.
Coupled with Gohan's Kick, they could be out before they can say "Eternal Dragon ^_^" Being able to use this when entering also keeps it a bit safer from the rampant non removal and also doesn't use up your attack phase. The uses are still great here, but it isn't something new.

Expanded: 7/10-Showdown has many uses and can spell doom for control decks everywhere.

Focused: 9/10-I am a bit biased on this card in focused, but I just think that it is just a lifesaver when you can't seem to draw any removal against a massive control setup.

Happy Playing!
Scott Guy Showdown
Non-Combat - Setup

Power: (Use when entering Combat.) Personality powers and Drills cannot be used for the rest of Combat. For the rest of Combat, Allies cannot take control of Combat, pay for costs, or have damage redirected to them.

A reprint from DBZ CCG, Showdown is anti-ally. It does have anti-drill abilities but that is not what im seeing it being used for. An excellent choice for a sensei deck that cant afford Paparrapa!!!, Showdown effectively shuts down allies for an entire combat, allowing you to concentrate on dealing damage to your opponent or causing disruption. Being a setup Showdown does not change the number of cards in your hand which gives you more options, but it is also vulnerable to removal, Startled and Black Mischevious Drill. Unfortunately this also shuts off your own personality powers so be careful.

Focused 4/5
Expanded 4/5
Richard Barbee Showdown

Non-Combat Setup


(Use when entering Combat) Personality powers and Drills cannot be used for the rest of Combat. For the rest of Combat, Allies cannot take control of Combat, pay for costs, or have damage redirected to them.

Here s a card to counter that pesky Trunks level 5 in focused. Not a bad card in my opinion, but not a great one either. Not much to say about it, it shuts down Personality Powers, Drills, and Allies. This basically means that decks that rely too much on any one of these things are screwed. That said it does hurt you too. Obviously if you re using this card, the only reason you are using it is because you don t rely too much on Drills or Allies, or your power either for that matter. Upside is that it is WEC, so you do have an advantage there with the lack of the chance that you ll get Startled or anything like that. Odds are you ll want to run it as a sensei. Otherwise, it may not do you any good. All in all, it s not bad.

Expanded: 3.5/5 (Shuts off a lot of stuff, but is only Sensei worth IMO)

Focused: 3.5/5 (See Expanded)

Sealed: 3.5/5 (Not bad here, you pull it and you shut off those odd drills or allies. Or your opponent s MP for that mater)
Showdown is an ok card, but is only used when you enter in Comabt. It works for both players, but it's still kind of a waste. I really can't see what deck it would go in, if any. I would'nt wip this card out in the beginning of the game, rather later on, mabye as a last resort card. Theres not really a lot to say about this card, but if you ask me, I think that its really up to you if you put this card in your deck.
Exp- 3.5/5
Foc- 3/5
Sealed- 2.5/5

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