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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from dbzcardgame.com

Raditz's Triumph


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.31

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.12.05


Matthew Low
Raditz’s Triumph – Dragon Ball Z Arrival Common - #63 Event Combat

3: Attacks performed by your Saiyans do +3 damage for this turn.

At first thought, if you think in the old game with this card pool, this card can be decent. However, we’re not in that game. Why do I say that? Adding 3 life to every attack can be great if you’re throwing multiple attacks out per turn. But with the cost of this card as well as many others, don’t expect that to happen very often.

If you can tack on 9 damage with this card, then you’ve got a decent bargain. But if you can’t, which should be more often than not, you’re wasting card space and stages.

It might become good in the future if the cost can be curtailed, but right now you’re probably better off playing another attack. Unless you figure out how to make sure you play multiple attacks.

2.0 out of 5.0

Raditz's Triumph

Awesome card in my opinion. This card is easily performed in a Saiyan deck, because of Saiyan's amazing ability to gain stages quickly. All of your attacks do +3 for that turn, unless for some reason you are running non-Saiyan allies. Either way, Raditz's Triumph + Vegeta Ally + Saiyan Mastery = all of your Saiyan attacks will be doing +6. That is pretty freakin huge. I wouldn't be surprised to see some games being won because of this card alone.

3.5/5 (highly situational, can be shut down by Namekian)
Dave Fashbinder Raditz's Triumph

Finally, the great Raditz will see some playtime in the new TCG. This card is pricey, but making all your attacks do +3 from your Saiyans (regardless of style) is a great way to end a game in one combat. Obviously best suited for Blue and Saiyan, Raditz's Triumph is a fantastic way to gain some leverage off of a single turn. Even if you're down-and-out, this card can turn it around by basically generating an extra attack's worth of damage for every 2 attacks you play. Not only does this create pseudo-card advantage, but it also will eventually become stage advantage. Tough to play, but definitely one of the more rewarding cards out there right now.;

Rating - 4.25/5 -- If you don't know when to use this card, you're giving your opponent the game. However, if you play it in the right decks (i.e., Saiyan & Blue) you're going to win a lot more games than you probably should.

Dave Fashbinder
Richard Barbee

Raditz™'s Triumph

Card Number: 63

Card Type: Combat - Event

Rarity: Common

Expansion: Arrival

Card Text:
3: Attacks performed by your Saiyans do +3 damage for this turn.


This card can be good.  Using Raditz with Vegeta as an ally in a Saiyan deck could make this card just plain wrong.  Saiyan can make a little bit of use with Paid Off and Saiyan Happiness so that will help fix the stage problem.  But having all your Saiyan Style attacks preformed by a Saiyan do +6 damage is just plain wrong in some instances.  That said, if you have no stages, you probably have no attacks that you can preform.  That will kill you and any point in using this card.  And Saiyan can add enough damage with other cards and stuffs that this would be overkill.  All in all, I don’t care much for it, but it can be deadly if used in the right hands.


Rating:  3.5/5 (It’s a power booster with a potential +4 for just having Vegeta as an ally)



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