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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Saiyan Ground Slide

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 3.19.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 2.89
Avg. Focused: Rating: 3.36


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Saiyan Ground Slide (Physical Combat)

[Physical: PAT+5 stages]    Saiyan Heritage Only. If successful and you performed an attack in your previous Attack Phase this Combat, name a setup card. Search your opponent's Life Deck for all copies of that Setup card and remove them from the game.

Focused:    3.25/5

Saiyan Blitz Mastery gives it an extra 2 stages, and allows you to take it to your opponent's hard in terms of Beatdown/Energy Beatdown decks. This is where this card can give you an edge. The ability to use it or not, and how you'll use it. This card can be like a mini-Goku's Blinding Strike, but it has no real consequences from what I see. What would I get? Well.... I have to memorize the card names first. That's why I can't rate it higher b/c decks are unpredictable.

Expanded:    3.75/5

If you use Saiyan Blitz Mastery here, you're asking for it. Why? Consecutive attacks means the more likely opponent's will bang you up pretty bad. But, it might help if you can make the attacks work in your advantage.  Metagaming is a must for Saiyan decks. Here, it can be helpful in any deck, and it can get rid of those Pricy Ultra/Uber/Premium Cards in your opponent's deck.


Saiyan Ground Slide, #253 from Baby Saga

Power: Saiyan Heritage Only. Physical attack doing +5 power stages. If
successful and you preformed an attack in your previous Attack Phase this Combat, name a Setup card. Search your opponent's Life Deck for all copies of that Setup card and remove them from the game.

Let me say one thing first about saiyan. I live in MN, so I attended Mars
Con a couple weekends ago, and let me say this. There are 2 things: 1.
Saiyan Planet Explosion is now my new most hated card. It is crazy that this card is not removed from the game, seeing as how one of the saiyan style masteries can turbo levels and regen like crazy, not to mention the fact Goku's level is so broken with this card!! 2. Saiyan doesn't really stand a chance against orange ally, but it works really well for going to time, and it will almost always win on time because the high levels and high regeneration.

Now for the card. This is probably one of the best saiyan style attacks in
GT, right up there with the rare that makes it so your opponent can't use
events, and the rare that makes it so your opponent can't use freestyle
cards that don't stop attacks. This is probably one of the few cards from GT that will actually be better in expanded. Just think, with the saiyan blitz
mastery, you use some random saiyan heritage only, then use this card and your opponent can say goodbye to many great cards, such as Z Warrior's Gather, Piccolo and Heroes Gather, anything! This card can be a real problem for some board control decks, but luckily, saiyan really isn't that great.

Broly is still probably the #1 guy to use for Saiyan, he still has that
awesome level 2, and now with saiyan supreme mastery, he gets to start on it, then move up to his other awesome levels.


Expanded - 4.25 (great tool for wrecking certain decks ... like ALLY! It is
also a physical for +5, not bad at all)

Focused - 3.75 (there aren't as many good setups in focused, so naturally,
the card won't be as good)


Saiyan Groundslide

Limited, very limited. If you hit with it, and IF you hit with a successful attack on your last phase, you eliminate a certain noncombat card from your opponents deck, assuming they have what you think they have in it.....far too many ifs for my to really like the card.

The simple fact is, if you are hitting your opponent with two attacks in a row, then you are not playing the type of deck that this card will be most effective against.

Equally bad in Focused, for the same reasons. In limited, it is a big physical, and that is about all, as no one should have three of a noncombat that would cause serious problems.

Expanded 1/5 (Saiyan simply has better cards)

Focused 2/5 (Simply as it is a big physical, though, even here, Saiyan has better cards)

Limited 2/5 (Still useless)
~Surllio~ Sayian Ground Slide
GT Ultra Rare # 253
Physical Combat

This card is definately one of teh better ultra rares in the set.

It starts out as sayian heritage only, which limits who can use it, but the list isn't exactly small. The card then goes on to be a pretty beefy physical attack, with the +5 on the new chart making things fairly nice. Then comes the nice part. Search your opponents deck for any setup card and remove all copies of that card from the game.

How nice is that. Granted, its iff successful and you performed an attack in your last attack phase (which isn't hard). Lets see here, lets use expanded for some good examples.

Fatherly Advice - Gone
Fond Memories - Gone
Frieza's Ready - Gone
Sayian Inspection - Gone
Blue Narrow Escape - Gone

The list goes on and on. This card is very effective, just one problem, you have to know what your opponent is running. Thats usually not to hard if you know the staples of the deck type they are running.

The only limiter on this card is it doesn't effect drills

Overall 4.3 of 5

Matthew Low
Saiyan Ground Slide - GT Baby Saga
Ultra Rare - #253
Combat - Physical

Power: Saiyan Heritage only. Physical attack doing +5 stages. If successful and you performed an attack in your previous Attack Phase this Combat, name a Setup card. Search your opponent's Life Deck for all copies of that Setup card and remove them from the game.

Decent. I don't see this card having an amazing effect on the game, but still a decent card overall.

It is Saiyan Heritage only, so you should be able to pull off the effects using the Saiyan Blitz Mastery. Problem is with lack of card advantage, you'll be needing to throw another Saiyan Heritage only attack first, and it won't be as easy at times.

It is a decent sized attack, but the strength comes in the if successful effect. Only thing is there aren't too many Setup cards that Saiyan has to get rid of to win the game. Saiyan goes straight out for the beatdown, with some cards that have removal attached (Cliff Slam) or other amazing effects (Charge, Power Beam). This one needs to hit, and you'd need to set it up as well. That's the biggest problem with using it.

You can't just randomly throw this card out and make it good, so in a sense it can easily become a dead card in your hand.

Saiyan already has Saiyan Appraisal Maneuver for DB variations in getting rid of Non-Combats throughout the deck. This card is for more of the beatdown variation. Sure if there's a setup that severely hurts your deck, or you think it will be easy to setup using Blitz Mastery, try this card out. It isn't removed from the game either, it can reused with Supreme Mastery.

There aren't enough good Saiyan cards in Focused yet, so I'd run some of these just because of your lack of options. You never know when it could come in handy.

Expanded: 2.5 out of 5.0 (decent, but a bit situational)
Focused: 3.8 out of 5.0 (Blitz Mastery works wonders with this)
Sealed: 2.3 out of 5.0 (you'd need a Saiyan, but even then fulfilling all the restrictions is a bit hard)

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