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Vegeta, Combat Ready
Level 2

GT Super 17 Saga

Reviewed 9.01.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 1.85
Avg. Focused Rating: 2.8


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Vegeta, Combat Ready Level 2 – GT Super 17 Saga Uncommon – 101 Personality

Power: Constant Power: Once per Combat when you perform an attack with a Vegeta Named card, you may Double the Base Damage of that attack by discarding either 1 card from your hand or1 of your Non-Combat cards in play.

This pales in comparison to his level 2 from Kid Buu, but could be played. Doubling base damage wasn’t all that much before, but with everything in the attack panel being base damage, it can be quite big. The only problem is it has to be a Vegeta named card. That really shuts down the options in Focused, seeing you’ve got the three Saiyan Vegeta cards, and that’s it. You can tack on a good 9 base, or with the modifier, possibly 14 or so, but still… you could just use the card from your hand as a final physical attack. Saiyan beatdown normally doesn’t run very many non-combats because they clog the hands too much.

Shadow Dragon Saga does add two more cards you can use with this power, but still… I’d rather not. The damage sure can help, but you’re wasting a precious card power and either hand or board advantage.

In Expanded, just say no and use the Kid Buu Level 2 because adding 2 life to every attack as well as forcing your opponent to pay 4 life for every event is way too good to pass up, especially for something like this.

In Focused, the other level 2 that gives you the option to mess around with the type of attack would work much better than that. Or better yet, use a blank level 2 HT from Shadow Dragon Saga and let the sky be the limit.

Expanded: 1.2 out of 5.0 (next to no use)
Focused: 1.6 out of 5.0 (could possibly be used in Saiyan Blitz, but not recommended)
Sealed: 1.3 out of 5.0 (only useful if you can run level 2 hero allies)

Vegeta lvl 3-
Expanded- While this power looks very juicy in Vegeta Freestyle, the lvl 3 HT CS has it beat all over the place. A Staredown every turn is just awesome versus everything and while the huge energy/hand advantage may look good, Id still take the HT any day. 2.5/5
Focused- Much better than the lvl 2, it is basically just a big energy that will search for a physical. If you ever get here in blitz in could be a useful power and for being the only level in this format I think it is very good. 4/5
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