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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

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Dr. Myuu, the Evil Engineer 

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 6.04.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 2.53
Avg. Focused Rating: 3.43


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Dr. Myuu, the Evil Engineer Level 5 – GT Super 17 Saga
Ultra Rare - #151

Power: Search your Life Deck for 2 cards without showing them to your opponent. If any of those cards are Allies or Non-Combat cards, you may play them before you put them in your hand. Otherwise, put them in your hand.

Fair. Real fair. This level 5 becomes one of the most powerful level 5s in the because of the sheer ability of, yes, searching. That seems to be what this week is on after all.

Myuu’s problem is his lower levels are a bit weaker than other characters, but once he gets to level 4 and 5 he becomes someone to be reckoned with. You if you do it right you can infinitely chain those two powers… I think. I’ll have to sit down and think to make sure.

Basically this level 5 is broken because you get a two card advantage, not mention whatever you want, even Dragon Balls. The downside is it is a level 5 and you have to get there first. Either way, this is his only level 5.

So on the outside, he’s amazing, but you’d need to cope with his other levels. They’re not terrible, but I haven’t seen Myuu decks all over the environment, at least yet. Thus his rating gets hit for this, but hey, if Myuu gets some quick way to jump levels (maybe newer levels that allow him to abuse Energetic Mastery), he could easily change part of the environment.

Expanded: 4.1 out of 5.0 (good, but lower levels hinder him)
Focused: 4.3 out of 5.0 (easier to level, but you won’t have many options left to chose from)
Sealed: 1.1 out of 5.0 (going to be hard to pull Myuu and his level 4 with this)
KingBroly Dr. Myuu, the Evil Genius (Lv.5) - Villain Personality

(Don't know Card Power)

What the heck? Why? Why? Why? I know why this card was made, but still, this card is needed as something. You get 2 cards, okay. A Level 5? Okay, honestly, I don't think any decks besides Black Energetic & Saiyan Supreme could get to Level 5 in today's environment. However, since you're not a Saiyan Heritage Personality, no dice there. Old School Anger with Are You Tuff Enuff??? Maybe, probably not. Black Energetic is your best bet, and if you get there, you're either really good or really gutsy just to get there & use it! O_O Anyway, the power is good, but the rating is small, especially against any other MP.

Expanded: 1/5

Focused: 2.5/5

Dr. Myuu lvl 5: From two good URs, we go to one that just makes me go, meh.

I hear the current hot focused deck is Myuu Black Energetic DBall, run to five, use his power to get two Dragonballs every turn, but you know....feh. I do not think the deck is that good, and I do not really think Myuu is strong enough to be competitive. Dragonball decks almost HAVE to be fast, and stay out of combat (but there are some variants showing lately that do the opposite), but in order to level, Myuu has to fight, and with 1.4 mill as your top stage at EVERY level, that is really, really risky. His early powers are not anything to write home about, and if he gets pounded early, it is unlikely he will be able to pull off a Dragonball victory, and he does not have the power to win by Beatdown. In my eyes, at least.

All that being off my chest, the lvl 5 is good. A level 5 usually means a good power (ignoring Brolys first lvl 5, Goku 5 WGS, and a few others), and this one is very good. Get any two cards, period, no limitation on being attacker or defender, or what the cards can be. IF you get to his 5, and you have a good chunk of deck left, there should not be anything that keeps you from damaging them (with energies, since he has weak stages), or from not being damaged during defensive combats. Typing this, I realize Myuu could work in the above deck, but he has to survive the early game, or beat other Dball decks, and I just do not think that is feasible. All in all, a good lvl 5, but lacking in power stages, or good earlier levels.

Focused 2.5/5 (it is good, but Myuu will die by Baby or Uub, and Black Smoke kills Dragonball decks)

Expanded 3.5/5 (he can beat some beatdown decks, but a good Dragonball deck should shred him, possibly anger rush too)

Limited 1/5 (IF you pull his 5, and his 4, AND get him in your starter deck...)

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