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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Red Toe Pierce

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 3.18.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.34
Avg. Focused: Rating: 4.18


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.



Red Toe Pierce (Physical Combat)

[Physical: 12-stages]    Shuffle 3 Red Style cards from your discard pile into your life deck. Remove from the game after use.

Focused:    4/5

Um... this is actually Ultra Rare Quality. Maybe Goku's Truce Quality or Goku's Plans Quality, but still quality.  A little regen, and with Red Rush Mastery, an extra card in hand. Since you can choose which cards to get, it becomes a Combat version of Expectant Trunks, but with any card, and an attack. This card is probably the most wanted Styled UR. Why? Combo maneuvers.

Expanded:    5/5

This card is just useable for any situation. Anger. DragonBall. Survival. Beatdown. Energy Beatdown. ANYTHING! 3 of these means you're pretty powerful if you don't sensei them out. ^_^


~Surllio~ Red Toe Pierce
GT Ultra Rare # 252
Combat Physical

Wow, a decent Ultra rare from this set. Am I seeing things?

This attack is nice, but could be better. The 12 power stages of damage are nice, especially later in a combat, but its not all that effective unless used after the opponent is near to zero. I've never been a fan of set powerstages of damage, mainly because they never really do you much good unless your opponent is at zero, and even then the bonus stages of the PAT still work generally better.

The recycling tendencies of this card are nice, but read got a really odd set up this time. Shuffling three cards back in are nice, but your limited to your red cards only, and most of them are either already shuffled back in, or removed from the game after use. This card also removes itself from the game after use, which means it won't be coming back unless you have Fond Memories, a non-combat that people will generally get rid of quickly.

There aren't really any combos with this card, other than you use it effectively if timed right with a few other GT cards.

Big attack, decent effect.

Overall: 3.9 of 5
Red Toe Pierce, #252 from Baby Saga

Power: Physical attack doing 12 stages. Shuffle 3 Red Style cards in your
Discard Pile into your Life Deck. Remove from the game after use.

This is probably the best styled ultra rare in GT, and possibly the best (it is between that and it's the inside that counts). This card is a MUST in a
red rush deck in focused. Don't even play red rush if you don't have a
couple of these. This card goes along perfectly with the red rush mastery.
The only thing I can find wrong with this card, and most other red physicals in GT, is that there is no PAT used! Every good red physical in GT does a set number of stages and never uses the PAT. I guess that is for the best though, seeing as how red would be way better if it used the PAT. Anyway, this is probably the best red physical in GT so far, but there is an uncommon that basically does the same thing, but does like 3 less stages ... go figure. You will probably here this a lot from me, but, Ultra Rares in GT suck. Red and it's the inside that counts are definitely the best, black is decent, and orange is semi-playable in certain decks. Otherwise, they all suck. Some may ask why I think an energy for 20 is bad (Goku level 5), but just look at his level 4 ... Energy for 15 search for a saiyan heritage only card. Wow. I would much rather use the level 4. Anyway, back to Red Toe Pierce. Good for focused, and pretty good in decks that use red rush in expanded. Really SWK and piccolo multiform are the only 2 good red decks in expanded anymore, so Toe Pierce is great in the piccolo multiform deck. The only thing that can really stop this, besides BSM and Caught off guard drills is pure defense, and with that restricted, it isn't that big of a problem. Also, in focused, there is basically no way around this card. There are a couple of cards that can discard cards from your opponent's deck, but think for a second, pretty sure you don't want to put this card in your opponent's discard pile.


Expanded - 4 (Piccolo's Multiform!)

Focused - 5 (even if this card is discarded, it is still good for you with
the red rush mastery; best red physical in GT)

Red Toe Pierce

Probably one of the three best URs in GT, and crazy with Red Rush Mastery.  Basically, at worst, with Red Rush, this card is a 12 stage attack that shuffles 2 Red Style cards into your deck, and places one in your hand, giving you at least a +1 stage bonus, making it a 13 stage attack.  At best, not assuming any dragonballs, this is a 17 stage attack that replaces itself with something else.  17 stages is ALOT, even for a GT character.  That being said, this attack says 'block me or die', with the exception of ally decks, who like to be low (or even Mlow).

JUST as good in focused, even if red does not have as much support for their crazily good mastery as they do in expanded.  Reguardless, you run this if you can get it and are playing Red Rush.  And that style of deck is hot now, so odds are you're running it.

The same story in limited.  Even without the mastery support, it is still a big physical with some regen, and that can be key.  If you pull it, you run it, and laugh when it dings off someone's skull.

Expanded 4.5/5 (Niche, but crazy in that niche, and I hear Red is some good of late, news that comes from Portland)

Focused 3.5-4/5 (not as much support, but not as much tech vs. it either, and more power stages here, as well)

Limited 5/5 (You run this, period, even if just for the regen)

Matthew Low
Red Toe Pierce - GT Baby Saga
Ultra Rare - #252
Combat - Physical
Power: Physical attack doing 12 stages. Shuffle 3 Red Style cards in your Discard Pile into your Life Deck. Remove from the game after use.

Good thing this card is removed from the game or there would be infinite loops all over the place. Well not really but something to that effect. You'd run out of Red cards to rejuvenate.

Alone this card has an amazing card effect. Twelve stages is nothing to shake a stick at as it will knock your normal Z character to zero and produce life cards, while your normal GT character will take a severe beating. But still, big attacks don't mean everything. So what does? Secondary effects of course.

The shuffling of the red style cards obviously connects to the new Red Rush Mastery from Baby Saga. This Mastery is extremely good and will beat a lot of people who don't see the power of Red's discard pile. More or less, it will turn Toe Pierce into a wacked out Red Axe Heel Kick, and we all know how good that card is.

Shuffling in three Red Style cards might actually be worse with less cards to combo with, but still you can use that to your advantage. You can clean out cards you don't want to draw up later on, leaving better cards to draw up with Red Pummel, Throwdown, and Hypersonic Knockout.

This card should see a home in all Red Physical beatdown decks, and even possibly other decks just for the recursion. Definitely a staple in Red Rush; this card can easily do 18 or so stages thanks to the Mastery. Blazing Mastery might not need this but could try it out.

Expanded: 4.3 out of 5.0 (Red Physical beats, especially Rush)
Focused: 4.5 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 4.3 out of 5.0 (still a decent card overall)


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