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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Saiyan Jump Kick

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 5.19.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 2.1
Avg. Focused Rating: 2.2


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Saiyan Jump Kick – GT Baby Saga
Rare - #233
Combat – Physical

Power: Saiyan Heritage only. Physical Attack doing +4 power stages of damage. Empower 3. If successful and your opponent has not used a card in his Attack Phase this Combat, your opponent cannot use Events for the rest of Combat.

What. Why are we reviewing this card…

Let’s break it down. Weak attack standing at +4 stages. Saiyan Heritage only so you’ll be seeing this only in Saiyan decks pretty much. Useful to combo with Blitz Mastery. Can choose to get +3 instead of the “if successful” effect, which is really the only merit to the card. Ok, now let’s get to that part.

If successful effects are typically very powerful ones, or at least the ones you’re supposed to run. Most cards are run for their secondary effects because they happen no matter what (well Pure Defense, go figure). If you choose to run something that only has an “if successful” effect, it better have a good one.

This one does… but doesn’t at the same time. Let me elaborate. The effect is similar to Piccolo’s Fist Block, It’s the Inside that Counts, and Broly’s Might. The only one really played now is Might, and It’s the Inside that Counts to an extent in Focused. Why? Fist Block and It’s the Inside that Counts can be Sphered. Focused doesn’t have Sphere, so that’s why you’ll see that one played because it is like a secondary effect. Might is a secondary effect. Thus, it becomes extremely powerful, being able to shutdown the most powerful card type in the game.

But this isn’t a secondary effect. The card has to hit. Thus, the playability goes down. Event cards are the strongest in Stasis decks, and those decks stop most attacks pretty easily. Not to mention not every hand will be full of Event cards for you to shutdown that combat. Sure it will help in some situations, but those will be when… your opponent’s hand is full of Event cards AND your opponent doesn’t have a physical block. Tell me how often that’s going to happen, especially with the GT top 6 rearrange rule.

And let’s not forget the other part to devalue it even more. Your opponent can’t have used a card during their attack phase. Yay now let’s get more excited. This pretty much means either a) You enter with this card, which isn’t a wise idea or b) You’re playing Blitz Mastery and are chaining multiple Saiyan Heritage only cards. What’s wrong with that picture? a) You’re a Saiyan beatdown deck. You should be entering with Gohan’s Kick, Majin Buu’s Fury, or one of the Confrontation clones or something. Not this. They’re more effective than Jump Kick. b) Blitz Mastery… while it is ok, not amazing. I’d go with card drawing and Supreme Mastery personally.

Oh, and that means when you draw this when your opponent enters on you, it effectively becomes a physical for +4 stages and 3 life. Yay.

Bottom line: You need to be pretty desperate to run this.

Expanded: 1.6 out of 5.0 (Blitz decks, yay)
Focused: 2.4 out of 5.0 (not much stronger, but point is there isn’t much else to choose from)
Sealed: 2.6 out of 5.0 (might as well…)
Saiyan Jump Kick - Baby Saga

Well if youre not playing broly, then this is your broly's might. But you do need the blitz mastery to actually get it to work. But if you get it off it is as close to a tes as youre gonna get in this game as of now. I heard the shadow dragon saga will have a TES for each color -.-; coughs lame coughs.. Anyway this is only good if you play the blitz mastery and it has to be successful. Its a good card and all. It just requires a little to much. Where you can just play broly and playing 4 broly's might.

Rating 2.5 (both expanded and focused)

~Surllio~ Saiyan Jump Kick
GT Rare #233
Physical Combat

Another Saiyan style card, another odd effect that requires timing to use.  Timing in a card game is everything, but waiting for a setup is one thing, having to wait for a specific card because it says so, thats totally different.  I will say that this is one of the better of the oddities that the Saiyan style picked up. 

Alright, this card is a Physical for PAT +4, thats always nice, and it has Empower 3, which is better, giving you a nice life card damage bonus, and lets you skip the freaky setup text.  The ability of the card itself is actually decent, its just like I said with my last review, if they didn't play a card, they don't have it to stop.  Sure, some event cards require a properly timed play, but most of the time, they won't try to play it unless they have the cards to lure out the traps.

Basically, like all the other saiyan style cards that got these "if" effects, it requires a proper set up to play, and because its relying on your opponent, and not your setup, it makes the cards ability hard to time or use properly.  The ability to turn off Event cards is nice, but not its just too difficult to play.

Expanded: 2 of 5
Focused: 2 of 5
Sealed: 2 of 5

Saiyan Jump Kick

IF you hit, and IF they have not used a card, it hoses them.  But those are two big ifs there.  The second is easy, as you can simply throw it as your opening attack, before they can do anything, but with the Android #18 rule being in effect now, the odds that they will not have a block, or will be willing to take a hit that can cause such a bad effect are very, very slim.  Focused, Expanded, and limited it is equally bleh.

Focused, Expanded, Limited 2/5

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