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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Saiyan Tactical Mastery
Shadow Dragon


Card Ratings


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.18.05


Matthew Low
Saiyan Tactical Mastery – Dragon Ball GT Shadow Dragon Saga Rare - #231 Mastery

Power: When you Shift a card, you may discard 1 of your Saiyan Style Non-Combats in play instead of discarding a card from your hand. When you Shift a card, for the rest of Combat your other Saiyan attacks do +3 power stages.

This is one of the best Masteries in Shadow Dragon Saga, but of course one wouldn’t know that unless they looked at what Saiyan has to offer. The ability to sacrifice cards on the board for additional attacks is amazing, not to mention the attack bonus. Here, on the other hand, the attack bonus is great, seeing if you chain 5 Shifts, you’ll be dishing out +15 stage attacks. That, my friends, hurts. A lot.

Key cards for this Mastery are Saiyan Face Attack and Saiyan Discovery. The key is if you use Face Attack, you’ll be able to play even more Saiyan Non-Combats that you just shifted away. This is even better than card advantage, noting that if you actually do research on what Saiyan can shift for, or shift for something then shift for something else, you can answer a majority of situations.

Face Attack is no longer broken, but if you use it as a backer along with running your normal 3 copies, you’ll be able to generate combats where you just rail on your opponent with attack after attack. The key is doing this early game, where your opponent can’t respond quickly enough.

Often one combat is all that is needed, if you shift enough attacks into your hand. Watch for Gohan the Bookworm variations that start off with Gohan’s Kick and go to town, or ones with a clean backer. Tactical decks are great, but only if the build is done right.

Expanded: 4.7 out of 5.0 (very strong and powerful, but must be set up right)
Focused: 4.7 out of 5.0 (one of the strongest options you have)
Sealed: 4.2 out of 5.0 (might not get much use, but still, use it)
Scott Guy Saiyan Tactical Mastery

When you Shift a card, you may discard 1 of your Saiyan Non-Combats in play instead of discarding a card from your hand. When you Shift a card, for the rest of Combat your other Saiyan attacks do +3 power stages.

Unlike Wednesday's review, this deck is actually quite playable. Putting out many saiyan drills and setups and getting ready for a massive chain of saiyan attacks, discarding your whole board. After you launch those attacks you go shifting for Saiyan Discovery, a non-combat that when shifted plays all your saiyan drills from your discard pile, letting you fire off another bunch of attacks, all the while building in power stages of damage from the mastery modifier. This deck is reliant on getting drills in play so disruption could still mess up your day. Like Wednesday's review, this is the only specific mastery for its mechanic, owing a perfect score.

5/5 Focused
5/5 Expanded
Richard Barbee

Saiyan Tactical Mastery SDS 231
Saiyan Tactical Mastery

Power: When you Shift a card, you may discard 1 of your Saiyan Non-Combats in play instead of discarding a card from your hand. When you Shift a card, for the rest of Combat your other Saiyan attacks do +3 power stages.

Ah, my personal favorite is today's mastery.   It lost some power due to the errata, but it is still amazingly powerful thanks to a few cards from LES.  Sure, dropping a non instead of a card from your hand may not seem like it's all that great, but it's hand advantage.  Thanks to all the shifting that Saiyan got, you can be rest assured that you can abuse this mastery.  One good combat for a deck like this and it's game.  Combo this with cards like Saiyan Monkey Outrage, Saiyan Power Boot, Saiyan Overhead Pound, etc.  A particularily dangerous combo is one involving Saiyan Egged.  Basically, you're at lv 6 with Goku.  3 Eggeds out.  I wonder what you're supposed to do.  That's just best case senario though.  But, you also get a bonus for shifting.  That's where this becomes dangerous.  I've had this mastery doing +23 - +26 stages before.  So, you can make combat last, get a form of hand advantage, and make your attacks do a ton of damage?  So, uh, what's the drawback?  There are a few drawbacks.  For starters, if your opponent pulls CIT, then you've got blank nons.  Another thing is, it's stages of damage.  That means that your opponent's allies can take control faster.  So make sure to abuse anti ally stuffs with this card.  Oh, and there is another problem.  With combat lasting so long, your stages get depleted due to energys/opposing physicals.  So, while this mastery has much more powerup potential than even Concealed Mastery, it still has a few draw backs to bring it back in line.  However, the stages could be a blessing in disquse against an energy deck.  So, experiment here.   

Expanded:  4.5/5  (Drawbacks slightly hold this mastery back)

Focused:  4.5/5 (See above)

Sealed:  2/5  (Run it.  It sucks here, but it's a mastery at least)

This card is kind of good, kind of bad. First off, its for Saiyan Decks only, (which is good for me ;) ). But, it only works if you Shift a card. But its effects are good. Like, if you got a good hand, you can get rid of a Non-Combat in play to save your hand. Thats good. And also, all Saiyan attacks do +3 power stages. Like I said about yesterdays card, every little bit helps. Sometimes, if you don't have a Saiyan deck, it can still go so-so. I can see useses for it, and hopefully you can too.

Exp- 3.5/5
Foc- 3/5
Sea- 3/5


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