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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Bulma Sensei

Lost Episodes

Reviewed 01.13.2005

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4
Avg. Focused Rating: 3


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Bulma Sensei – Dragon Ball GT Lost Episodes Saga Ultra Rare - #151 Sensei

Power: Sensei Deck Size 4.
If your MP is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Pan, Bulla, Mai, Android 18, or Videl, then after your opponent has had the opportunity to swap cards from a Sensei Deck during Setup, you may look through your opponent's Life Deck and discard up to 4 different cards that aren't Dragon Balls or have starbursts.

I like this Sensei to an extent. While only females minus SWK can use it, it’s not that bad. You get to find out your opponent’s deck and can play the game with a strategy already developed. The only problem is you will have to instantly remove the 4 cards to make it really worth it. If you fill your deck with removal like Black does, then it could work quite nicely. You can pick off your opponent’s limit 1 cards like HUH??? and WTLTH.

The Sensei size is horrible though. I’d consider using this in certain variations of Ball to kill HUH???, but a lot of people will like Piccolo Sensei better. Depends on your playstyle.

Expanded: 2.1 out of 5.0 (very limited use)
Focused: 1.4 out of 5.0 (even more limited use due to lack of personality choices)
Sealed: N/A (you’ve got to be joking)
Bulma Sensei - This sensei is situational, but in certain decks it can be a star. Just the ability to see your opponents deck before the game starts is a great advantage, discarding 4 cards of your choice is even better. In focused you can kill a sphere, see what attacks/blocks they use, and kill their blockalls if you want. In Expanded the sensei is a bit weaker because of SWK and a lot more playable regen cards. Decks that really take advantage of this will be able to remove the cards discarded from the game on the 1st or second turn, effectively eliminating them from the game. Its just awesome to know that every game you dont have to deal with GoW/TES/Anything else you may hate.
Focused 4/5
Expanded 3/5
meb9000 Bulma Sensei

Deck Size: 4

If your MP is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Pan, Bulla, Mai, Android 18, or Videl, then after your opponent has had an opportunity to swap cards from a sensei deck during setup, then you may search your opponent's life deck and discard up to 4 DIFFERENT cards that aren't dragonballs or that have starbursts.
Ultra Rare

For our final UR from Lost Eps, we have the much-anticipated Bulma Sensei. The first things you may notice about this card are the low Deck Size and the fact that not everyone can use this Sensei. This card definitely has a level of power that is not to be underestimated, and it deserved the errata it got, due to the fact that it would have been insane to discard all their spheres right off the bat (in Focused), or to kill an insane combo like USB or key ball getting cards (Expanded). Anyway, even with the errata, this card still has several uses.

In focused, this card can help greatly to mainly get a look at your opponent's deck so that you know what to expect. Also, Black decks can rejoice somewhat in the fact that they can eliminate at least one Hercule's Crescent Punch from the getgo that they are bound to sensei in. Same thing goes for nasty Red Entranced Drills in Red Mentor decks. While the fact that they are only discarded is a bet of a letdown considering that there is a good amount of rejuvenation in this format, getting rid of those cards can really make the opponent sweat if u hit the right ones. I'd say the best use of this card in general is to just add potential to those "wimpy" Android 18/post-errata Mai decks that anyone may be using <_< >_>

For expanded, this card can mean the difference between life and death for the Pan MP that is most likely this will be used with. Since Pan tends to go for Beatball, energy beats, or sometimes even energetic for her cool Baby lvl 4, there are a lot of cards out there that can royally screw the game up for her. Bulma Sensei can be a savior in this point. The one factor for both formats that is a letdown here is that the deck size of this sensei is only 4, meaning that your Tech against other decks will usually consist of 3 crescent punches and a mere one other card against the deck you dislike the most O_o.

Expanded: 8/10-This will turn the tide of any match, trust me on this one...

Focused: 7/10-Same for expanded, but the fact that combo decks aren't as prevalent here and the limited usage of the sensei deck brings it down a notch here.

Happy Playing!
Scott Guy Bulma Sensei

Power: If your Mp is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Pan, Bulla, Mai, Android 18, or Videl, then after your opponent has had the opportunity to swap cards from a Sensei Deck during Setup, you may look through your opponent's Life Deck and discard up to 4 different cards that aren't Dragon Balls or have starbursts.

This sensei is pretty good despite being limited to only a few personalities since many of them are playable ones today. This sensei allows you to take out key cards from your opponents deck before the game even starts. While you cant take out multiples of a card you can still take out many Limit 1 per Deck cards like Epic Battle of Saiyans or Masterful Defense. You can also take out one copy of key cards used for a decks particular combo or strategy, slowing down their win. Black Energetic loves this card for the first turn level up. Some bad points about this card is that some decks either like or dont care about having those four cards discarded, such as Red Rush or Saiyan Supreme. Decks in general could easily rejuvinate those four with enough time or a lucky draw like Run like a Mad Man or Heroic Stand.

Focused 4.5/5
Expanded 4/5
Bulma Sense is not really a good card at all. It's only used with the femals, but if you got a Bulma or Chi-Chi in play, theres a good chance you will lose a lot of cards from your deck. And all this one does is discard 4 cards from your opp.'s Life Deck. And, as an added bonus, you can't discard Dragonballs or starbursts. Even know its in the Sensei deck, I still wouldn't put this in a deck.
Exp- 1/5
Foc- 0/5
Sealed- 0/5
Howard Card #151 Ultra-rare
Lost episodes saga
Bulma Sensei
Power:If your Mp is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Pan, Bulla, Mai, Android 18, or Videl, then after your opponent has had the opportunity to swap cards from a Sensei Deck during Setup, you may look through your opponent's Life Deck and discard up to 4 cards that aren't Dragon Balls or have starbursts.

Another ultra-rare from the Lost episodes, and i like it. After the swap of the sensei cards, you can look through your opponents deck for up to 4 cards that aren't DBs and discard them! Talk about power. For example, running an ally deck? Opponent got those pesky Cell's Presences? Gone. BSM? Ditto. GBS?
VQD? Gone and gone. Problem is, your MP has to be Bulma, Chi-chi, Pan,Bulla, Mai, Android 18 or Videl. But that ain't too bad, cause you can make a good ally deck with them, but IMO this really shines with Pan.

Ratings: Focused: 4/5 (Being able to discard 4 cards in the beggining is really good.) Expanded:( 4.5/5 even more yummy cards to discard)
Sealed: 2/5( its an ultra-rare kinda hard to get, but if you can, its the same as above)
Richard Barbee


Bulma Sensei


If your MP is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Pan, Bulla, Mai, Android 18, or Videl, then afer your opponent has had the opportunity to swap cards from a Sensei Deck during Setup, you may look through your opponents Life Deck and discard up to 4 cards that arent Dragon Balls or have starbursts.


Ive never been big for this card.  I dont see it as a very big advantage, at least not for a sensei.  That is not to say however, that this card is by any means useless.  It has decent potential.  Im going to break away from the ordinary and do a Pros and Cons here, because I think it will help me explain better.

Pros:   -Setup discard pile for Energetic Decks

           -Search for any combat cards or non-combats (without starbursts)

           -Get to see opponents deck


Cons:  -Discarded cards cant have starbursts

           -Your MP has to be a mediocre MP to use this card


Reasons for Pros:  Well, the first is pretty obvious.  Lets see.  I want your Mark of the Dragon, Fatherly Advice, etc. discarded.  Then I think Ill enter and level.  Yeah, you can hurt an opponent with this in an Energetic Deck.  Then you get to see your opponents deck.  Sure, that may not always seem like a tactical advantage, but its a big one.  This gives you an idea of what they have in their deck so that you can know what to watch out for. 


Reasons for Cons:  Your discarded cards cant have starbursts.  Thats not a huge con, and it doesnt really hurt this card that bad, but it still keeps you from discarding their TIAWT, VPS, NPS, NEA, EBOS, etc.  That still gives Dragon Ball decks a chance to keep their pesky blocks too.  Now for the biggest beef I have with this card.  Your MP choice.  Wow, not very good choices eh?  For what it counts for, it might as well be Chi-Chi, Pan, Mai and A18 only (those are the only somewhat decent ones for this).  But you will have those who decide to use the other MP choices.  At any rate, this con is enough to totally screw you up if you dont build your deck right.  All in all, it hurts the play ability of this card.


Of course, this card isnt as bad as some other senseis *coughgrandkaisenseicough* But its lacking in the department of usefulness.  This is great for Pan and Chi-Chi Energetic Decks (Pan especially, seeing as she has that nifty level 4 from Baby) though.


Expanded:  3.5/5 (Somewhat decent here, you get a decent Chi-Chi level 3 to use too)

Focused:  2/5                 

Sealed:  3.5/5 (Problem is, Pan is probably the only one youll have)

JodaGee Bulma Sensi

Don't know if this will get there in time lol. Basically it should say Girl MP's only, but some may argue zarbon is a girl lol :D j/k Having the ability to pick out the opponet's strategies even before gameplay is outstanding, but having to use some medicore personalities to gain the effect that only is at the beginning ot the game is a bit depressing. In expanded this card is beuatiful, as chi-chi is brutal on getting rid of non-combats and now having a before game searcher for more. Using a Bulma carpet deck can be escpically brutal, hehehehehe. In focused only mai,pan, and 18 get the benefit to have a working deck and to use this card. Unless I'm proving wrong by Bulla's and Videl's soon to be level 3s. Great searcher but not something I would have gvien to the girls.

Focused: 2.5/5.0 Good sensi, just no one with a competable power to use it.

Expanded: 4.0/5.0 Great for chi-chi and bulma burn decks and 18 attack decks

Sealed: 4.5/ 5.0 THIS IS IF you get pan lol This would be great in expanded, just getting someone is a problem.


This is basically a better version of the Trunks promo lol In expanded this is card is alright but there is so much nowadays that do almost the same thing it is kind of sad. But having the ability to plow through dragonball and drill protection decks is VERY nice. In focused this is card is a savior, its been needed for a LONG time. Ally decks have been sort of ruling the tournaments, and with drills protecting them its a real nuisance. In sealed.....not to good, kind of worthless hehe

Focused: 4.0/5.0 A must card for focused, even if no room in your deck its a must for the sensi

Expanded: 2.0/5.0 Its already got a showdown but this is still not to bad for the sensi

Sealed: 1.0/5.0 Yeah right...

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