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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Orange Distortion

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 3.30.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.175
Avg. Focused: Rating: 4.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Orange Distortion – GT Baby Saga
Common - #52
Combat – Energy

Endurance 1. Energy attack doing 10 life cards of damage and costs 4 power stages to perform. All attacks performed by your allies do +4 life cards for the rest of Combat.

Anyone who knows me well enough can tell I picked this card to review. We’ll be doing ally related cards for a little while just because I’m me ^_^.

As soon as I read this card it went straight into LowAlly.dec. I’d recommend this card for nearly any Orange ally deck because of the sheer power it can produce. It drains for a 4, which is a decent amount in the long run. A base of 10 makes it a beefy energy attack from the start, but you have to look at the secondary effect. Allies do +4 life. Once you have a little army of allies, that damage can add up real quick.

Remember when Group Attack was an amazing card? Tack on that 15 life once I’m at zero and having a free for all with my allies. This card generally makes all your allies have almost an additional Group Attack damage tacked onto their attacks (assuming you are running mostly allies that attack). You don’t even have to worry about stages either. A floating effect of one or two life for every attack, when that could easily be 7-10 attacks adds up. Make it 4 and you might have the game in the bag.

Think… even random energies you have in your hand change from a weak 4 life attack to an 8 life attack. Not to mention you can Distortion with an ally to make it do 14 life because secondary effects occur before damage does. Even final physical attacks become a decent 4 life card threat.

And all this from a common. Amazing eh? Orange ally decks have become a major threat in both Expanded and Focused, and I wouldn’t leave too many Orange ally decks without this card. It speeds up games by a long shot, where you might need one combat sweep of your allies instead of two or three. Aura Mastery makes it so at least one ally gets to pitch in to help, so hey, you’ve got your 4 life. Even if you don’t get your allies to pitch in, it is still 10 life and helps you drain. Regardless, just get to zero and dish out the damage. Allies are extremely strong right now, and this card can only complement it. Weak physical attacks become a major threat. More or less, anything does.

Not to mention it doesn’t remove itself from the game...

Expanded: 4.5 out of 5.0 (run it in some neat Orange ally decks; get it off at the right time and your opponent will be sorry)
Focused: 4.8 out of 5.0 (ditto, there’s a reason why Orange Baby and Orange Hercule ally are good)
Sealed: 3.5 out of 5.0 (big attack, depends if you pulled allies and if you can use them)

Elvish Crack Piper Orange Distortion
Energy attack that costs 4 for 10, and makes all damage
from your allies attacks do +4 for the remainder of combat.

This card is rather good, Any orange ally deck would be
crazy to not run 3 of them, it drains equal to at least 1
power up step, and it does a.

Hercule orange can open up with this, and then do 3 attacks that do 14+ damage a piece, 52 damage is pretty good.

No real use outside of ally, if you want to run an
inexpensive deck to build for a friend to get em into the
game, make an Orange Android 19 energy beats deck, toss in
a south kai + 3 of these and let him turn his extra blocks
into +6 lifecard physical attacks.

Which, last time I checked, wasnt too shabby.

In a strait ally deck, getting 2 of these off in one
combat, might as well be game, provided you opened off with everyones faverite card, Gohans Kick.

~Surllio~ Orange Distortion
GT Common #52
Combat Energy

Orange Ally Decks love this card for many good reasons. This card does so much for an Ally Deck its just great

First, Its a decent sized energy Attack. At 10 life cards, this this is a nice peck off of your opponents deck, even with the massive use of endurance, your still taking at least 5 cards with it. Second, its costs 4 powerstages. Ally decks can benifit from this because it drains a good bit, and especially with Orange Gameshow drill out in play, it will put you where you need to be to let those allies get going. Third, it gives all of your allies a +4 to EVERY attack they proform. Thats a nice boost when you consider most of these allies will have an energy attack.

I love this card in Orange Ally Decks. If timed right, this and Pilaf give your allies a nice +6 life cards +1 powerstage bonus to all attacks they proform. Now, have one of your allies proform Android 18's Power Shot. Ouch. The Power Shot just got a +12 life card +2 powerstage bonus to its already mean 8 life card 1 power stage, not me mention you've probably got an Orange Warm Up Drill out as well.

Orange Distortion is a wonderful card, but you still have to be weary of its use. Perhaps make sure you have a Menacing Evil or Android 18's Stare Down so that you can make sure that this thing wreaks the most evil possible.

Any ally deck will totally embrace this card, and I don't really see one NOT using it. As far as staple status, that most depends on what your trying to do with your ally deck I guess, but I would have to say that any ally deck SHOULD run this card.

Focused: 4.2 of 5 (evil allies)
Expanded 4.2 of 5 (evil allies)
Sealed: 3.5 of 5 (big attack, but you need to pull decent allies)

Orange Distortion

Huge for allies. What more do I need to say. Even more huge for orange in focused, as you play either drills or allies with the two masteries it recieved. You shoot this, you take a beating or lower your main, and your allies steal the Quik-E-Mart and take it to Mexico, as I sometimes say. Most ally decks use allys to toss energies, so this just makes their energies hurt more. Yay.

If you are not playing ally, there is almost no reason to play this in Expanded. Oranage has enough energies, with better effects to make you ignore the double digit numbers it does for damage. In focused, you will probably run it, as it is an energy, and most styles currently cram even sub-par cards in, to stay in style.

Expanded 3/5 (good, big energy, more damage for allies, I simply do not know how viable ally is_

Focused 3/5 (see above)

Limited 3/5 (big energy, see above)

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