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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Pan, The Spirited Lvl 4

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 05.04.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.15
Avg. Focused Rating: 4.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Pan, the Spirited Level 4 – GT Baby Saga
Rare - #222

Power: Energy attack doing 16 life cards of damage and costs 4 power stages to perform. Discard 1 of your opponent's Non-Combat cards in play. If successful, you do not have to pay power stage costs for any energy attacks this Personality performs for the rest of Combat.

One freakishly big energy attack. Normal cost for GT energies, but hey, with a PUR of 9, +1 with Tokui-Waza, I mean, what are worried about?

Big attacks are good but are overshadowed by game altering effects. Thing is, Pan Level 4 is both. She has built in non-combat defense, which will be able to help you get around Orange Focusing Drill, Android 20 Absorbing Drill, Where There’s Life There’s Hope, and so forth. Not only that, if this hits, not only will it take off almost a quarter of your opponent’s life deck but you have a built in Vegeta’s Energy Focus.

Pan’s non HT levels have amazing synergy with big energy attacks and interesting card effects. She’s able to quickly jump to level 3 with just one Are You Tuff Enuff???/Aura Clash, and from there it’s not hard to get to level 4. With that in mind, it is almost like this is a level 3.

Try out Pan in an energy deck. I can see her fitting in Red and Blue ones for sure. She’s just freakishly good. High PUR. Big energy, much bigger than normal standards. Broken if successful effect that will help fuel the rest of your big energies for the rest of combat. Bonus removal. What do you have to lose in the only Pan 4 you have to choose from?

Expanded: 4.3 out of 5.0 (all around good for energy decks)
Focused: 4.3 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 2.5 out of 5.0 (only good if you pull Pan of course…)
~Surllio~ Pan, The Spirited Lvl 4
GT Rare #222

Pan's personality levels are an interesting mix. Her stage one allows her to jump levels without the use of a discard pile or anger, and her two and three allow her easy dragon ball pulls, which makes for some interesting and seemingly long terms.

The stage 4 personality of Pan is a truely powerful card. First lets look at her power. An energy attack for 4 power stages that deals 16 life cards. Thats a pretty powerful attack. It also discards one of your opponents Non-Combats in play, which allows you to rid yourself of a pesky drill or a setup card that could hurt you later in the turn. Then, if the attack hits, the Pan no longer has to pay for energy attacks for the remainder of combat. This is just an insane personality power. Decent cost for insane damage, non-combat tech, and free energies, all in one package. People I've actually reached this stage against have a major fear about her, and quickly will try to get her off of it, or hold a defense for that attack. This card proves the usefulness of cards like Confrontation and Champions of Earth, which allow you to hinder your opponent's ability to stop this attack.

Then we go into her PUR. Its a 9. Declare and it becomes a 10. This card screams to be used with Uub's Energy Drill. The mere effectiviness of those two cards alone is insane. Her perosnality attack suddenly becomes a 26, even more if you have a few namek DBs out, one of which is Alt. 2.

The insane powers of this card make it a dangerous sight to see. Any Pan deck run properly should find itself quickly on this stage, or at least her stage three.

Expanded: 4 of 5
Focused: 4.2 of 5
Sealed: 1.0 of 5 (have to pull Pan)

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