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Black Broly Blast

GT Super 17 Saga

Reviewed 9.24.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.6
Avg. Focused Rating: 4.6


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Black Broly Blast – GT Baby Saga – Broly Second Coming subset Promo – M3 Combat – Energy

Power: Energy attack doing 8 life cards of damage. 3: Your opponent shuffles his hand into his Life Deck and draws the same number of cards.

What the stupid broken goodness. Here’s why.

Back in the Z days, people lost a lot of games because they would draw a random top 3. That’s why Roshi and Android 18 were so dominant. The ability to choose what you wanted over someone who couldn’t meant you had a much better percentage at a better deck, and likewise that gave you a major advantage.

Now in GT rules, you choose your hand from 6 cards. This card generally makes it even worse than Z rules. The whole hand, even the cards you were holding, gets shuffled in and then you draw a whole totally random hand. More often than not you’ll end up with a ton of unusable cards and a hand that is much worse. Then all your opponent has to do is wail on you and end the game right then and there.

Also note that this is a nice energy attack for 8. Shuffle that hand, and it isn’t impossible for your opponent not to draw a block for the attack. Even better.

This often will break through many solid hands in decks like Dragon Ball, allowing beatdown decks to breakthrough the stranglehold. This card is more than necessary in basically any Black deck you run, except maybe Dragon Ball decks themselves which revolve around getting out of combat instead of staying in.

If you’re a non-Tokui Waza deck, try to fit this in if you can. If you’re Black, fit this in. The odds are in your favor.

Expanded: 4.9 out of 5.0 (random hands for opponent = good)
Focused: 4.8 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 5.0 out of 5.0 (sealed is random anyway) ~matthewlow

Black Broly Blast

This card can, at least for a single combat, end the setup involved in DBZ/GT, and turn it back into old school DBZ, where you never knew what you were drawing off the top of your deck.  You enter with a monster attack hand, and toss this first out the gate.  Your opponent's hand of blocks and other disruption goes right back in, and he/she has to draw off the top of his/her deck, and hope they pull something just as good.  Randomness, ho!

Simple money.  If you are playing black in Focused or Expanded, you run three (or four, if Broly) of this, period.  You might occasionally give them a better hand than they lost, but more often than not, you will take away a good to decent hand from them, and give them back something much less helpful for their current situation.  In limited, less effective, but still, a good random draw off them can win the game.

EXPANDED 4/5 (it can even screw up Dragonball decks, so it is actually a decent Expanded card)

FOCUSED 5/5 (no bad here, none)

LIMITED 4/5 (makes the randomness of sealed deck play even more random)

Black Broly Blast

This card is one of my favorite, even though it abuses a mechanic which I generally dislike. The card is a solid energy and has the chance of totally ruining your opponents plans, including blocking the attack. They can tutor all they want, but your Broly Blast will send it back for a random card. Thats exactly what i dislike about it. Random. Random is like a coin flip.Coin flips don't fit with skill winning games.The again, when used with Bardock this card has to be used with skill. So to justify me liking this card I'll say that it just gets rid of cards which have been saved or tutored and exchanges them for anything else. After all, if your opponent has the best hand you would be willing to give him other good cards in place of it just to get rid of a specific few. 5/5 in both Focused and Expanded. Biased, yes, but more so, good....definitely.

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