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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from Score

Gust of Wind

GT Lost Episodes Saga

Reviewed 01.04.2005

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.25
Avg. Focused Rating: 4.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Gust of Wind – Dragon Ball GT Lost Episodes Saga Rare - #125 Combat - Event

Power: You may advance or lower your opponent's MP to any level. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.

This is hands down the best card in Lost Episodes Saga. At least from my memory, no card stood out more than this one. There just has not been a card that is this versatile. Most decks either attempt to stay on level 1 or ascend to their highest level. Few decks try to live on any level irregardless.

This card should at least be in every deck’s Sensei Deck, outside of a few decks like Dragon Ball stasis that plans to win without staying in Combat and quicker than opponents level. I’d even consider main decking this card because it will be useful against nearly all decks out there. If you’re up against a Dragon Ball deck, say Yajirobe or Roshi, level them to 3 and they’re pretty hopeless. If you’re up against Goku Energetic or Goku anger, send them back to level 1 to start over again. And if you’re up against a Drill lock deck, remove Orange Training Drill and Gust them to some random useless level. And scoop Drills at the same time.

You can usually tell what a deck and character are trying to do, as in what level they’re trying to abuse. Gust of Wind just punishes any deck that relies too heavily on one certain personality level.

Run this card. I said so. Why? Because it is amazing tech against so many things in the environment.

Expanded: 4.9 out of 5.0 (Just plain amazing)
Focused: 4.9 out of 5.0 (Ditto)
Sealed: 4.9 out of 5.0 (You’ll be able to tell if your opponent has a useless level, and normally they will)
meb9000 Gust of Wind

You may advance or lower your opponent's MP top any level. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.

First things first, this is Mike Berman (aka meb9000) here hoping that everyone will enjoy these batches of reviews, as I am a fresh COTD member and my goal is to help you all out with strategies. Here we go!

You can describe GOW in one word: WOW. This event can easily turn the tide of a game when used at the right time. In expanded, the card that is most similar to this has been Cell's Threatening Position, but that was Villians Only and also could only lower them to lvl 1. Ki Depletion was a good start for GT, but that only lowered them one level. (although it can be used for other purposes) Here we have the best of all worlds in Gust of Wind. Being able to be used by anyone allows it to fit in just about any deck, hero or villian. The most obvious use of this card is to get your opponents to their lvl 1 personality, most likely their weakest, but it definitely goes beyond that. Say you are facing a mean 'ole Hercule Orange Aura deck that has a slew of allies he can switch 3 times to and a ton of controlling drills. One use of Gust of Wind can not only clear out his drills (providing Orange Training Drill isn't in play =/) but also send him to a level where he will have to actually get down in stages to use his allies. Control decks that need to be on a certain level are the ones most wrecked by GOW.

In expanded, anger decks can be put in their place by this card and this works just as well as Aura Clash/AYTE for getting rid of drills. GOW can also work well against ball decks such as Supreme Gohan or Trunks that need to stay on level 2 for their mainstay. The uses of this card don't end.

Expanded: 8/10-Couple this with CTP and ur opponent might never stay on the level he wants. ;)

Focused: 9.5/10-No other card of this caliber to be had, practically a staple for dealing with either speed leveling decks or the ally/blue control decks.
Endless possiblities here.

I'll be back with more cotds this week hopefully, happy playing!

Scott Guy Gust of Wind
Combat - Event

You may advance or lower your opponent's MP to any level. Limit 1 per deck.
Remove from the game after use.

Gust of Wind, what is there to say about it? It tinkers with your opponents levels better then any other card in the entire game, Z or GT. Raise them to a useless level and sweep their drills or lower them levels after they have spent a fair amount of time and energy getting there. This card is a deck staple purely on its ability to disrupt your opponents board.

All Formats 5/5

Hmm haven't seen this one yet lol. A Cell's threatening position for everyone, hurray!! Heroes have been needing one of these for quite some time now. Now the ability to advance or lower your opponet's mp is quite nice. I can just see orange decks searching for these right off the bat to prevent losing thier precious drills to the horror of leveling hehehe. Also making a personality go to a bad level is nice but the fact that for expanded they could still win by MPPV is bad. Kills drills, and slows MPPV but limit 1 and RFGAU. I would only add this if there happened to be a open spot in my deck, but besides that I would definetly add this to the sensi deck :D

Focused: 4.0/5.0 A bit high, but in focused there is no card like this, and this is a must when facing the new Trunks 5 and Goku 6.
Expanded: 2.7/5.0 Another way to keep down MPPV is good but there is so many ways to lock them down now, a card made to late in the game. :P
Sealed: 1.5/5.0 Not a good thing to pull at all. Might help if your going expanded and your opponet has a higher level. But probably not worth bothering with
Richard Barbee Gust of Wind

Combat, Event

You may advance or lower your opponent's MP to any level. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.

Uh... This card is nice. Nice being a general term and staple being the better term for the card. I always wondered what Gust of Wind from Pokemon would look like in other TCGs... In focused, this card is needed. Trunks Lv 5 keeping you from using those beefy energies? GoW it. Goku Lv 6 beating you down? GoW it. Of course, you can also force a level too. Either way, knocking your opponent up or down a level is sure to help. In expanded you have more to worry about. Worried about that speed anger? GoW it up a level. At anyrate, I think y'all get the idea. I could rant for a while about how this card is a staple, but that wouldn't be any fun either =/

Focused: 4/5 (It's a staple, basically the only thing you have to force or decrease the levels)

Expanded: 3/5 (Here it's more of a sensei deck against those pesky speed anger and the like)

Sealed: 3/5
Gust of Wind

Gust of Wind can come in handy late in the game, for many reasons. Even if you power it down, or power it up, its usfull later in the game, not really in the beginning. If you get this card early in the game, it'll just stay in your hand, taking up room.

Exp- 2/5

Foc- 3/5

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