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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Sorry, we don't have this card

Android 18 Lv.1

GT Super 17 Saga

Reviewed 7.28.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating:
Avg. Focused Rating:


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Android 18 (Lv.1 - Super 17 Saga)
    Max Power:  1,300,000
    PUR:  4
Power:  3: [Energy [9] ( )] For the rest of combat, your Opponent cannot discard any of your Android 18 named cards in play.
    Expanded Format
        This card in Expanded has either 2 uses.  1, using Blue Destruction Mastery with many a Android 18 named cards in play, or an ally in an Android deck.  For the Blue Destruction Mastery, this way you could control the board really quick against most opponents somewhat easily.  Since ther Power is an Energy attack its also very sweet in this format.  However, if Android 18 is your MP, remember that the Cell Saga Lv.1 is leaps and bounds beyond this one.
Rating:  2.5/5
    Focused Format
        Blue Destruction Mastery.  This MP was made for Blue in Focused, and its easy to tell with all the "Blue Android 18" named cards.  This power might not be great, but it'll make sure you can control the game's tempo.  Since it has an Attack, you can hurt your Opponent's hand as well with this power and their Defense attempt.  Even though Blue Destruction 18 isn't the best thing to play, its still very formadable.
Rating:  3.25/5

Matthew Low
Android 18 Level 1 – GT Super 17 Saga
Common - #2

Power: Energy attack doing 9 life cards of damage. Costs 3 power stages to perform. For the rest of Combat, your opponent cannot discard any of your Android 18 Named cards in play

Basically she’s a broke ally, decent MP in focused, but severely lacking in Expanded.

An energy for 9 at a cost of three is not shabby at all, even if that’s all she does period. Her PUR is 4, which helps a lot to fuel ESB as well as multiple energies and whatnot. As a GT personality, 16 stages is always good. Note that in Expanded, she is rogue so try her out as an ally in your Android ally deck with the new 17 to really dish out the damage.

She’s not bad as an ally in focused either, but her level 2 is better than her level one for Saiyan Supreme/Orange Aura decks. I would never pass her up when needing allies with big attacks.

Her other effect of stopping opponents from discarding your Android 18 named cards won’t be used very often, but keep in mind that does prevent 18 herself from being discarded after she activates her power. Laugh at your opponent when you keep 18 around. Android 18 named cards are mostly the new Blue setups from Super 17 Saga. You can try her out in Blue, but characters like Rilldo seem to excel more greatly in that area.

In expanded, she still has the CS Level 1, which IMO, is pretty much the only way to go if you want to use her as an MP. Chosen card advantage and deck manipulation is still good. She’s not dominant, but I’d take that over an energy for 9 as a MP.

Focused... well you can try her out if you want to see how multiple Android 18 cards can stack up to make her work. She’s not that great, but you never know.

Expanded: 3.6 out of 5.0 (ally and only an ally, but a really good one at that)
Focused: 3.4 out of 5.0 (could be used as MP, good ally but level 2 is better)
Sealed: 5.0 out of 5.0 (who doesn’t want a broke ally in sealed?)

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