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Capsule Princess



Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.4

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Date Reviewed - 12.01.05


Matthew Low
Bulma - Capsule Princess Level 1 - Showdown Common - #13 Personality - Ally

Human. Physical for 2. 1: This attack deals +X damage.
X = the number of Events you played this turn.

Bulma's an amazing ally because she's another one of the three allies that have good attacks for 1 stage (Yamcha and Gohan are the others). She's good for those all around cheap beats decks that rely on personality powers, and she's a Human as well. Top that off with a great ally finisher that costs 2, and you're good to go.

Down side is her finisher is late game, and while she's weak, her 2 damage is overall not as good as either Yamcha or Gohan. Unless you love her finisher over Yamcha's Stance or Gohan's Anger, you'll probably not pick her.

The extra damage probably won't kick in very often either.

She's still great, so definitely consider her if you want to go cheap beats.

3.8 out of 5.0
GDK Bulma, Capsule Princess
Another ally for the game. Bulma can be quite useful as an ally, as her attack costs only one stage. She also gives you access to her two named cards, as both of them are useful. Use her in any decks which run good number of events and she will do you some good. 3/5


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