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The End of the World

GT Shadow Dragon Saga

Reviewed 9.30.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating:
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Matthew Low
The End of the World
GT Shadow Dragon Saga
#164 Combat

Power: If you have at least 4 cards of each of the 5 Martial Arts styles in play, you win the game.

First I thought I’d like to laugh at the Endurance number because that does absolutely nothing unless you’re playing Sealed. Score should of made it some stupid high number like 100 endurance because you’ll never ever run this card in a TW deck anyway (unless they changed the Endurance number, then it might find a place in Sensei Decks to stop those annoying In Your Face/Universe Spirit Bomb decks in Focused).

Anyway… this new win condition card for nonTW decks is just plain stupid. If anyone manages to pull this off in a competitive tournament, that person should be congratulated. Basically you need 4 cards of each style out, and with five styles, simple math has 4 x 5 = 20. Keep in mind that if you are playing Expanded, you can skip one of the styles since you have Namekian as well. Anyway add this card as well, and that makes 21 happy cards you need to win this way. More simple math considering that you will run approximately a 1-4 with a Sensei means your deck will be about 80 cards… which means you need over 25% of your deck to pull this win condition off.

Instead of more simple math, let’s just use common sense and say that this just isn’t logical. By the time you get that many non-combats out, you most likely will be right on the bridge of losing. The only decks I’ve seen that can pull this off are DB decks, and even that isn’t easy.

You’ll be forced to pack in pointless cards just to pull this win condition off. Setups are the way to go here. Remain is possible but not recommended at all. Drills can definitely be used. I recommend packing in all of the KBS drills that can be in play with another styled drill. Then pick one style of drill and use that. Orange comes to mind. Or you can go with the Irwin SS Goku promo and go multi drill (though not recommended because if you get boosted a level then your setup and power is gone). Or you can try Goku’s Mixing Drill…

While this win condition is possible, it’s just not logical. It can be pulled off, but with all the non-combat removal out there, by the time you get half way setup, something will happen and you’ll have to start all over.

Expanded: 1.1 out of 5.0 (not recommended)
Focused: 1.0 out of 5.0 (still not recommended)
Sealed: 1.0 out of 5.0 (you’d run this for Endurance only…)
BoBo The End of the World- I love cards like this. They become the basis for new decktypes, new ideas, and they're just generally awesome. However, as far as playability goes.....this isn't the best. In Expanded there are lots of commonly played board clearers and almost everyone plays a copy of Are You Tuff Enuff, A17 Smirks, and other similar cards that this is just really hard to pull off. In focused the new board clearers hurt it, but I still consider it better in this format since no tokui waza has some interesting options.

Expanded- 2 of 5 ( Goku 1 IR anyone?)
Focused- 3 of 5 (better.....but Id rather play black/orange/blue here and against Blue Destruction its an auto-loss)

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